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What is the most appropriate way to solve these problems?

It is a reflection of a state of mind as much as it is a statement about any given reality. For the very fact that ye are conscious of yourself should be the assurance that He, the Father-God, is mindful of thee as an individual entity and that ye have work to do. He is depending upon thee for the knowledge, for the glorifying, for the opportunity to glorify Himself through thee. Do this first. In the mental and spiritual, we find the body well developed in every way. There is in the mental forces those conditions that have brought strain in the mental activity through that of distress or disappointment. In this the body should exercise the mental and the physical to the manner that will give of the best to the work in hand, for this will be found to be both remunerative and give the advancement necessary to make the income from such labors more than sufficient for the needs, and will lead to the success of the entity. While the strain on the body, and the temperament in mental, are such as to work hardships on the mental and spiritual, the relaxing through physical, as outlined, will give much to developing in mental and spiritual forces. These are but questionings of self, and questionings of the promises are as given! Might be termed lack of faith in self or the promise! For each thought, each atom, has its own weight as is expended in whatever direction it may be guided by the thought of self! This was said, in good schools, to be the goal of educating the whole person. It also points to the interdependence between mind and body: the health of the body affects the health of the mind; Just take the example of Professor Yu's findings at his hospital. Imagine how our brain and nervous system would function if bathed in a nurturing flow of oxygen-rich blood. Wouldn't we feel alert, energized, and resilient? Imagine the contrast: the blood flow to the brain is constricted by muscular tension in the neck, and our shallow breathing means we have low levels of oxygen in our blood cells. Wouldn't this lead to reduced mental energy, increased worry, and a tendency to get stuck? You may have tried many methods to lessen your anxiety. In the the following chart, you are asked, If you are already trying to control your anxiety, what have you found most useful, and why do you think this has helped you?

It is useful to remind yourself of any methods that you have found useful, even if briefly. In most ordinary circumstances, children are made fearful by things that are fermented in their imaginations--whether in daytime fantasies or in their nightmares. Therefore the task for us as caretakers and parents is to make the unknown less unknowable and more interesting, thereby giving the child more control and a greater sense of detachment. In modern culture, our children are surrounded by fearful stimuli-- video games, television shows, radio, and the Internet--some of which we as children never had to learn to manage. National security, safety seats, air bags, helmet laws, Amber Alerts--all the things designed to protect our children are often the very same things that make them more vigilant and frightened. This goes back to the notion of a not. When we tell someone not to be afraid, we have already implied that there is something of which they ought to be frightened. It is very important when we approach a child who is fearful, whether we deem that fear reasonable or not, to remember again certain philosophical basics: Take a deep breath, exhale, center, and find a calm spot in yourself. Let your presence in and of itself be a source of comfort and reassurance. Approach the child supportively. It never helps to judge a fear. To be sure, it accomplishes, then, that in self and that outside of self. He that doubteth, then--doubteth self, doubteth Him! Understanding comes with application. Application may be experience mental or physical, or spiritual. With the ideal that is set before self there comes the awakening. As to whether this is shaken by doubts or fears, or there is the inroads of a doubt that makes for muddying of thine experience, this then makes for a less understanding. In that as has been builded in the present experience of the entity in this relationship, as to those influences, those urges, there have come periods when discouragements and those things of secular nature have made doubts and fears arise in the experience of the entity. The doubt has mostly been of self, rather than of thine neighbor, of thine brother, of thine stranger. These come from that urge as is seen in those influences, that when doubts arise, if the entity will look upon those troublesome times of a neighbor, rather than upon self, strength comes from such vision.

Never pity self, nor censure self. Nothing in this article counteracts any other method you might have found useful. You can practice these qigong exercises while receiving any other form of treatment or while using any other self-help method that offers relief from anxiety. Using the Mind The mind that is the anxious is same mind that can help us work with our anxiety. Our natural mental awareness is an ally. Although qigong may be different from other approaches you have tried, it has one important thing in common with most other methods: awareness. Your own awareness of what is happening to you makes a big difference in the effectiveness of what you do. Therefore, throughout this article there are charts to help you explore and keep track of your own experience. Whether you have started using the qigong practices in part 1 already or are dipping into different parts of this article looking for help, you may find it helpful to review your own experience of your anxiety. If you completed A Quick Check at the end of the introduction, you may find that your answers there will help you think about your responses to the questions below. To the person in its grips (whether young or old), fear can be overpowering. It is also, at that moment, the child's reality. So whether it is real isn't the issue as much as your willingness to see the fear through her eyes. From a chemical point of view, when the fear is strong enough, it can literally bypass the executive functions of the brain, making our thinking cloudy and irrational. Be patient. It takes a while for the physiology of fear to pass. The chemicals initiated by the adrenal glands need a chance to recede and be replaced by more cortical functions in the brain. You know this yourself, as you have to wait a full twenty minutes before you can return to sleep after a nightmare. A good part of Verbal First Aid with children who are afraid is the patient reassurance of your presence and your love.

For us to help our children we have to start with ourselves. Rather be strong in the weakness of those that give strength. Rather give courage to the disheartened, and strength comes from that as has been builded by the entity. Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good, with deeds of kindness, a cheery word, a smile, a slap on the shoulder. An encouraging word to the faltering gives strength not only to him who falters but aids self the more. In healing is it not paramount to have the body in perfect physical condition? One must raise self to that consciousness of a physical perfection in spirit, to give the proper attitude or physical perfection in spirit, to give the proper attitude or concept to another. Doubt never accomplished anything! What are the faults or sinful habits of the body-mind? Not that the purposes, the aims, the desires are lacking; Give suggestions for overcoming these. You Need to Train Your Spirit When I was very young, my father allowed me to begin training with a master in our city, Hong Kong. This was my first experience of the wisdom and power that was later to become the subject of my life's work and study. I learned many important lessons about anxiety, tension, and relaxation. My training was based on the principle that physical and mental health was part of the same discipline of working with energy. The fundamental rhythm of all energy fields is the interplay of yin and yang--the two interrelated energies in the famous Taoist symbol that weaves together light and dark. We need both energies to be whole, balanced, and healthy human beings, living a good life in the midst of the constantly shifting energies of human society and nature. Anxiety can be both yin and yang. Anxiety is yin when it undermines our ability to act.

It is yang when it makes us frantic and tense. We can help them see things differently only when we do. If we are fearful and feel victimized, it might be more of a challenge to convince our children that they have control or can achieve mastery over themselves or the circumstances of their lives. When we approach the moment without expectation or judgment, we communicate this adaptability, this fearlessness, to our children without even having to say anything. The more adaptable we are, the more possibilities we see. The more judgmental and rigid we are, the less we feel we can do in and about the world. If the emotion is beyond words, if it is a frightening or confusing picture in the child's mind, grab a piece of paper and a crayon and let him draw it. And as he draws it, have him see that thoughts are mutable, that maybe it was a monster but if you put a smile on that monster's face then it might just be seen as a friend, like Shrek. In the Harry Potter articles, using the word Ridiculous! Children are born with limitless creativity and imagination. In fact, it is commonly believed that all infants are born with the capacity to learn any language and make any sound. None better than choosing an hour, an half hour, a twenty minutes of meditation, and seeking to be shown the way. Not just any way, but His way. What can I do here to make for a more harmonious condition? Just daily application. Do not let it become a drudge or a drag. Be exercised or interested, and in the application use the experiences to enable thee to be of greater service to thy fellow man. Is the work I do hindering the cure of my eyesight? For, to any soul, to this particular soul--if the activity is looked upon as a drudge, or as an affliction of any kind, it becomes harmful and detrimental, and aggravating to any physical or mental influence in the body. Remember that .

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