Monday, 9 November 2020

If I took responsibility for my feelings

Then, when I saw the village bullies go after others in my age group, I took them on and fought them. I also connected with a little boy who came into our Friday art class for raffia (fiber weaving) and needlework. He arrived on a special bus, and later I learned he came from an institution. I knew he liked me because he always came charging up to me. I believe he was nonverbal, as he never spoke to me. However, I remember that he came running up to me with a raffia needle, and when I put my hand up to stop him, it went into my hand. A time before that, he poked the inside of my knee with a pencil. I have never forgotten him in all these years. Here, we suggest you come up with a list of coping self-statements for soothing your emotional storms. A coping self-statement is something you say to yourself that gives you motivation, reminds you of your past ability to cope, and enhances your sense of empowerment. What follows are a few examples for your consideration. Record any of these that seem relevant to you and possibly helpful. I am stronger than I feel right now. This is very difficult, but I've gotten through worse before. All terrible feelings fade given enough time. I can get through this. It's OK to feel like this; I can grow from this if I work on it. Anything you say, she will tell you: are you crazy? It was cheaper than that.

When perhaps she has paid them even more. That is a silly example to disconnect for a moment, but you understand well that this is, in fact, manipulation. Women are very good at this. Bureaucratic bullying: Bureaucratic bullying is a present situation in the world of work. A lot of people have this problem and get manipulated every day. Now I tell you what it consists of, but first I want to give you an example of the manipulations I undergone, so you will understand what it consists of. I used to be a bartender. This man needed to embrace his experience to be a real person instead of pseudoideal. After therapy, he realized he was merely human and would always appear disappointing if compared to ideal fantasies. There is no cure for our humanity. This man tried to love his father's ideal and hate himself, but none of us can be ideal. In love we open up to our imperfect humanity. And what is imperfection but humanity as viewed through the spectacles of perfectionism. Taking off those spectacles, we become open to ourselves, others, and everything that is not perfect. Being Present in Therapy To be open, we are told to stay in the moment. Yet where else can we be? Also included is the amount of sugar and added sugar, which is exactly what it sounds like: sugar that's been added. Kitchen gear

I recommend having a high-speed blender. A pressure cooker is nice to have but not mandatory. Choose one day per week to be your meal prep day. Sunday is a good day to do this. Use the meal plans and recipes provided, or look up recipes on your own. Make big enough batches of the meal prep items to last the entire week, such as: Gluten-free grains - oatmeal, rice, *quinoa Roasted vegetables - broccoli, *butternut squash, *sweet potatoes In school, the most difficult thing for me was language. It was daunting to me how language was used in communications, especially in lectures and in mathematics. My easiest subjects were history, geography, English literature, theology, anatomy, art, and music. I was excellent at geometry, trigonometry, algebra, and logarithms. We studied basic biology and sciences, which I loved. But, attending an arts school, I didn't delve into anything beyond the basics. French was easy, for the most part. I understood French grammar better than English, and that is how I was able to finally begin to understand English grammar. I was also good at Latin. Choreography Became My Passion Put some of your coping self-statements under Reminders in your smartphone. The more often you repeat them, the better they'll work for you.

Relaxing and Practicing Frequent, intensely negative emotions take a toll on your body because each time you feel a strong negative emotion, your body prepares for danger and gets ready to run or fight. People with BPD report more negative emotions and fewer positive emotions than most other people do (see article 6 for more information about these negative emotions). The simple motivation behind controlling emotions by discovering how to relax is based on a biological truth: You can't be both relaxed and frantic at the same time. When you're in a state of relaxation, your body slows down, your heart rate decreases, your muscles relax, and you have time to reflect. Therefore, relaxation helps people gain control over their emotions. In the next sections, we describe several ideas and methods for relaxation. Making muscles relax I liked it a lot and when you are a boy you take a lot of money and have fun (in most cases). I ended up working in a 5-star luxury bar with a world-famous head bartender. Doing that job became a nightmare. It seemed to be back in a dictatorship. You couldn't talk if he didn't say ok. You could not decide or propose a thing otherwise we were mocked. I worked 14 hours a day, mentally and physically exhausted. That is a prime example of bureaucratic bullying. It happens when a person decides to get under you and will use a million stakes to keep you from doing things and keep you under them. These people don't care if you are sick or not. Even if we are lost in our daydreams, we are lost now! We look into our stories, rather than look right here.

Wilfred Bion said that therapy is an act of faith that we can be transformed by becoming at one with the emotional truth of this moment. No need to be present. Each feeling, fear, and act of avoidance is how we are present. We don't need to be different but to sit with who we are. One man had to sit with death. He descended into the cellar with his five-year-old son and discovered his wife hanging from a rope tied to the rafters. A few days later he told his therapist that he wanted to die. The therapist asked for my help. Salad dressings - *mustard vinaigrette Sauces - *artichoke dip, *pesto Keep it simple You don't need to make new recipes every day. Choose three to four dinner recipes and that will give you enough leftovers to last the week. Breakfast - protein shake Lunch - leftovers from dinner on top of a big salad Snack - nuts Dinner - one-pot meal like stew or leftovers Simple Snacks Drama, theater, the stage, and set design were very interesting to me. Improvisation was scary.

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