Thursday, 5 November 2020

Unconscious Bias Is Everywhere

Incidentally, Johnson did win that election. Fear-based somatic markers can also make associations in cases where there are no negative experiences. In our health crazed society, diet pills are all the rage because we are scared of what would happen to us if we didn't use them. The problem is that these are the most visible types of manipulations but during our days we suffer an infinity of them. Starting from our work environment where our colleagues use all kinds of techniques, although not intentionally, to make us do what they want. Or the manipulation we get from television that is much clearer. You do not realize it, but the advertisements change the market and shift the balance on product purchases. Now I ask you a question. Have you ever started humming a slogan and suddenly stopped thinking, where did I hear this? Most likely, you did it. Indeed, it will surely have happened to you. These things happen because we do not realize when what we hear affects our minds. Maybe you heard it while you were cooking, and it came into your mind without you be aware of what was happening. The control center is the autonomous, vegetative nervous system, which locates in the brain stem. This survival center connects to the principal organs of the body via two conduits: Stress and performance nerve sympathetic nervous system Relaxation nerve parasympathetic If the person is in balance, there is a natural rhythm of tension and relaxation. However, if he is under constant stress, it is not so easy to get out of this spiral of anxiety. Also, the body rules with symptoms that worry us, such as fast heartbeat, shallow breathing, and muscle tension.

Stimulation of 3 Cranial Nerves Triggers Relaxation At the center of this relaxation technique is the Xth cranial nerve, the so-called vagus nerve. It is the largest nerve in the parasympathetic nervous system and is involved in regulating the activity of almost all internal organs. Johnson & Johnson's No More Tears baby shampoo also plays on this concept. We all remember the burning sensation of shampoo in our eye. That feeling is so strong (affective behavior: displeasure) that we buy it because we want our babies to avoid that negative experience at all costs. But fear isn't always the motivator marketer or social worker some hope it to be. In some cases, what we assume will cause a fear-based reaction elicits no reaction at all. For a very long time, there have been warning labels on cigarettes, and yet that has had no impact on reducing the smoker's cravings. A study was conducted where volunteers were shown different images of cigarette warnings and were then asked to rate their need to smoke. If anything, rather than repulsing people, it caused them to crave the cigarette even more. Somatic markers work in the background and push us to buy a product, while subliminal messaging solidifies that desire. Although we all believe we are smarter consumers, neuromarketing studies show that we are all impacted by subliminal messages. I give you dispassionate advice. Stop watching television. It does not bring you any advantage. You will not be uninformed whatsoever, instead, you will avoid being conditioned and manipulated in everything you do. Many times people who want to manipulate us use the terror technique. They instill in us fears or anxieties to make sure we follow everything they tell us to do. Can you think of an example?

The problem is that we follow them, but it's not entirely our fault. They are good at working on our subconscious and make it bring all our weak points to the surface. People who are acquainted with manipulating all have very similar personalities. Vagus meditation offers the possibility, according to Prof. Schnack, to voluntarily influence this X. It requires stimulation of the motor ocular nerve (oculomotor nerve), the facial nerve (facial nerve), and the IX. Cranial nerve (glossopharyngeal nerve). Exercises for the Vagus Nerve But of course, we don't want to let it get that far. You can get benefit from all the advantages of natural vagus nerve stimulation even if you stimulate the nerve yourself. To this end, I researched 13 exercises and methods, the effectiveness of which has proved in several scientific studies. Cold Treatments for Vagus Nerve Stimulation Acute cold treatments with cold can activate the vagus nerve and cholinergic neurons through the nerve pathways of the vagus nerve (10). Think about how you respond to an enthusiastic salesperson versus a disinterested, or worse, unpleasant salesperson? Your experience will determine the price you would pay for the product. To test this, two researchers conducted an experiment where the respondents were shown a happy face and a frowning face. The people who had been shown the smiling faces poured more and were also willing to pay double the price of the people who had been shown the picture of the frowning faces. Companies have recognized the importance of emotional connection, and so once the emotions have been triggered and the pathways have been set, brands can swoop in and attract customers with a binding story, the kind that we associate with religion. We make distinctive and powerful associations with iconography such as logos. McDonald's M, Nike's swoosh, Apple's bitten apple (and that's a direct reference to a forbidden fruit), all form links, and our brain responds the way it would to religions.

In fact, a neuromarketing study found that volunteers' brain activity was as charged from images of strong brands as it was with religious icons. Similar to religions, brands create rituals around an experience so that the ritual itself becomes as important as the brand itself. For example, Oreo's can be split in half and eaten separately or dunked in milk; They have no morals, are selfish, and have no empathy. All those people who manipulate you negatively have these characteristics and want to make you sink to get what they want. So if one of your friends, your partner, or more in general, you know someone who has these behaviors, then stay away from them. They will only try to destroy you. The drawback is that you won't notice right away if you're with someone like that. You have to train a lot to find these people. Now, I want to give you some advice that will help you in your life. If you have such a person in front of you, don't try to change them. You will only hit a hard wall that you will never recover, and you will continue to suffer the manipulations of this person for your entire life. If this is the case, let them go on their own way. Researchers have also found: If you regularly expose yourself to low temperatures, you can reduce your sympathetic fight or flight reflex and also increase your parasympathetic activity level through the vagus nerve. That's why I often take a cold shower - or at least take alternating showers - and go out into the cold with light clothing. At the end of your next shower, try to take a cold shower for at least 30 seconds, and see how you are doing. Then you can gradually extend the intervals and try to take a cold shower more and more frequently and more extended to train your vagus nerve more and more. In the beginning, of course, it takes a little overcoming. But the positive impact is worth it. Once if you get used to it, you will soon no longer want to do without it.

You can also make it a little easier for yourself at the beginning and just dip your face in cold water - the vagus nerve likes that very much. Deep Diaphragmatic Breathing Slow and deep breathing is another method that you can use to stimulate your vagus nerve yourself easily. The rituals can then tie into a larger vision or mission. The strongest of brands distinguish themselves from the rest by professing their mission. The Body Shop and its anti-animal testing policy and IBM and its solutions for a small planet are examples of the kind of ideologies customers feel passionate about, and when they assign themselves to a cause, they remain committed to these brands for life; And therein lies humanity's unshakeable loyalty. Apple and Samsung both have a base of loyal customers who will fight tooth and nail to defend the features of their respective brands and try to convince the other of the superiority of their products, which leads us to the most powerful motivator of all, us versus them mentality. Manchester United or Liverpool, Visa or Mastercard, the strongest of brands define themselves by creating a contrast with others. The more the comparison, the more frenzied and loyal the customer base. Companies create a group of fervent followers who believe objects to have similar values and beliefs to themselves and go on purchasing. But just as some emotions are strong motivators to purchase, others can be distracting. Just as fear works both ways, sex can work both ways too. It may not be easy, I know that. But just this way can you save yourself from destruction. I want to tell you a part of my story to give you a concrete example. I thought I had a great family but in a short time everything fell apart You know when you had a dream as a child, like I want to be an astronaut or a footballer. Well, I had the same passion for medicine. The perspective of helping other people has always fascinated me.

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