Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Where will the results of work appear?

Janet: I see. And that's a good thing for a cut, sweetheart, because it cleans it out so it can heal right. So, I'm going to get a good look at that cut and see what we need to do. Study self and self's relationship to Creative Forces. Do first things first, though ye intend oft to do such and become negligent. Put this far from thee in thy experiences with others. For, those that are not consistent with self will not be with others. The entity should begin first with the spiritual self. What are the ideals in the spiritual self? What are the sources of thy hope for a continued consciousness after this material life? For as it may be considered, it isn't all of life just to live, nor all of death just to die, but what is prompting the hope of the future life--spiritually, mentally, materially? Are you as an individual living such a life that would be consistent in producing that ideal in relationship to all concerned in problems that are a part of the experience in the present? Then, when the life is made consistent with the ideals, we will find health, greater relationships, greater help of every character may be experienced in the body, in the mind of this entity. Your right hand is against your belly, your left hand on top of it. Rest in stillness, breathing naturally for a minute. To My Surprise Soon after we were married, my wife and I went from Hong Kong to London on our honeymoon. We planned to stay only a short time, but we have ended up living there for more than thirty years. Some of my earliest students are still coming to see me. One of them, a lawyer, held a senior position in a large legal department for a national professional body in the United Kingdom.

Just after he retired, he told me what he had been going through. As the date of my retirement approached, I was waking up at four in the morning, worrying about the big changes in income and daily activity. I was often unable to get back to sleep. While I look at it you can make sure it bleeds just enough to cleanse the wound . And then you can stop the bleeding . Olivia: (Nods with tears in her eyes. Janet: I know, love. It's an ow. And it looks like it's the kind of boo-boo we can make better right here, right now with a bandage from the bathroom. Want to come with me and pick one out that you want? Olivia: Yeah. Janet: (In the bathroom. Which one do you think is the most special and will make it go away fastest? Be consistent, then, with self. Be consistent with the ideals. Then they may be so lived in the experience as to mentally and materially demand or seek such in the relationships with others. Do this and we will find life becoming more worthwhile--for self, for those with whom the entity comes in contact daily. By the very living--not by word but by deed also--make life worth living for others. Hence so plan thy activities that each phase of thy consciousness is stimulated to activity, regularly, and ye will get away from the waiting for changes, or the being very high in ideals one day and because of some little slight ready the next day to cuss out the other fellow. This means consistency, which indeed is a jewel in the experience of any soul-entity.

As to the appearances in the earth, these have been quite varied. While all may not be indicated in the present, these are given as the indications of the latent and manifested urges showing why, in the application of self through experiences, there are those unusual combinations of astrological aspects (so termed) in the entity. Before this entity was in the land of the present nativity, during the early settlings--when there were varied groups in various sections with certain tenets or truths which they expected or hoped to make predominant in that particular phase of the experiences in the land. This student is quite elegant and a real gentleman. He was honest about himself: I am by temperament quite an anxious person. My fight-or-flight reaction has a low threshold and is easily triggered, causing mild panic and anxiety. This can be accompanied by thoughts of worst-case scenarios. They take on a life of their own. I knew he was being honest with me when he spoke about his fears of retirement. The accumulating sleep deficit and anxiety became self-perpetuating, he told me. He wanted me to know what he did, because he had applied lessons he learned from studying qigong with me. I found that if I got out of bed and stood in wu ji and then one other qigong posture for ten to fifteen minutes, my breathing became deeper and slower automatically. This led to a virtuous cycle, whereby my anxious thoughts and feelings diminished without any conscious effort on my part. Olivia: (Considers all three, then points to one. Janet: Interesting. That looked like a magical bandage to me, too. So we're going to put it on like this right here, and you can stop the bleeding . Olivia: Like this? Janet: Just like that. You remember!

And won't you be delighted and just so amazed when your skin knits itself all together and smooth again? It's a special magic you have, Olivia. So when we put a new bandage on tomorrow, it's going to look better. The entity was among those who came in the early periods from Ireland, then in the name of Joseph McArty. The entity was in aid to those who would establish an activity for the church, though the entity in its application among the natives--with the variations that came about--slipped far away from the general tenets set by those in authority. Hence in the present there are the appearances at times of being very religious, and the feeling that it is very necessary for some people but not so necessary for self--except at times when you have need of same. In this respect there needs to be the exercising of self in consistency. Not merely in thought but in application, so as to keep well-rounded, well-balanced in stimulating physical, mental and spiritual phases of the entity. Then counsel well with self, as well as with others, but from the principles and tenets of Him who was the way, the truth, and the light. For there is no other name given under heaven whereby men may be saved, and that's from themselves, as well as from the evils that so many individuals think are the cause of other people attempting to gain control politically or financially. Their sources and their principles are one. In judgment, then, as so often given, study to show thyself approved unto God. That is presupposing that thy ideals are the law of the Lord; He said, I had always thought that practicing qigong would make me feel wide awake. To my surprise, I found that on returning to bed, I felt calm and relaxed, and I fell asleep without much difficulty. I found the transition to retirement much easier than I feared--and I now have much more free time to practice qigong and enjoy life! Experiencing More Energy In this part of the article, you have been introduced to the standing practice of wu ji and the progressive relaxation sequence that accompanies it. You have also learned standing and rolling the golden ball, and the practice of gathering your energy. These take you to a different level of energy work and have a more profound effect on your nervous system.

You can use the following chart to make a note of your experience. It is all the more important at this stage to know that there are no right or wrong experiences; If you find these notes helpful, you can continue to keep notes for yourself on a separate notepad. And even better the next day after that. Olivia: Gone? Janet: Very soon all gone. You're such a good healer, Olivia, that it might be gone before I even check on it. Olivia: Really? Janet: Remember last time how quickly your boo-boo went away? It was all black and blue, but then the next day it was just a little yellow and by the day after that it was as good as new and you forgot you ever had a bruise there. You did that all by yourself. Olivia: I did? Janet: Yes, you did. Put thyself in the other individual's place, and not merely because I think it is this or I know this is true, but consider. For if mercy and justice were measured by the heavenly Father, as it would be by thyself, would thee be consistent? Consistency is the jewel that most souls need. You cannot be one thing today and something else tomorrow. There must be consistency. Constructiveness Are there any suggestions or advice further for this body at this time?

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