Wednesday, 9 September 2020

How will I cope if they can tell that I am shy or anxious?

Let me explain the nature of this, which persuasion engineer John La Valle calls `Crystal Ball Gazing'. Crystal Ball Gazing So now I am going to ask you to give me permission to be chauvinistic and to use some stereotypical concepts, but as I will be equally offensive to both sexes I am sure you will find it in your heart to forgive me. Women have two true gods, two reasons for complete adulation and submission. I apologize on behalf of the medical profession if we've called you crazy just because we cannot determine the cause of your problem. It is inappropriate, abusive, and downright cruel. To put this in a historical perspective, multiple sclerosis used to be called hysterical paralysis. Over time, neurologists came to their senses. No neurologist in their right mind would still consider calling people with multiple sclerosis hysterical or neurotics. Lupus and rheumatoid arthritis also used to be considered neuroses. What do these illnesses have in common? As is the case with most immune illnesses (including CFS/FMS), they affect predominantly women. You can get an idea of the medical profession's bias in the situation by simply looking at the medical word hysteria. This word comes from the Latin hystero, which means uterus. That may bring your progress to a complete stop. Instead, face reality. Don't sugarcoat what's going to happen and what it may feel like. If you've prepared yourself for what's coming, then you'll actually feel hope and energy when you encounter it. This is the kind of hope and energy that athletes experience in the locker room when the coach tells them that the next half of the game will take everything they have inside. We were born to push through things that require effort;

We were destined to subdue and rule the earth (Genesis 1:28). The word for subdue implies imposing order on chaos. No matter how scary your NHT is, overcoming it requires bringing something that helps your steps be ordered to get out of some unproductive chaos and onto a path of achievement. In the middle of a difficult divorce, a friend of mine heard something unexpected but extremely helpful from her therapist. Positive thinking does not mean that you stay your head in the sand and disregardless pleasant conditions in life. Positive thinking signifies that you approach repulsiveness productively and positively. You imagine the best is going to take place, not the most horrible. Most often, positive thinking begins with self-talk. This trait refers to the endless flow of silent thoughts which keep in the running in your mind. These instant thoughts can be negative or positive. Some of these thoughts derive from reason and logic. Others might arise from delusion which you develop due to information deficiency. If the pattern of thinking which run in your mind is mostly negative, your approach in life tends to be pessimistic. When your thoughts are positive, you tend to be an optimist- somebody who practices positive thinking. The religions I speak of, which can only be truly understood and appreciated by you if you are female, are the religions of the Shoe and the Handbag. Most women love bags and shoes; A woman's eyes may light up at the sight of a designer handbag or a pair of high heels. With her heart rate increasing she looks excitedly at the shoes as the dutiful shop assistant slips over and says teasingly, like the serpent on the branch, `Would you like to try them on? She picks up the shoes and her foot glides in, fitting as neatly as a pair of favourite gloves. Delight overwhelms her as she finds the perfect matching handbag.

She is seduced and knows she looks gorgeous with them on. As she sees her reflection in the mirror and looks back at her credit card, she asks herself how such a small little thing could present such a huge obstacle. In fact the more she looks at it the smaller it becomes, and the smaller it becomes the less resistance it offers, until moments later it's just not a problem at all. The thoughts of not eating for a month seem so much more bearable and even desirable, it's all possible in the light of a not-to-be-missed opportunity like this. Despite the fact that half of U. Unfortunately, some patients become so frustrated by being told that their CFS/FMS or day-to-day-fatigue is all in their head that they are in a catch-22. They feel that if they acknowledge that they also have emotional issues, just like everyone else, they are validating the abusive doctors who say that their illness is all emotional. Rest assured, however, that extensive research proves that CFS/FMS and day-to-day fatigue are real and physical. One of many studies that proved that CFS and fibromyalgia are real was our placebo-controlled study. This is because people who received the active SHINE treatment improved dramatically and those receiving the placebo did not. If it was all in your head, the placebo group would have improved as much as the active group. This means that anyone who says it's all in your head is no longer simply a nitwit. Now they are unscientific nitwits. Give yourself permission to be human. This process of growth will sometimes be painful and confusing, the therapist said. You may feel like you're hitting bottom. But if you stick with this and are honest with yourself, you'll be okay and your life will be much better. Not much sugarcoating there. But my friend said that, ironically, the therapist's words encouraged her because she trusted and believed him. She felt that he had given her a reliable vision of the future.

She could trust that vision. And after the dark times, she did get emotionally stronger, healthier, and happier. Realize That There Is an End to the NHT Your NHT is a temporary thing, not an eternity. Positive Thinking: The Many Health Benefits Experts keep on exploring the impact of optimism and positive thinking on wellbeing. Benefits of positive thinking to wellbeing might include: Improved life span Better resistance to a common cold A lower level of pain Lower rate of sadness/depression Better psychological and psychological health Better cardiovascular wellbeing and minimized the risk of mortality due to cardiovascular illness Better skills in coping during difficulties in life and time of despair When the woman buys the shoes and/or handbag the money for it gets found too. She imagined herself wearing the shoes with matching handbag. She fully connected with the idea of it and even got the sensory experience of it. It was from that mental movie, from that internal imaginary experience as she looked from her dream to her credit card and back again and again that she was able to think differently around her challenge. She was able to look back at the `problem' from a resourceful state, from a state of feeling good, and it was from there that she was able to see a way to her goal and a solution to the obstacle. This is an approach that lends itself to success much more often than one that focuses on the problem or problems all of the time.

It is an approach that works most of the time, which makes it worth doing. So putting the shoe on the other foot, so to speak, the bloke walks into a car dealership, casually strolls up to his preferred choice of car, pretending he is loaded and not in the least bit fazed, when in truth he is as close to penniless as makes no difference and so excited that his pounding heart is practically bursting through his chest. Acting as if he knows all about the car, he casually shoves his hands in his pockets, leans back and looks down on it, his head tilted sideways as if to measure it up. The truth of it being if he were to lift up the hood he may as well be looking into a field. You are no more and no less crazy than anyone else. People often ask if they should get counseling. The simple answer is that, as in any other severe illness, the time to get counseling is if and when you feel like it. How to Tell If You Are Depressed in Thirty Seconds Research has shown that there is a very good way to tell if people are depressed. It is as effective as or more effective than many of the complicated depression questionnaires such as the Beck Depression Inventory. What is this new high-tech technique? Simply ask the person if he or she is depressed. Not sure if you're depressed? Here is one more important tip: Ask yourself if you have many interests. In fact, it is a beginning thing, a starting thing, a breaking-out-of-inertia thing. It won't last forever. Tell yourself, The sooner I do this hard thing, the sooner I get my life where I want it. The way our minds work, the more we avoid the NHT, the longer it seems it will take. It increases and expands in time. Remember that a tough phone call won't last forever.

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