Tuesday, 8 September 2020

How will I cope if I am left on my own with no one to talk to?

Or, could there be some qualitative difference between the two? There is one distinction proposed that seems to be both reasonable (in line with what we have already learned) and instructive. It relates to how the empathetic feeling arises. The line of thought seems to be that HSP empathy is the product of projection (perhaps more cognitive? The empath, on the other hand, senses the emotions or feelings very directly, involuntarily, in a way which cannot be entirely controlled. She may become confused by them or not even aware in some cases where they originated, because, as opposed to deriving them entirely through observation, she is experiencing them as if they were her own. She cannot distinguish her own feelings from the feelings she is intercepting from others. So, the HSP empathy is experienced through the lens of self, while the empath perceives what is outside himself, as if there were no barrier or separation between him and others around him. It is proposed, in fact, that the HSP may in a high emotion situation become so consumed by his own emotional response that he is unable to accurately perceive or interpret another person's emotions. Common Empathic Traits Really it's a matter of what works best for you. As long as there is strength and forcefulness in the words chosen that far outweigh the strength and force of the negativity that you are seeking to overcome, then they are fine. If you have ever taken up the route to personal development before now, you will have come across the idea of using positive thoughts to overcome negative ones. Perhaps you have read the article, attended the seminar or watched the DVD. Perhaps you have even taken on board the concept of going to your quiet place inside your imagination. I was taught to visualise myself sitting in front of a magnificent sunset and to take in all the multitude of colours and that this would relax me. I tried this a few times when I was feeling stressed but it just didn't work for me. So I tried harder and then it worked less than before until one day I got the idea to change things. So I looked out on my sunset and I looked out on the sea beneath it and I even thought of a school of dolphins diving gracefully in and out of the water, I thought this might add to my experience and it did. It didn't relax me, but it gave me another idea.

Although there are literally dozens of other nutrients that help in some cases, for most people the Energy Revitalization System vitamin powder, Smart Energy System, and coenzyme Q10 are key for long-term use. The others are usually only needed for about four months. Recovery Factors: A Powerful New Tool A Solution for Unexplained Complex Symptoms Many people have trouble adapting to the modern-day environment. Like canaries in the coal mine, we are the first ones to show the effects of these growing problems. Ready for a solution? A recent study I completed showed that most people had a marked improvement within six weeks--usually within a week or two. The study report can be seen at www. Recovery Factors was developed as a unique nutritional support supplement for severely malnourished people. Marie and I did a lot of things, Dale answered. We used egg timers, we supervised, we encouraged him, we found out what his range was, the teachers helped us, we increased it by a bit every month, we gave him consequences and rewards. And then the lights came on. Yes, I agreed. You received discipline in a process, and it became part of you. You didn't `choose discipline. Dale nodded his head. I get it, he replied. Stevie and I got the help and the discipline came. Dale did get it.

One of the first things you'll notice about empathic people is their ability to just know things even without having been told about it prior. It's a kind of knowing that is beyond what we often refer to as intuition or gut feel this is because their certainty and accuracy tends to be impeccable when it comes to this. Needless to say, you'd have a hard time lying to one. The more in tune they become with their gift, the better they come at reading energies. For an empathic person, being in a public space can be very overwhelming. Places such as stadiums, shopping malls, and supermarkets can fill them with different emotions often leading them to simply stay away. Remember, empaths are like emotional sponges and their sensitivity is far greater than that of the average person, therefore, they feel a whole lot more. Describing an empath as a kind of emotional sponge isn't too far-off how they really are. The thing is that they feel other people's emotions and take those feelings as their own. This is why some of them tend to dislike the gift. In the middle of my stress experience, frustrated and at my wits' end, I decided I needed someone to blame or someone to suffer because of my pain. And so it came to me. I reached into my imagination and took out a harpoon and one by one I harpooned each of the damn dolphins saying, `Relax - me arse. Every time you criticise yourself, you crush your spirit, you kill your sense of well-being, you wreak havoc on your self-confidence. But the great news is that you now know you can stop it. I don't know anything else that works as powerfully as Richard Bandler's simple mantra. I remember my Dad used to say jokingly, `If you see a little kid walking past you, you might as well give him a smack across the back of the head with the palm of your hand because he is either walking away from trouble or walking towards it and either way he is the cause of it. It is said that we have on average around eighty thousand thoughts in any one day. So that means that you have to use the mantra lots before it takes the full long-term effect and becomes habitual, at which point it will be automatic. Think about the amount of times you criticised and moaned at yourself - it never helped.

But something fascinating happened. Serendipitously, it was found that using this supplement for malnourished people in Africa resulted in other remarkable benefits. This included dramatic improvements in fatigue, post-exertion malaise, brain fog, and pain. Having heard about this, a few researchers in the United States who treated very complex conditions decided to try it. What happened was nearly miraculous. People who had been hopelessly nonfunctional improved dramatically. When they ran out of this unique therapy, their symptoms came back and the people taking it were desperate to get more. So Dr Gaetano Morello and I decided to do a research study--and the benefits were remarkable! This unique and very safe natural nutritional supplement has been used for over a decade in countless people with malnutrition. Derived from animal serum proteins, it contains all twenty amino acids the human body requires for growth and regeneration (not just the nine essential amino acids that are sometimes considered a whole protein), in a dipeptide and tripeptide form. He was doing a lot of right things with himself, just as he'd done a lot of right things with Stevie. But the process didn't get the credit. You Need Discipline in Just About Everything Important If you want to succeed in life, career, relationships, or health, you will need discipline. There really is no option. The habit of discipline will help you create great habits, day after day and year after year. Discipline creates a great company out of a small garage, an intimate, long-term marriage out of a glance at a party, a movie that fascinates millions out of an idea shared over dinner, a church that sends God's love to other continents out of a neighborhood Bible study. Discipline turns a first-grade exposure to intriguing new subject matter into a graduate degree. Discipline is goal oriented. It harnesses your energy so that you don't get distracted, so that you become productive.

After all, can you imagine going through such a thing on a daily basis? It can be exhausting. Of course, this varies depending on how adept the empathic person is. For the most part, they will still feel people's emotions and this can affect them either negatively or positively. Watching violence or anything tragic on the television can sometimes be unbearable for them. There are empaths who find it difficult to even read the newspaper as they become overwhelmed with emotion each time they do. This is something that empathic people cannot help. They can easily tell whenever someone is lying or being insincere. There's that expression: Ignorance is bliss and for many empaths, this rings true. If a loved one lies to them, the pain they feel is double for they cannot help what they know. You never got the message from it, so shut the f**k up. Now realise that when you say this you're not telling yourself to shut the f**k up, you're shutting down a program, an internal program. This is not who you are, this is not your better self; When you were a child your teacher corrected your homework. You showed it to her and she got a big red marker and said that's right, that's right and that's wrong and that's wrong. You looked at this method and thought, `Ahhh that's it, I'm supposed to look for what's wrong with things. But that's not useful in relation to your personality. It's better to look for what's right with things, for what's working, it's better to look for where you want to go, so that you can feel better about yourself. Do you get the idea? So any criticism, any sort of slamming down on yourself is just not good enough.

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