Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Conclusion to Death!

When we analyze the dynamics of a single population, we normally consider the natural growth rate and carrying capacity of the species in the environment. But in the real world, no species lives in isolation. They interact with other species, thus affecting each other's rate of growth or decay. Here we'll take a look at two specific species. The example comes from Duke University, presenting a set of data from the Hudson Bay Company in Canada of lynx and snowshoe hare pelt trading records. The model starts showing data from 1845, an impressive length of time. The records can help us deduce the population levels of both species. I must add that there are some simplifications to this model. What do you think about its oscillation pattern? Yes, in order to attain a higher level we must act upon what we have understood! This is the importance of moving forward from level two: from understanding to acting upon that understanding. Actually this is the most dangerous transition - the tricky one. Many people will say, I've got it! I understand what you are saying. And yes, you are right. I hear you, loud and clear! But what happens after this? What is the result? Did we achieve anything? They could not be in the same place.

I told him that I agreed that nothing was static and nothing could be. He continued, `So when matter, at random, chooses life form as an experience, it gets bonded with the karma cycle. I did not fully grasp the theory he propounded about the randomness of life, but I knew in my heart that he was making sense. Keeping it simple, I revisited the `what's life? Looking away from my friend, I turned towards the sea. I zoned out under the moonlight and delved into another surreal `aerial root' experience. I saw thoughts transforming into clouds. After a while, the clouds merged into a flash of nothingness. Overwhelmed by the spiritual experience, I turned towards Maitreya and said, `If we assume there is no life, then there is no meaning to life. The first route on the map teaches you and your students to become self-observing witnesses to your own activation and deactivation threat arousal cycles. Let's have a little fun right now by trying the following exercise as a small taste of what's to come: Exercise: Check the Weather Report inside Your Body Pause for three to five minutes to check the weather report inside your body. With eyes opened or closed, notice how you feel. Are you agitated, rushed, anxious, tired, excited, tense, or bored? Perhaps you feel something else? Whether they are emotions, moods, or physical sensations, see if you can notice where in your body these feelings are most prominent. In other words, can you answer the question: How do you know that you know how you feel? For example, if you notice that you are rushed, is it because you sense tension in your arms, legs, or chest--or something else? A true leader stays ready to receive both good and bad news because they are able to manage their emotions.

Having good social skills is also helpful when it comes to trying to manage and resolving conflicts between others; They are not comfortable leaving things unresolved, and they always figure out a way to show others a way to get things accomplished. Leaders are very good at setting examples by their work ethic. When you see your boss working just as hard or even harder than you, it makes you want to work even harder. Most of the great leaders will never let their temper get the best of them. They will always keep it in control, no matter what the issue is at hand. The leader who is trusted by their entire staff remains easily accessible to all of them, always shows understanding and compassion. This is the one who will have the best team. In order to be an effective leader, one should have a solid understanding of how their actions affect the people around them and vice versa. To immerse yourself into something, you must eliminate all distractions that could pull you out of that. This means we need to get a handle on how we use our technology. To learn, simply take in what is around you. Stay in the moment you are in right now and on the task at hand. When you do this, it is a guarantee that you will learn anything you want to and become whatever kind of person you dream of being. Mental and Physical Health, How They Relate It is impossible to be feeling poorly physically but not mentally, or the other way around. All aspects of our health tie together. It makes sense when you compare it to a hive of bees. If one function of them are struggling, it will have an impact on the entire hive's ability to produce honey. Narrate out loud what each of you is anxious about (this buys more time and slows things down).

Reiterate how each of you answered the question to see if that leads to new connections for yourself or the other person. Check to see if either of you is willing to switch to what the other is anxious about. Who has more cognitive dissonance happening and could use the other's help? If you both settle on a question about what is true, you can ask: Is there a source of information we both trust that could give us the answer to this question? What qualifies as a trustworthy source? If you both settle on a question about what is meaningful, you can ask: Why is this important to us? What past experiences led to us having these preferences or values? In the grand scheme of things, at the very core of what death is, it's just this thing that happens to us all at some point in our lives. Like I said, we've been duped; The end happens to everyone and everything. But when I tried to, let's say, self-medicate my grief, all those years of refining my denial got in my way. As a child, it was normal to skip and jump around my feelings. Now as an adult, it was a draining and toxic experience for me. If you don't take the time to work on the life you want, you're eventually going to be forced to spend A LOT of time dealing with the life you DON'T want. - Kevin Ngo, author of Let's Do This! Even though my dad had been sober for years, it was time that I truly uncovered and admitted my dysfunction. My father's addiction was just the surface of my problems. Quite drastic and interesting, right?

What kind of dynamic between the lynx and hare is responsible to create this oscillation? Before we move on to answer this question, I'd like to add that in some regions of Canada, the lynx died out. The snowshoe hare population, however, didn't stop oscillating. This information hints the existence of another predator for the snowshoe hare. But let's not complicate our model with this information either for now. I just mentioned it so I can illustrate to you how complex and interconnected even simple systems such as this one can be. Understanding the predator-prey system dynamic. While many external factors influence the birth and death rate of the hare-lynx population dynamic--such as habitat destruction, urbanization, and weather changes--the most drastic changes can be shown through birth and death rates. So let's build a model around that. Just like when the doctor explains the cause of your illness, and recommends pills for its cure, describes how they work, gives you a prescription; It remains at the level of UNDERSTANDING and never gets to the level of ACTION. So even though you understood, you didn't cure yourself, and you remain ill. Please cure yourself. Take action! Implement what you understood. And please, don't try. Just do it! So here comes a question. How do you do it? Which means we can choose to give our life any meaning.

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