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How will I cope if I am expected to dance?

NHTs are true obstacles. But they're not insurmountable, and you can see some dramatically swift gains if you take up the principles that follow. If you have rammed your head against your current NHT time after time after time and have still not defeated it (or if you've avoided it time after time instead), then most likely you have let discouragement win. Time passes, and you become habituated to the same old same old. Beyond your diet, healthy living embraces having enough rest. Resting can be in the form of changing your environment, for example, by taking a vacation to clear your mind. Such changes can be what triggers a solution to the issues causing you to overthink. Being away from environments that encourage overthinking can allow you to approach matters objectively. Resting is essential during regular working days. Such breaks can be a source of rejuvenation supporting your mind to rest, therefore, avoiding the trap of overthinking. The rest should be taken regularly throughout the day for maximum effect. Resting can help you avoid overworking, which may result in mental fatigue leading to overthinking. Aim to sleep for the recommended hours as insomnia can lead to mental exhaustion, making you more prone to a state of overthinking. Exercising as part of healthy living can be a way to move from overthinking to decisiveness. In NLP terms, this is called being in the present state while focusing on the future state. So rather than concern myself with why it has taken me this long or why I haven't this much done or why I am not finished yet, I simply take stock of where I am now. What have I got done and what have I left to do? This makes for an easier transition. This makes for a steadier and more productive flow of energy. This will get me to my goal in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

No dragging up the past, no drudging through my shortcomings, no self-deprecating rants, no self-blame, none of that. Just looking forward from the present and supporting myself as I go. It feels much healthier that way. So here's to a longer-lasting, health-enhancing, adventure-filled life. Use the trembling technique (discussed in the article Waking the Tiger by Peter Levine) to release the muscle memory of the traumas. A technique called the emotional freedom technique (EFT) can help you release the emotional energy. Then as needed, activate the ventral vagal part of your nervous system, which stimulates the feeling of safety. Historically, a number of cultural approaches have been used to activate the ventral vagal. For example, tai chi, meditation and prayer, and pranayama (yogic breathing). Social activities such as chatting, small talk, or having a meal or a cup of coffee with someone also are important and helpful. We discuss the importance of triggering the feeling safe part of your brain, called the polyvagal theory. Am I Crazy? After dealing with an insane medical system, people with CFS/FMS, and even those with simple day-to-day fatigue, often come away wondering if they are crazy. The simple answer? So as you try the techniques below, you may have a bit of concrete to break through. But it will be worth it. Think and Talk about What It Will Do for You Entitlement thinking resists the idea that something difficult will pay off. Hard Way thinking is the opposite; You gird up your loins to tackle a behavior or a conversation that will bring you closer to something you desire.

So think about it, talk about it, let yourself feel it. Any time a company wants to launch a new direction or product, it spends time and resources casting a vision. It doesn't simply tell its employees, Here is the new plan. Corporate executives know that the plan will be unfamiliar, and people need to buy into the vision in order to accept it and persevere with it. Avoid Information Overload Information overload can lead to overthinking. The kind and amount of information you absorb daily can have a direct correlation with your mental state. In a world where sources of information are readily available, it is imperative to filter the important from the clutter. Limiting the amount of screen time, you expose yourself to can help you control the amount of information you access during a given period. Unsubscribing from emails that add no value to you is another way to manage information sources. Such practices can help you free up time for activities that can support mental relaxation, therefore, reducing the possibility of overthinking. Information overload may also occur through the regularity of receiving the same. Determining when, for example, you will check your emails can have a profound effect on your mental state, which can determine how vulnerable you are to overthinking. Positive Thinking: Stop Bad Self-Talk To Minimize Overthinking There's a lot to be done, more fun to be had, so let's get this party started. My goal is this, I want to complete this article, I want to go from my present position of typing this article to my desired position of walking into the articlestore and experiencing the moment when I see my article, with my name on it, sitting there on a articleshelf amongst the other published authors. That is where I want to be. That is my desired state. That is the moment that I want to experience. That is the fuel that keeps me focused.

That is the sensation that spurs me on. That is what drives me in the direction of my goal. That is de facto my desired state. Begin with the End in Mind At least not any more crazy than anybody else. Nonetheless, with all that you have been through, let's take a look at this issue in a little more depth. We have a bad habit in medicine. If a doctor cannot figure out what is wrong with the patient, the doctor brands that person a turkey. Imagine calling an electrician because your lights do not work. The electrician checks all the wiring, can't find the problem, and says, You're crazy. There's nothing wrong with your lights. You flip the switches and they still do not work, but the electrician just says, I've looked. There's no problem here, and walks out the door. This is analogous to the experience of many CFS/FMS and day-to-day fatigue patients. People truly perish without a vision (Proverbs 29:18 KJV). This is why people put photos of slimmer clothes on their refrigerators when they want to lose weight and why they visit open houses on Sundays even though they know they can't afford the down payment for another year or two. There has to be an image in mind, a vision, for what you want. Don't Sugarcoat the Negative Even if you're loaded up with vision, you need to face the truth that your NHT will involve difficulty and struggle. That's why the H is in the middle.

The worst thing you can do to yourself is to think, It won't be that bad-- I may even enjoy it. That doesn't work, because if you have that expectation when you hit the obstacle, you will also hit disappointment, a huge energy killer. The disappointment comes from the gap between your expectation and reality. You thought it would be a 4 out of 10 on the difficulty scale, and in reality it was a 7. Positive thinking plays a vital role in managing the stress that can lead to overthinking. This feature can also enhance your wellbeing. Is your cup half-full or half-empty? The way you answer this question regarding positive thinking might reflect your view in life, your outlook towards yourself, and if you are pessimistic or optimistic. It may even impact your wellbeing. Without a doubt, some researches reveal that personality characteristics like pessimism and optimism can impact many aspects of our wellbeing and health. Usually, the positive thinking which comes with confidence is an essential part of efficient management of stress and overthinking. And efficient stress management is linked to many health advantages. If you are likely to be negative, don't despair, you can know positive thinking abilities. Getting to Know More About Self-Talk and Positive Thinking One of life's major problems is that of approach, and many dreams get hijacked by focus rather than by circumstance. One of the essential governing rules for your continued success will be your ability not only to begin with the end in mind but to continue keeping the end in mind until you have satisfactorily achieved your outcome. The problem for most people is that they start out right but lose sight of their goal under the pressure of the obstacles. They are hypnotised by disillusionment and sucked into focusing on what is in their way rather than how they will create headway. That's how we end up looking at our problems rather than our solutions and as a result allowing the universe to give us more and more of what we focus on. If you focus on the problem, the problem will only get bigger;

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