Wednesday, 2 September 2020

What have you not noticed before?

Quinn: So he won't bite me. Know, in that manner ye may better apply the understanding to those ye aid, to become a practical everyday experience. For, it is so easy and yet so hard. Know, in Him all extremes meet. For He was, He is, the Creator, the Maker of all that is manifested materially. He came into and unto His own, they received Him not; Receive Him, as ye promised Him to others. As we find, there are tendencies existent regarding which precautions should be taken and corrections made; Yet if the body becomes so health-conscious or so addicted to routines for this or that, it will be just as serious as if the body did little or nothing about it except try to carry on with its work. Hence there is the need for the mental body, first, to keep itself well balanced. It is well and good to consider the material things and experiences, yet these should not be put first and foremost. First, the gentle swinging encourages your shoulders, chest, and neck to relax. You can experiment with this by hunching your shoulders and tensing your neck and chest while swinging your arms. You'll immediately find out how difficult it is--you naturally want to loosen up. Loosening up these sensitive areas of the upper body is extremely important. It improves the flow of blood and lymph to and from the brain. As your arms begin to swing, you feel sensations in your hands and fingers. Please try to keep your fingers open a little bit, so you can feel the air moving between them as they swing. This also helps encourage one the main effects of the swinging: the increased flow of blood all along the arms and hands, right through to the fingertips. That, in turn, stimulates increased circulation throughout the body.

How does that help with your anxiety? You: Why would he bite you? Quinn: Because I want to step on him. You: Oh, so if you didn't want to step on him, he wouldn't bite you? Quinn: I don't know. You: Maybe not? Quinn: Maybe not. You: So, if you could say to him, I'm not going to hurt you, what do you think he'd say to you? Children have wonderful imaginations. When they anthropomorphize (give human characteristics to) an animal or object or imagine what it would be to live life from the point of view of another creature, they increase their capacity for empathy while they decrease fear of that which is different from them. In his article The Spiritual Life of Children, Pulitzer Prize-winning child psychiatrist and Harvard professor Robert Coles reports these thoughts of a ten-year-old boy: My kid brother was throwing rocks the other day, and I told him, `Look at it from the rocks' view--they don't like being thrown around and around for no reason! Just as self and the physical conditions about the body should not be considered to the exclusion of other abilities, other duties and obligations that the body has and should have, and should assume--for many. Attitudes and Emotions How has the body not applied himself, so as to bring about the results as have just been given? In the lack of the faith in self. Faith, that evidence of that which manifests in the inner self, through the subconscious knowledge of those correlated conditions between the conscious and subconscious, acted upon by the superconscious. The application must be made through the self, and can only be understood by that indwelling answer from within the entity. This can be applied. Apply same. How may I increase my faith?

Use that thou hast in hand, has been the command from the beginning, will be unto the end, as to how to increase faith. A combination of greater relaxation and increased blood circulation sends powerful signals to your whole nervous system. Anxiety often tenses and constricts your being, and with arm swinging, your body is sending the opposite signal to your nervous system--relax and open up. From the classical Chinese point of view, there is also another reason. If you look at a chart of the meridians (energy pathways) that run through the body, you will see that all the main meridians have important terminal points in the hands and fingers. There's a saying in Chinese medicine: the qi flows with the blood. So the increased circulation caused by the swinging is also stimulating the flow of qi throughout all the meridians, clearing stagnation and increasing the movement of energy. Does it work better if you swing your arms higher and faster? Here is the difference between qigong practice and a tough workout in the gym. For energy to flow smoothly and powerfully in your body and to calm and rejuvenate your nervous system, relaxation is essential. So, hidden within this seemingly simple, ancient tradition is the potent combination of power and relaxation. When we take a walk, my little sister asks if the trees notice us, like we do them. These kinds of acts of imagination generally cease as we become less fanciful and more practical, but with Verbal First Aid we can use them with children to promote healing. Remember that your attitude is important. If you're afraid, have someone who has a more calming attitude take the child through this process. But if your heart goes out to other creatures, you can share that reverence and teach your child compassion and connectedness. This isn't to say that you shouldn't weave in admonitions and cautions about animals that can bite or be poisonous. Let the children know that they are very big to the bug and that the bug is afraid of them, as if they were a giant. And if they get too close, the bug will try to protect itself by biting. So they should keep a safe distance, and respect the bug's fears as well as their own.

You could also point out some of the beautiful things about spiders--the webs, for example, sparkling with dew in the sunlight and catching flies for us. Faith, the substance of things hoped for, evidences of things unseen. Using that known brings those attunements, those emoluments in every form, that makes for Creative Forces in themselves--which is, must be, the basis of faith. Please define spiritual faith. The application of that that is awakened by the spirit within self. As has been given, and as has been the experience of self, in raising the consciousness--in the silence--of those that the body or self would aid, even as it is done in self. As the experiences have been, so does the confidence grow in self in that direction. Confidence, then, is of the material or of the physical sense--while faith is an attribute of the soul and spiritual body. The entity then was a daughter of a minister, the name being Wenchelcer. In the experience the entity thought much, studied much. While the sojourn was not counted in years of great length, the happenings about the entity, the environs of the ecclesiastical or theological terms, and the experiences that brought the attention of many to the ears or to the consciousness through the hearing, through the visioning of the entity, brought many experiences--and the entity lost faith, lost confidence (There's a great deal of difference between faith and confidence! It may surprise you that arm swinging is widely used as a morning exercise in schools, factories, and businesses throughout China. It rouses people's energy and generally seems to put them in a good mood to start the day. Also, people seem to appreciate doing it with others. There is something about the simplicity and the rising energy of the exercise that feels good to share with a friend, your family, or a large group of schoolmates or colleagues. Even more surprising to you, perhaps, is that this same exercise is used in traditional qigong hospitals in China for the treatment of serious illnesses, including some cancers, sometimes in conjunction with herbal treatments. In a hospital setting, arm swinging as a therapeutic treatment is done as a supervised exercise, since the patients devote themselves to the exercise for long periods of time. The potency of the exercise lies in the subtle combination of the standing posture, which promotes a deep connection with the earth; Please try it for yourself. There is a chart ahead to help you keep track of your experience at different times of the day and in different moods.

Combining your exercise with the work of self-observation can deepen your own experience of this art. Tell your children about bees, about the honey and the honeycombs. And let them know that without bees, we wouldn't have fruits or vegetables! As for snakes, check out their beautiful patterns. Appreciation and empathy might also become gifts of a lifetime. What would it feel like to move across the floor using only your body wiggling back and forth? What would it feel like to kiss a flower and have it turn into an apple or a plum? Mmm, it makes you wonder. Addressing Fears When a Parent Goes on a Business Trip or is Temporarily Away It's not unusual these days for one parent or the other to have to leave on business trips or even to move out of the house. This can be a fear-filled time for the child, who feels unable to control what goes on around her. In this direction may the entity give much to others, yet the entity must ground self in an ideal that will not be broken--even as self in that experience. Please advise body as to her physical attention and welfare. Those are very good. Keep thine mind attuned to the calls of the Divine within. Keep the body physically fit through the proper exercises--physical and mental--lending most of self's energies to another, and to others, rather than saving self in that, that would be--he must first be given; Not in selfishness, not in grudge, not in wrath; But the simpleness, the gentleness, the humbleness, the faithfulness, the long-suffering, patience! These be the attributes and those things which the soul takes cognizance of in its walks and activities before men. Not to be seen of men, but that the love may be manifested as the Father has shown through the Son and in the earth day by day.

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