Saturday, 7 November 2020

The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum

So say I come home from work, I tell my lady babe what's for dinner tacos or steak and mashed potatoes. She's now feeling like she's making a choice to our benefit. Really I wouldn't mind either of those, so either one she picks is to my liking. It's small little things like that, instead of initiating sex, asking your woman for head and saying pretty please lol telling her if you do her first will she do you next. Doesnt that sound silly, I thought so,lol! You call your woman up on the phone and say I can't wait to get home I'm going to fuck the shit out of you. Try that every now and then. I bet she will be hot and ready like a Hot Pocket. Even though I had friends, I was bullied from the start. I was called skinny and ugly, so I was conscious about my looks early on. I got okay grades until I shut down and lost interest. As my mom puts it, I simply stopped progressing. I was very healthy and never could get away with faking illness, so I had to go to school every day. I went to four grade schools, but that's because we moved. In sixth grade, I started a new school and was targeted by our male teacher, whom I believed really hated me, and the other kids picked up on it. I did admire a boy with a sense of humor, and I like to think I used him as a role model to jumpstart my own sense of humor. Junior high was bad too, but I did have friends and hung out with a group of couples. One rather immature boy kind of became my boyfriend. However, there is no apparent gender difference in empathy ability early in life. The ability to empathize is not only built in the nervous system but also lessons can be learned from it, especially the feelings reflected by passionate and caring parents.

Almost all parents cherish the moment when their children spontaneously provide their favorite toys to relieve their grief. The irony is that many parents no longer see their children's kindness around the age of two and a half despite this. As parents begin to reward more achievement-oriented cognitive behaviors, Empathy has reached Steady-state. Later, parents may find themselves encouraging Empathy again to shape behavior or cultivate their children's compassion. Think about that adult telling a teenage son, I know that is important to you-you want to go very much-I know you are very frustrated with our decision. But sometimes, we urge children to see things through the eyes of their parents or siblings; Many children are often called upon to ignore their feelings to serve others. It may be difficult for them to develop balanced Empathy in the future. You can forgive someone and offer reconciliation, but reconciliation must be contingent upon that person owning his or her behavior and bringing forth fruits that indicate repentance and trustworthiness (p. Whom do you need to forgive but not necessarily reconcile with? Internal Resistances Let's look at boundaries in regard to our internal resistance to growth (pp. God has designed us with very specific needs that are to be met in the family in which we grow up. Sadly, that doesn't always happen. But our unmet childhood needs can be met in the body of Christ (Psalm 68:6). When that happens, we will be strong enough to fight the boundary fights of adult life (pp. Be as specific as possible. Unresolved Grief and Loss It gets distorted in the process of encoding it and then recalling it. We can't rely on it to be 100% true.

But I think it's reasonable to rely on the overall gist. And the body doesn't lie. I feel annoyed with her for not believing me, when I say I've made it all up. I am contrary and paradoxical. I feel unheard that she doesn't believe my deception, and in five minutes I'll feel unheard because she doesn't seem to get the fact that I was abused. I am only vaguely aware of this. It is as if both viewpoints within myself are separated by a wall and I can only see the side on which I'm currently standing. She carries on, in the same quiet way, with the same steady pace. One of these is a mindful gauge--a way to evaluate one's response to different stimuli in the present moment. A term coined by Rothschild,6 mindful gauges can help survivors reestablish agency and self-regulation in the aftermath of trauma. Mindful gauges can include body sensations, moods, feelings, or thoughts. In my work with Brooke, I described these domains and asked her to notice which gauge was strongest and most accessible to her. After some experimentation, she found that paying attention to her breath--specifically whether it was deep or shallow--was her most powerful gauge. Brooke then began paying mindful attention to her breath throughout the day. If her husband asked whether she wanted to go for a walk, Brooke would check in with her breath. If her chest was open and she could breathe easily, it was a signal that a walk would be positive for her. If her chest constricted, she took that as a sign she needed to do something else. Working with these kinds of low-risk decisions, Brooke began to establish a sense of inner guidance that she had lost in the aftermath of her daughter's death. It is quite incredible how powerful the concept of Yin and Yang is. The Universe does appear to follow this philosophical construct.

Adrenaline is not only Yang in its effects, it is Yang in its nature. Yang is external and impermanent, works fast and is aggressive. Adrenaline works on the external part of the cell, incredibly swiftly, and its effects last for minutes to hours rather than days. If adrenaline is an aspect of Kidney Yang, then what is Kidney Yin in hormonal terms? The obvious answer is cortisol. Both are produced by the adrenal gland but, embryologically speaking, from two very different parts. Adrenaline, aptly enough, comes from the part that originates from neural crest cells - the Surfers of Embryology - cells which have stealthily moved from the outside of the body to take residence deep inside. Cortisol comes from the adrenal cortex (this is the origin of its name), an embryological descendant of the mesoderm or Blood layer. Ask a friend, neighbor, or relative with carpentry skills to cut a groove, small enough to hold an emery board, into a block of well-sanded wood. Place an emery board securely into the groove. Then, you may be able to file your nails. Not only does this professional service solve the difficulty associated with nail care but it provides other opportunities as well. By getting out of the house, you are building self-esteem, stimulating plasticity by making the appointment and travel arrangements, and communicating with others. If your affected hand is difficult to control during a manicure, hold the fingers on the table with your unaffected hand. There is a lot of brain work involved in this tip. But you will be rewarded with more than pretty nails. Shaving (Tips 159-168) There are many ways to remove hair from unwanted areas. As the dying goes through us, we live while dying. Death is always present because every moment dies and is replaced by another.

Dying invites us to let go of denial and to be open to what is: we are always living into death. And when sharing this experience with a dying friend, we give him what he can take to the grave--love. To love and to be loved by a person crossing the threshold is truly a blessing. It challenges our capacities to embrace the moment and leads to even deeper grief at the end--revealing our humanity. As we sit, holding his hand, loving him, knowing he feels loved, we feel what Joseph von Eichendorff points toward in his poem Im Abendrot: The great peace here is wide If this is death, Having had our fill of getting lost, we find beauty, No regrets. Are they inside your head? Are they floating around in mental space in your mind? Are they someplace else? Imagine a computer screen. Imagine your thoughts on a computer screen. Change the font, color, and format of them. Animate the words and images. Sing the thought. For example, take the thought I'm a loser and sing it to the tune of Happy Birthday. Consider the thought's workability. Many psychologists have argued that the best solution is to release these repressed feelings in a safe and socially acceptable way. Punch a pillow.

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