Thursday, 5 November 2020

Affective and Instrumental Aggression

It is warm, safe, and enjoyable. You may find yourself smiling; You begin to feel sleepy and tired. Gently press as your closed eyes start to droop further. You are so calm and so relaxed at this moment. Take a moment to feel how easily your heart is beating in your chest. Your body is a rag doll, and you feel as the pleasant wave washes over your entire body. The tide washes you from the top of your head down to the tip of your toes. Allow the nerves and muscles of your body grow limp and loose under your skin. Allow a sense of total relaxation to fill every pore in your body. It is warm, safe, and enjoyable. You may find yourself smiling; You begin to feel sleepy and tired. Gently press as your closed eyes start to droop further. You are so calm and so relaxed at this moment. Take a moment to feel how easily your heart is beating in your chest. Joining a World of Warcraft team rather than the soccer team Watching a live video feed of an online celebrity rather than meeting up with friends at a local coffee shop Posting opinions in the comments section rather than communicating face to face in social settings Conversing via direct messages and text messages rather than phone conversations

Being a part of anonymous online support groups rather than attending local support group meetings Endlessly scrolling through perfectly filtered photos rather than looking at real people Cybersnooping friends' profiles rather than getting to know them IRL (in real life as the kids say) Of course, some of these ways of techno-relating are fun and beneficial. The social components of the internet appeal to many people because they offer easier, safer, and quicker ways to connect to others. No one really knows to what extent isolation from overuse of technological ways of relating to other people contributes to the development of BPD or other emotional problems. Because the most powerful meridian dynamic that can negatively affect us is between triple warmer and spleen, balancing the energies of these two meridians is something we'll do often in Energy Medicine Yoga. Another important reason to strengthen the spleen meridian is that it is one of the two meridians that tend to weaken most as we age (the kidney meridian is the other). Spleen governs the metabolism . Strengthening spleen meridian is a way of keeping your entire body strong. Helping the body stay strong and young is also one of the most frequently given reasons for doing yoga. There are practices described in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika (one of the oldest and most revered yoga texts) that say you will retain the body of a sixteen-year-old boy if you do them. Inversions are regularly cited as recipes for anti-aging, literally turning your body, and its clock, upside down. Although when you look at pictures of B. Iyengar, Krishnamacharya, and Desikachar, three of the foremost practitioners of modern yoga, you will see bodies that have indeed aged, all three remained vital and powerful into their old age (and Iyengar still is). Their internal organs remained youthful and healthy, even as the container aged. I save money; I was able to get a round-trip ticket for less than $100. That same trip would have cost me around $300 back in the day 150 each way. So I'm saying this all to say that instead of listening to what people are saying, reacting to people's scarcity mindset says that they can't do anything I actually went against that and did what I felt I wanted to do.

Once I did this, I had a better experience than I had signed up for, and I'm actually ready to travel some more. Do you see what I did there? I got out there on the pavement, and I made shit happen for myself. I never been the type to follow other people and listen to the propaganda from me TV or on social media. It just reaffirmed what I already know. Just do this shit and worry about the results later the worst thing that can happen is I'll be catching the Megabus home. I wagered that I could indeed make it without any help. The smell, the sights, and the sounds of that office kept me from ever wanting to go back again. The people and their energy made me sick to my stomach. The paperwork was confusing. I left, and I never went back. I was poor during those first years. I was very poor. I had no TV or phone and ate many peanut butter sandwiches just to be able to buy milk for my kids. In fact, for decades after this time period, I would not touch peanut butter. It was a trying decision to walk out of that welfare office that day, and if I had really known the enormity of that wager, things may have gone differently. I need good problem-solving skills. With patience and perseverance, you will find that the merger cannot reason correctly or deliberately deceive others. The main characteristic of bullies is that they tend to use aggressive assertions to cover things up to answer questions. During the budget discussion, a controller asked the production manager about unusually negative changes in labor prices.

The production manager is very grumpy. He stood up and continued: Look at the numbers! To my surprise, the controller was stunned. With the bully, stay firm. Call their bluff and expose their exaggeration and fallacy. Use direct, meaningless methods to reveal their deceptive behaviors and eliminate their impact on your organizational culture. What options do you have if you realize you need to look elsewhere for a job? Your job overload is your responsibility and your problem. You need to own the problem and do something about it. Stop being a victim of an impossible situation and start setting limits (Matthew 10:14) (p. Problem 3: Misplaced Priorities Are your standards as high as they should be? Where should they be higher? Where should your standards be lower? What less important tasks could you spend less time and effort on? What are your three most important tasks or responsibilities? But they matter to us. Every second counts. I sit, numb, alert, agitated, removed. Everything and nothing.

The seconds crawl forwards. My watch registers 10 am. Perhaps she is with another client still. It occurs to me that I didn't give my name; I hope, panicked, that I have the right day. Yes, I have the right day. The men may have walked away, but Tim had effectively remained stuck in place. WHEN INTEGRATION FAILS Tim's response to the robbery returns us to the central concept of integration. As discussed in article 1, integration means that parts function well together to create a harmonious whole. Posttraumatic stress is a failure of integration. An event, or series of events, is too much for us to metabolize. Using the lens of integration, consider the strength of the survival-based response that lay unintegrated in Tim's body. When he was accosted, his legs had surged with energy as he prepared to run. But faced with a gun, he'd frozen. His gross motor skills--running--had been enlisted, but not employed. Between the chest and the mouth a layer of mesoderm moves in, but there will still be a faint connection. Our body moves and so parts of our body can end up far away from each other even though they started close together. Their fates may be very different even though they started in the same place. The lines of communication between these cells will remain and the Yolk Sac becomes the Ren channel of Chinese medicine.

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