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Childbirth made easier . After giving birth, discover how Oriental Medicine helps you get back on your feet I'm pregnant! Even if you haven't been a perfect parent (whatever that is), and even if you contributed to your child's problem, now is the time to step up to the plate. Be part of the solution, not just the problem. Finding the Right Help There have been only a few studies that looked at treatment of adolescents with BPD. Those studies suggest that the same types of treatment that work with adults, with some modifications, can be successful with teens. However, studies remain sparse. There are a few reasons for this. First, there continues to be reluctance on the part of professionals to diagnose kids under the age of 18 with BPD. Instead, they often diagnose kids who exhibit BPD symptoms with other more kid-appropriate disorders. So your child may present with BPD symptoms but receive a diagnosis of another disorder instead of BPD. My answer hasn't really helped her. She smiles sympathetically and lowers her eyes. Mine are radiating challenge, fury, and acres of self-pity. Right now, I want to lay into anyone I can justifiably blame for my suffering. Anyone, that is, apart from the people that caused it--that still doesn't feel safe. But I'm hot with agitation, I'm aching with abandonment, and I have that edgy, dangerous sense of wanting to destroy something. Preferably myself.

The therapist pauses, waits, calms. She's sucking the energy out of my fight. She's not looking directly at me, but slightly off to one side, and her upper body is languidly angled away from me too. I'm in the family way! I've got a bun in the oven! These are just a few of the ways you may share the happy news that the miracle of life is happening inside you. This article is for all women who either want to say those happy words or are facing the nauseating challenges of morning sickness. For those who are planning their childbirth experience, take a closer look at the many benefits that your acu-pro can bring to you for inducing a comfortable labor. If you've recently been there and done that, make sure to explore how Oriental Medicine rebuilds your body after childbirth. Keep on reading: There's a little something for everyone who aspires to motherhood. Female Infertility: The Obstruction to Reproduction For most couples, getting pregnant isn't a problem, but one in five couples experience fertility issues in America today. The risk for infertility among women 35-44 years of age is double that of women 30-34 years of age, and the risk is one-and-a-half times higher for black women than for white women. Also, many teens lack the intellectual maturation to understand and benefit maximally from psychotherapy. Finally, teens with problems just don't always show up to therapy. So you can see why it's so hard to study what works for teens. Because of the aforementioned reluctance to assign teens a diagnosis of BPD, the following are common diagnoses given to adolescents with BPD-like symptoms: Conduct disorder: This diagnosis involves a pattern of behavior that includes destruction of property, aggression to people or animals, rule breaking, and deceitfulness. Oppositional defiant disorder: Kids with this disorder exhibit a pattern of hostile behaviors, including arguing with adults, becoming easily angered, blaming others, and being touchy or easily annoyed. Intermittent explosive disorder: This diagnosis involves frequent explosive verbal aggression, tantrums, yelling, or fights, with physical aggression often occurring involving property, animals or people.

These outbursts are impulsive and extremely out of proportion to the precipitating event. Bipolar disorder: Bipolar disorder is a complicated diagnosis that generally includes alternations of mania (for example, feeling grandiose, sleeping poorly, or talking too fast) and depression. See article 3 for more information, or read Bipolar Disorder For Dummies by Candida Fink and Joe Kraynak 3rd Edition. There's a soft gaze on her face, her wrinkles crumpled together full of pink lifefulness. She's present and real and human and here, and it's all I can do not to be defused by her. I want to fight her, I really do. She's just not rising to it. Now she's looking at me, and she's evidently not scared of me. She's wiping down the space between us with tenderness. There's pain in that sigh. It burns to breathe in again. It's like a pain in my chest, all night and all day. Like I'm breaking apart on the inside. Doctors usually define infertility as the inability to conceive after a year or more of regular sexual activity without contraception during the time of ovu-lation. It also encompasses an inability to carry a pregnancy to full term. Needless to say, infertility is an emotionally painful, financially draining, and physically exhausting condition. Get the Point Timing is everything. The best time to attempt conception is 12-36 hours after ovulation. Taking your body temperature in your armpit will show you the .

You can also purchase an over-the-counter home urine test that detects the release of luteinizing hormone (LH) which shows that ovulation has been triggered. Getting pregnant isn't as easy as it looks. Indeed, there are a host of intricate processes that must be completed during ovulation, fertilization, and implantation of eggs into the uterus. Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder: AD/HD includes problems with controlling impulses, interrupting others, waiting, fidgeting, focusing, and making careless mistakes. More than one-third of adolescents hospitalized for psychiatric reasons have at least some features of BPD. A minority of these kids will receive the BPD diagnosis in later years, but most of them won't. Nevertheless, you can use the same strategies professionals use for treating BPD to address many of the symptoms of other problems. SPECIAL ED FOR KIDS WITH BPD Children and adolescents with symptoms of BPD often have trouble in school. If your child's emotional problems impair her learning, your child may qualify for help or accommodations at school under the special education umbrella. The category of emotionally impaired may allow your child to be part of an individualized program in school to better meet her unique needs. To qualify, your child has to undergo a complete educational and psychological evaluation. A teacher, a school psychologist, and other school professionals generally complete these evaluations. I don't want to move too fast, in case it hurts more. I don't want to be still, in case I notice it. I don't want to be alone with it. But I can't be with people with it. It's unbearable. It's just suffering--suffering--suffering. All I can feel, all I can breathe, all I can smell is this pain.

And I don't even know what it is. I don't know why it is. Like all the sadness in all the world has been smushed into a ball and I've been made to swallow it. Most of the couples I see have already been through a battery of tests to determine the possible causes of infertility. These conditions range from failure to ovulate properly to polycystic ovaries, blocked fallopian tubes, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, sexually transmitted disease, and pituitary, thyroid, or adrenal disorders. Emotions such as fear, anxiety, anger, and resentment are often by-products of this stressful time in a couple's inability to conceive. This article discusses female infertility; Improving the Odds with Oriental Medicine I prefer to meet with both partners to discuss their fertility options with Oriental Medicine. We discuss the diagnosis they received from their conventional physician, the course of therapy or medication they have tried, and their current stress levels, which can run quite high under these circumstances. I'll then proceed with the oriental diagnostic process outlined in article 2, What to Expect on Your First Visit--Does It Hurt? One of the most common conditions is infertility due to cold in the uterus. This condition is characterized by delayed menstruation with dark flow, pain, and coldness in the lower abdomen and limbs, sore back, weak knees, and profuse, clear urine. Various parent organizations can help you better understand the special education programs that many public schools offer. Go to one of the following web sites for more information: Getting the correct diagnosis is less important than getting a good picture of the symptoms your child or adolescent suffers from. If your child or teen has symptoms of BPD, you should look for a mental health professional who can address the presenting problems. For example, if your teen has trouble with substance abuse, you may need to seek a program or therapist who specializes in teenage substance abuse. If your teen acts impulsively, you may need someone who can help your teen develop a behavioral plan or possibly a prescribing professional who can determine whether your child has AD/HD or some other kind of impulsivity problem. Furthermore, if your child has symptoms of depression, you need to address that symptom by seeking a professional who has experience in dealing with youth depression.

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