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Implementing and Maintaining Your Good Intentions

The pineal gland is very sensitive to light and functions best in natural lighting. Fluorescent bulbs are not part of the natural light spectrum and are, therefore, very disturbing to the pineal gland. Awaken Your Third Eye Chakra . As mentioned before, a dormant third eye chakra is another major cause of pineal gland calcification. An active third eye chakra will energize and strengthen the pineal gland, keeping these two pathways working together in harmony. You got along really well. You enjoyed the city nightlife together and even cooked meals for each other. Your roommate is a night owl, studying for a PhD, and has plenty of freedom when it comes to her schedule. At first you were in a similar position, as you were unemployed and had a lot of free time. But after you landed a job, you had to get to work very early and realized you would have to restrict your nights out to weekends and holidays. Meanwhile, your roommate continues to come home late, often with friends in tow, and to cook into the wee hours, involving much banging of pots and pans. She is generally insensitive to the fact that you're in bed at 10:30 p. After a couple of weeks of interrupted sleep, you decide to have a conversation. Your roommate seems to understand and nods thoughtfully as you explain that you need some quiet and that even with earplugs, sound still carries in the tiny apartment. But the next week she brings home some friends at 2 a. Responses: Yes No Undecided Pakistan 50. Thailand 18. United States 3. Philippines 11.

Hong Kong 5. Australia 4. Research shows that love and romance are shared around the world (Hatfield et al. But love has not always played such a central role in marriage, even in the United States, and it certainly does not always capture what draws many people around the world to a long-term commitment to another person. When the same question was presented to American students in 1967, only 65% of men and 24% of women said no (Kephart, 1967). Conspiracy Theory This is really unrelated to the topic, but it is a fun fact to know. There is actually a conspiracy theory surrounding the pineal gland. Proponents of this theory are called anti-fluoride activists. The theory itself has several variations, but in a nutshell, anti-fluoride campaigners believe that fluoride is a brain-altering chemical that is harmful in excessive amounts. Depending on the theory, fluoride either damages the brain cells or the pineal gland over time. Anti-fluoride activists believe that there has been a conspiracy since World War II to fluoridate drinking water to keep the masses placid and obedient. Who exactly is behind this plan? Again, this varies from world governments, Masonic entities, to the ruling elite. This is commonly referred to as the mass medication theory. They watch Netflix and comment loudly while you pull the covers over your head in the next room. You realize your talk was completely ineffective. The next weekend you share again that you really do need quiet and late-night Netflix parties have to be confined to the weekends. You say, I'm sorry to have to ask you to change your behavior, but can we please work something out? Again, she seems understanding.

No, I completely understand, she says. You know I like my late evenings, but I love having you as my roommate, so I'm prepared to tone things down a bit. Thank you so much, you respond. Let's summarize how we're going to move forward on this, please, just so we both understand. I realize it's a sacrifice on your part, and I promise to do whatever I can do to make it easier for you. Such studies tell us that in different eras and countries, people have been more receptive to entering into, and staying in, a marriage for reasons other than being in love. Let's take a look at this cross-cultural variability. Cross-Cultural Differences in Romantic Commitment Differences between individualistic and collectivistic cultures shape the way people view intimate commitments. In collectivistic cultures, family considerations and opinion have a much stronger influence than they do in individualistic cultures in determining whom people decide to marry, as well as whether or not they stay in the relationship (Dion & Dion, 1996). Take China as an example. In Chinese culture, two fundamental values are xiao (loosely translated as filial piety--respect for and devotion to family) and guanxi (network, referring to broader social interdependence). Both strongly drive decisions about intimate relationships. Chinese students are more likely to report family disapproval as an obstacle to marriage than are U. In China, judgments about whether the partner will support one's parents are more important factors in decisions to marry and stay together than in the United States (Zhang & Kline, 2009). Another version of the theory claims that chemical companies--in collusion with governments--dump fluoride into our water system as an easy way to get rid of this byproduct (and make money out of it at the same time). This is the industrial poison theory. A possible explanation for these beliefs is that these activists are influenced by the age-old enigma of the pineal gland. The fact that science has yet to uncover all its secrets could lead some people to suspect some sort of diabolical scheme; The whole universe is driven by energy, and the human body is no different.

There is a constant flow of energy in our body that regulates most of our functions. From our thoughts to all the actions that we perform, all are governed by some form of energy. The third eye is the guiding source of this energy. It is important to understand the flow of energy in your body through all the chakras so that you can realize the importance of the third eye and the role it plays in your life. People simply remain unaware of the energy flow and keep believing that their life is simply their making. I want this to be smooth for us both. I know I'm asking a lot, and I'm grateful. She thinks for a minute. Well, from Sunday to Thursday nights I'll keep the noise down after, say, 11 p. Fantastic, I really appreciate that, you say. And from my side, I can tell you in advance whenever I have a day off or a day when I don't need to be at work early so you can do your thing and don't feel you're wasting an opportunity to party. That would be great, she says. We can even keep a schedule on the kitchen fridge. Are you okay doing that? Then there are no surprises. The fairy-tale themes of romantic bliss that pervade the Western conception of a lifelong commitment to another are much less prevalent in Chinese culture (Jackson et al. If the basis of commitment to another person is not one's own personal fulfillment, then one's own satisfaction, or lack thereof, in a relationship is not a compelling reason to get divorced. In collectivistic cultures, as long as the relationship fulfills the cultural expectation of maintaining communal cohesion and family unity, it is likely to be maintained. This is partly how cultural psychologists explain the negative correlation between collectivism and divorce rates (FIGURE 15. In fact, this correlation appears even among U.

Vandello & Cohen, 1999). In India, where arranged marriages are the cultural norm, the divorce rate is around 5%, compared with the over 50% rate observed in many individualistic cultures, such as the United States. Divorce Rates in Different Countries Why do different countries have different rates of divorce? Some research suggests that a critical factor is the level of individualism or collectivism of a culture. If they could better understand the flow of energy and the role of chakras, they would get much better control of their life. The third eye is the sixth chakra in your body and has the ability to dominate the following energy chakras. By activating the third eye chakra, you will be able to get real control of your life and shape it the way you want. The energy centers in the body are divided into seven parts or the seven chakras. The 'chakra' is a yogic term for a wheel. Whatever chakra is dominant in our body, our nature is dominated by that force. The Base Chakra The first energy chakra in the body is located at the base of our spine. The physiological location of this chakra is between your anus and the genitals. This is the base chakra. It's a deal, you say, relieved. You smile and hug your roomie. Hopefully the summary approach worked. Summaries can be super helpful. They bring resolution to the discussion and make people feel heard and acknowledged.

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