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The yin meridians are heart and circulation-sex. The yang meridians are triple warmer and small intestine. In balance, summer is excitement and inspiration. Out of balance, it is anxiety. In the summer movement, called Bringing Down the Flame, we re-educate the out-of-control fire by drawing the energy from around and outside of us, into the spinal column, or Sushumna, where the chakras can temper the wildness of the season. Lastly, we seat the fire in the naval center where it can work for us instead of against us. Solstice and equinox. The element is earth, and the challenging emotion is over-compassion. Why is this? Because Alpha doesn't give a shit about what a woman thinks about him, people in general but especially about a woman. Most, if not all, alpha males don't see themselves equal to women. I'm not saying that men and alpha males don't value women, but seeing the value in a woman, and a woman having as equal value or more value than a man is inconceivable! Reason why cavemen's got the chics. It's not because they were so tough. It's because they were dominant. They understood the best way to want me to follow you is to actually be a man. This quality is mentally stimulating as well as sexual for a woman. Anytime you dominate a woman outside of the bed, the sexual nature of a woman will make her moist. I left him when he was away on a business trip. When he came back and found out what I had done, he hired a lawyer and tried to sue me.

Terrified, I found my own lawyer. I interviewed an attorney near my job in Santa Monica, and he took the case. We made it just a few hours into the mess of litigation when I realized that I simply could not afford to do this. I had no way to pay for this very expensive service. The lawyer took my case pro bono and made sure I got out of the situation I was in without implication. He explained to me what pro bono was and told me that I could pay him back by remembering to always give back to the world in a way that was win-win. I was so touched and relieved that I immediately took him up on his suggestion. I learned quickly how powerful this thinking was in terms of leading the good life. Some people use negative means to keep themselves away from the banking industry and gain a huge advantage. The range is very wide, from a low price to a complete stopwatch, to a sudden request, for example, you will not be able to deliver these things somehow. In this way, warnings will be issued if the information is not fully diagnosed, leaving you little time to resolve their problems. You may want to ask you for help in case you deal with you. How to Report : You are satisfied with yourself but feel that he/she does not like their sense of humor. However, if he/she does not want to force you to do troublesome things, you will use your time to think about it. Storytelling The storyteller is an emotional puppet master and a rational dictator, who can make Anything happen in the fictional reality. Everything is possible in the fictional reality. Extreme satisfaction is your only goal and the audience's Ultimate return and return. But establishing and maintaining boundaries takes a lot of work, discipline, and, most of all, desire (p. The Driving Force

The driving force behind boundaries has to be desire. We usually know the right thing to do (Matthew 22:37-40), but we are rarely motivated to do it unless there's a good reason. That we should be obedient to God, who tells us to set and maintain boundaries, is certainly the best reason--but it's not always enough. We need to see that what is right is also good for us (Deuteronomy 11:18-21) (p. Be specific. Do you understand that setting and maintaining boundaries is right? An act of obedience to God? Good for you? And then we can offer it to others. This is a new idea to me. I'm not sure I agree with it, but I'm piqued. They're not necessarily perfectly true. But the feeling of not belonging may have its roots in shame. And actually there's nothing, really, excluding you from belonging in the world, wherever that belonging is. You're good enough as you are. You're acceptable. The words sit warmly on the inside of me, like a Petri dish for my soul. It would be nice to think that I'm okay as I am. Optimal Arousal Zone Ventral Vagal Social Engagement Response

Hypoarousal Zone Dorsal Vagal Immobilization Response The Three Arousal Zones and the Polyvagal Hierarchy (Ogden et al. Why is this the case? When we perceive that we're safe, our PNS is in charge, slowing the heart rate and lowering the production of the stress hormone cortisol. If we look around and notice we've escaped the dog that was chasing us, we can let down and rest. If we assess threat, our more primitive sympathetic system--the accelerator--kicks into gear. When our sympathetic system remains active well beyond the overwhelming event--as happens with posttraumatic stress--we lose the capacity to self-regulate. A junior colleague discussed a patient with me: in his 60s, frail and dying of lung cancer, the patient had come in as he was more breathless than normal. The condition was terminal but his family clung on to hope. He was dying, but slowly. My colleague wanted to do an arterial blood gas - a test to see how much oxygen is in the blood - a test that is coincidentally done at the exact spot of this Acupuncture point. Even when done by experts it is often painful, poorly tolerated, and in this case it would not change the management. It was a pointless test and so I advised her not to do it. Ten minutes later I was called to a cardiac arrest! The same doctor was there and I recognised the patient as the man with the lung cancer. The ECG showed his heart was flat-lining; Desperate attempts were made to try and resuscitate him but the patient had passed away. Over time, your body will adjust and you may not feel as if you are going to fall when reclining on your stroke-affected side. Take it a step further and touch every part of your affected side.

Knead your affected fingers and hand with your unaffected hand when you're watching television or relaxing in a chair. If you wear a brace on your affected arm, feel your affected fingers and try to bend them or wiggle them with your unaffected fingers. Try to move your affected fingers on their own. Even if they move a fraction of an inch, that's progress. Lace your unaffected fingers between your affected fingers and place the palm and fingers of your affected hand on various fabrics and surfaces. This may feel very strange at first, but you are rewiring brain pathways as well as becoming aware of spatial fields on your affected side. These can be obtained through medical supply companies. Check with your physician regarding the medication you are taking and the use of essential oils (oils from plants used for healing) as some oils may produce side effects with blood pressure medications, seizure medications, or antidepressants, for example. Then we begin to know who we really are, who we have always been underneath the lies. Love and Death For love to walk into our hearts, we must stop hiding behind facades. We are meant to live in the truth, yet we remain imprisoned by our self-image. How can anyone ever love us if they meet our facades instead? The so-called me or identity is an image we present, an image we feed, and an image we ask others to feed as well. Junkies, hooked to our IV of self-esteem, we hope others will offer us pity or praise. Otherwise, they will see who we are. And when they do, the catastrophe occurs: our falsehoods, self-images, and identities dissolve. Letting go of a cherished identity can be painful. Do not exceed recommended doses and be sure to discuss all herbs with your doctor before taking them. For relaxing tense muscles or a racing mind, use deep relaxation techniques.

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