Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Where will the work be done?

Begin by standing in wu ji. Imagine you are holding the golden ball in front of your chest, between your palms. Stand still for a moment before beginning the next movement. Well, we'll talk about the truck later, but for now, as soon as we can let go of your nose, we're going to have a little quiet time so it can heal for sure. I think you guys--and the truck--have had enough bumping and jumping today. Just take it easy, and it's going to heal so well you won't even know it happened by dinner tonight . Then we can talk about trucks and see if we can find that one with the concrete mixer on the back that's been missing for a few weeks. Finn: Okay. Mom: So for now, while you sit here with me and watch my watch, I'll tell you a funny story about when Grandpa had a nosebleed. Verbal First Aid Shortcuts for Nosebleeds Center yourself and then let the child know that It's what we call a nosebleed, and everyone gets them from time to time. And so it will. VERBAL FIRST AID FOR CUTS, BOO-BOOS, AND GETTING STITCHES Walking exercise is well. The general conditions well. General social relations well. Yet these must ever be consistent with conditions as they arise. Not as a condemnation nor yet as a laudation but rather as a warning to the entity--there must be consistency in self if you would expect consistency in others. For, it becomes an irrefutable, unchangeable law, with what measure ye mete, or have meted to thy fellow man, with such measure will it be meted to thee again. For, indeed as has been indicated, it is necessary that offenses come, but woe unto him by whom they come.

Think not I am come to destroy the law--but I come to fulfill the law; It is not by might and power but by the little leaven that leaveneth the whole lump. It is line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little, that each soul seeks and finds it relationship to the Creative Forces or God--so that it may apply same in its own experience with the fellow man . Slowly circle the golden ball up and away from you, so that it moves in an arc outward, away from your chest. Complete the circle by lowering and bringing it in toward your belly. Keep your elbows loose, so that they move fluidly with the large circle of the golden ball. Breathe out as the golden ball arcs up and outward. Breathe in as the ball comes down and in toward your abdomen. As you move the ball through the space in front of you, it feels strong and heavy. Imagine that with each exhalation and outward arc of the ball, you are expelling any agitation and disturbing energy from your body. Try making up to thirty circles with the golden ball. Gathering Your Energy This practice is an essential aspect of qigong exercise. There is an archetypal component to cuts. They open us, literally. Even when they don't hurt very much, for many people both young and old, they are frightening. When we get cut we are vulnerable. Even in the very young for whom that concept is completely unarticulated, the experience is visceral. When we see our own blood, when it seems to be flowing from us without our knowing how to stop it, that, too, adds to the fear. Understanding our fears and anxieties actually tells us what we need to do to help our children deal with a cut or abrasion.

Verbal First Aid in these circumstances should focus generally on empowerment by using resources children already have, through role modeling or partnering, direct suggestions delivered with confidence, and future pacing. Physicians David Cheek and Dabney Ewen reported that, in both emergency and operating rooms, ordinary (nonarterial) bleeding can be lessened and/or halted entirely with a command from an authority figure. Therefore this protocol may be used for accidents as well as for simple nosebleeds. For, the entity was in the land of the present nativity, where there were those attempts to draw in the people for the rehabilitating of the lands in portions of Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. The entity was among those peoples that were settlers in the land, and the entity was graciousness itself in its treatment of those about the entity, but--too often for the use of the own self. Thus the entity became a disappointment to many, yet in self was satisfied with that which it had attained. Here too, should be a lesson--never be satisfied but content. For, he that is satisfied has ceased to grow. Being content and consistent becomes another experience for an individual. The virtue of consistency should be nourished, or the lack of it corrected. For as the entity journeys through life he should minimize the faults and magnify the virtues; Thus the halfway mark, or the being temperate in the pessimism and the optimism would be a lesson for the entity to attain . As to the activities in the present, and that to which it may attain, and how: It is a method of collecting your energy, directing it into its natural reservoir in the lower abdomen, and sealing it there. You can use it by itself, as a way of calming and centering your energy, or you can use it at the end of another exercise or a period of practice. It can also be used as an emergency treatment if you feel uncomfortable at any point in your qigong practice. In fact, you can use it as an on-the-spot method for getting some ground under your feet if you are overcome by strong emotion, experience intense pressure, or find yourself in a very difficult situation. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. To begin, your arms are at your sides. Open your hands and raise your arms out to the sides with your open palms facing forward.

Continue to raise your arms until your hands start to come toward each other above your head. Breathe in as your arms circle up. Bring your hands together so that your left palm is on top of the back of your right hand. The following scripts will demonstrate this for you. If the cut is more serious than a household bandage can appropriately handle, either call 911 or bring your child in to the doctor or emergency room immediately. While you're waiting for the ambulance or heading to the hospital, use Verbal First Aid to set the course straight. Janet's seven-year old daughter, Olivia, wants to help make dinner. Janet has always stressed kitchen safety and has taught Olivia how to properly handle a knife. She has been told never to use one without a grown-up present. However, one day while Janet is out in the garden, Olivia wants to surprise her mother by preparing a salad. She takes the supplies out of the refrigerator, sets them on a counter, takes a serrated knife out of the utility drawer, and gets on a small stool so she can reach everything easily. In her excitement to help, she takes the knife in her hand before she properly steadies herself and slips off the stool. The knife slides through her hand, making a half-inch incision across the side of her palm. First, study thyself. For in the study of thine own nature ye may better fit thyself to know others; Study to show thyself approved unto thy ideal, that ye choose. Be consistent in all things, for consistency is indeed a jewel. Mars brings that abundance of energies, activities rather than anger. Anger, to the entity is a fearful state. Do not let that which ye fear come upon thee.

Replace same rather with patience, constancy and--most of all--consistency. For, consistency is a gem which few souls acquire, in the interpretation or understanding in speech or in conversation with others. As to the abilities of the entity: This makes your arms into a complete circle, with your palms overlapped and facing downward. Your hands are directly over your head. Then move your hands forward so that they are poised to come down in front of your face and upper body. Slowly lower your hands down in front of your body. You feel as if you are pressing a large ball down into water. Breathe out as your arms press down. The movement continues until your palms are in front of your belly. You can let your hands gently slide down, touching your torso, if you wish. Make three large circles like this, slowly and calmly. Then calmly bring your palms to rest over your abdomen. As soon as Olivia wails Ma! Janet runs into the kitchen, sees the blood, and remembers: First steps first. She takes a deep breath, banishes all other thoughts from her mind, and centers herself for the task at hand. She makes sure she is as calm as possible before speaking. Janet: Olivia, what happened, honey? Olivia: I slipped. Mom, it's bleeding.

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