Monday, 9 November 2020

Is Anxiety A Scam?

The Odd Organ The spleen is the odd organ, which conveniently makes remembering its features easier. Medical students remember it as being 1 inch by 3 inches by 5 inches, weighing 7 pounds, and sitting under the 9th till 11th ribs. It is not just the numbers of this organ that are odd, though; According to Western medicine it has very little to do with digestion and yet: The spleen is also odd because it is the only solid organ that can quite happily be removed without any obvious immediate harm to the person. People who rupture their spleen will often have to have it removed, but despite being injurious to a patient's health it is never directly fatal. Some of the signs I painted were for Jimbo the Giant Steer, the Country Western Museum, and a ridiculous exhibit that was billed as a real prehistoric iceman frozen in a chest full of ice. Know Your Audience My aunt worked at Fort Huachuca in Arizona, and she used her connections to secure me an opportunity to present my sign portfolio to a military officer who needed signs. With this potential client, I learned the importance of putting the right examples in my portfolio. The material has to be appropriate for the customer. I made the mistake of showing him a sign I had made for my aunt's third-grade classroom. He liked the sign I painted for the implement dealer, but unfortunately, the officer had already been turned off by the collage I had made of animals living in a barn. I learned from my mistakes, and after that, I made sure I put items in my portfolio that were appropriate for the client. Another mistake I avoided was putting in too many examples. Usually I showed one large drawing and five to ten photos. Ask yourself whether the irritating event is truly centered on you or whether it's possibly just circumstances or bad luck. Ask yourself whether getting upset and angry will have some benefit for you. Ponder whether your anger could hurt someone around you or yourself, for that matter.

Consider telling yourself, Stuff happens. Not everything is about me. Putting a friend on your side Some of our patients over the years have found our second technique to be surprisingly useful in defeating defensiveness. This technique asks you to imagine an objective observer sitting on your shoulder to provide you with sage advice and guidance in a clutch. Your observer's task is to notice when you're feeling irritated, angry, or threatened. At those times, your observer should offer you some helpful advice, such as the following: This is [your name] at XYZ Company. We ordered a gross of widgets from you on April 3rd and paid a deposit of $XX with the order. A month has gone by, and we have yet to receive the merchandise. I know you received the order, and you folks deposited our check. We were promised a three-week turnaround. What's happening? VENDOR: I'll look into it and get back to you. YOU: Tom, when will I hear from you? Because look, we're up against it here. Unless we get delivery by the 14th, we will cancel the order and recall our deposit. It frightens you to say you want to get freed up. This is very important. You are afraid of the ugliness in you, but you are more afraid of the beauty in yourself, your wish for health, what is good in you, and that's what you try to put in me.

You split off the beauty, put it in me, and then regard yourself as ugly. We have to return the healthy wish to you, so everything is in you. I've never thought of it in that way. What do you notice feeling as you own that? I'm thinking of a Ray Stevens song: `Everything is Beautiful. His eyes filled with tears. You are very moved. However, it is possible other effects are present that simply have never been looked for: for instance, two recent studies - in 2010 and 2012 - showed that these patients have a higher risk of blood clots, thick blood5 and diabetes. The oddness of this organ goes on, though, because it is also the only organ that can completely regenerate itself after being removed! What makes it disturbingly odd is that Chinese medicine gives it roles that no sane doctor would ever countenance: Western medicine is far more pragmatic: there are no fancy roles for this organ. It sees the organ as responsible for simply cleaning the cells of the blood. The spleen filters both the red and the white portion of the blood, eliminating the old red cells, acting as a control centre for the white cells and destroying some bacteria in the process. The spleen's micro-architecture is like a fine mesh, and as the red cells pass through this, the old and defective are filtered out. It manages this because, just like people, old red cells become wrinkly, dried out and brittle. Their cell walls become incapable of flexing and bending and the cell becomes stuck in the mesh. White cells in the spleen then break the cell down and recycle the content. It has to be presented neatly, and only the really good stuff is displayed. A good portfolio should get a big WOW out of a client within thirty seconds. One Small Project at a Time

I also did odd carpentry jobs, such as building a spare room in a friend's house. Everything I did started with one small project at a time. Writing for Arizona Farmer Ranchman magazine helped me gain respect within the cattle industry. It started out with one article, and then I wrote articles for free for six months. Finally, they started to pay me. The press pass I got was very valuable. It enabled me to gain free access to major national cattle conventions that had very high registration fees. You're going to make things much worse if you speak right now. What do you have to lose by assuming that he's not attacking you? Let's try something different from the usual blow up this time, okay? I'm here to help, remember? Say something positive instead. How many times has exploding helped the situation? What is he going to think and feel if you say this? How would you feel if someone said that to you? How about you actually try complimenting him instead of ripping him apart like you want to? After listening to your objective observer's advice, work hard to follow it! VENDOR: Well, I'll get back to you as soon as I can. YOU: Tom, I don't want to have to cancel this order. We want the merchandise.

And I'm sure you don't want to lose the order. Please work with us now to avoid something neither of us wants. Please give me a definite time when you will get back to me. VENDOR: You'll have the information this afternoon before five. YOU: That would be great. Sometimes late is just too late. If you must cancel an order, make certain the vendor knows why. I'm sick in my stomach and tired, but I do have the possibility of a different perspective. That you could light the furnace. Choosing life rather than roll over and play dead. He shifted topics by referring to his girlfriend, saying, I think this girl's a terrible liar. That could be, but I wonder: as we reflect on this session, how have you been lying to yourself? The lies you tell yourself are far more dangerous than any lies she could tell you. It's an exaggeration to say I'm physically repugnant. That's a slight exaggeration. It's a lie to say I have absolutely no control over anything. It's a lie to say that I have no option but to roll over and play dead and be dead. Haemoglobin contains vital iron and so is sent onwards to the liver where it is turned into bile, and the rest of the cell is used for bits and bobs (nothing is wasted in the body). Normal red cells are a biconcave disc - like a doughnut with the middle bit still in. This makes the cells elastic so they can squeeze through narrow gaps: just like Homer Simpson's midriff, the doughnut can flex!

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