Monday, 14 September 2020

I've assessed the risks

Cerebral narcissists only enjoy the limelight for brief periods of time. Otherwise, they are cold, reclusive and socially awkward. They detest intimacy at any level. Partners are seen as mere objects and valued only for the admiration, adoration, and attention they supply. Sexual activity is viewed as an obligation and chore; If they participate, it is only to maintain the narcissistic supply needed from their partner. For once I could be in contact with works without doing anything other than reinventing them. For myself alone. For my pleasure alone. To find momentum, life, and joy again. So I played. I played without aim, without sadness, without sorrow. All that had vanished. I played for hours and hours. And after all those hours I saw the light. That was the end of the perpetual discrepancy between the soul and its envelope, the end of being out of kilter with the world, the end of rumination. Let me demonstrate how that might sound in context. Guest: Hi, I'm a new Platinum member. Can I get a complimentary upgrade? Associate: Congratulations on your new Elite Platinum status, Ms.

Tonight, I have a fantastic upgraded amenity kit available for you to enjoy. I've also put you in a premium king room that overlooks our beautiful Courtyard. This is another way to put a situation back in the guest's control--they can tell you whether it's wonderful or not. Adams, thank you again for your loyalty to Marriott. We appreciate your business! Doesn't that sound significantly better than, Unfortunately we're sold out tonight and don't have any suite upgrades available? THE POWER OF FORGIVENESS--IT'S TIME TO SET YOURSELF FREE I can forgive, but I cannot forget is only another way of saying I will not forgive. It's a strange quirk about human nature to hold a grudge against someone and not let it go. Our perception that someone has done something wrong to us, makes us feel in control and in power over that person. So we hold the anger inside, just waiting for that other person to somehow magically realize what they did to hurt us and come begging us for forgiveness. Yet rarely does that happen. In fact, many times the other person has no idea how the words they said, or how the actions they did or did not do, hurt us and caused us all that anger in the first place. So here we are, walking around for much too long with bitterness, resentment and hurt, and all it has done is cause us discomfort, a body that is continually flooded with chemicals from all the stress, and eventually a host of other physical, mental and spiritual maladies that do nothing but squeeze the very life from us. It's time to set yourself free. Forgiveness is always in your power and is a completely selfish act that you do for yourself and others. Though cerebral narcissists loathe intimacy and are sexually repressed to the point of shame, they still have sexual needs. These needs are often fulfilled unconventionally; Cerebral narcissists destroy people with the same intellect they use to attract them. Those who are unlucky enough to be objects of their rage will be mentally decimated.

Where cerebral narcissists use their minds, somatic narcissists use their bodies. Their prowess revolves around their looks and sexuality. Somatic narcissists Somatic narcissists capture narcissistic supply by flaunting their physical assets. The obsession they have with their appearance is obvious to all. Somatic narcissists are obsessed with maintaining their looks. The wolves gave her back the pleasure of playing for nothing. The pure pleasure of playing, without a goal, by obliging her to return to reality. A difficult lesson for an unrepentant dreamer, lost in her reading, her scores, and her conviction that she was a wolf. Now it makes me smile because I'm in a different place. I'm in space. I occupy it. I inhabit the gaps between wolves, music, and writing. And that's where I am at my best. Slipping into the gap, passing in between, weaving one's way through, what better definition could there be of playing? Where there is play, life can start to circulate again. Remember, Lead from the Heart. Now that you know this guest has just achieved her new status, find a way to celebrate and make her feel special. I'll never forget--it was a flight to Phoenix when I achieved United Airlines Platinum Status! This was my first big loyalty status for any company and the entire flight I waited for someone to acknowledge this awesome achievement!

It never happened! Say it with me . When we have information right in front of us that will allow us to make our customers feel special, and we don't use it, it's such a missed opportunity. Buehner eloquently put it, [People] may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel. PINEAPPLE PRO TIP You don't have to wait for the next department meeting to get innovative--start today! When you forgive, you set yourself free from all the emotions and negativity that have caused you so much unhappiness for so long. People have found all kinds of ways to forgive others. Spiritually minded folks pray that the person who hurt them be blessed. That's a powerful way to neutralize and eliminate any anger. Then, there's a great idea simply called the letter. There are two ways you can use this. First, on a piece of paper write down everything that the other person said or did to hurt you in any way. At the end of the letter, tell them that you unconditionally and freely forgive them. Then either send the letter off to them or, if it's a relationship you want to end but want closure and peace, write the letter, forgive them and then tear up or burn the letter. You won't believe how great you'll feel by doing this. They may also be neurotic about their health and their diet. They work out excessively, dress to the nines, often have plastic surgery to fix what they deem to be less than perfect, and their hair must always look perfect. Somatic females are never seen in public without makeup. When somatic narcissists are not maintaining their looks, they are showing them off, bragging about how they achieve them, or seducing others with them.

Somatic narcissists are highly sexualized. They use sex as a means to control, dominate or destroy their victims. Somatic narcissists boast about their sexual performance and their innumerable conquests, often to the point of exaggeration. They are passionate, unselfish lovers when trying to woo victims, but sexually disinterested once they capture them. Once the honeymoon stage is over, their sexual performances turn selfish and cold. Somatic narcissists are sexual philanderers. But Grimaud did not renounce her dreams; Even if Helene Grimaud, as Deleuze might say, was caught in a wolf-becoming that saved her life by restoring to her the possibility of metamorphosis, she never actually believed she was a wolf. She recognizes the boundary separating her from the animal world, and doesn't take her dream for reality. Jacques Mayol, who went much further--perhaps a bit too far--in his dolphin-becoming, knew, however, that he was at best only a human amphibian, and that a total return to a watery existence was not possible. Others have not had such luck, or such wisdom. In Werner Herzog's Grizzly Man, a documentary, we meet Timothy Treadwell, who dreamed of becoming a bear and went to spend all his summers among the grizzlies in a wild region of Alaska. He said that he was ready to die for them, and that's precisely what he ended up doing. Eaten by a bear that, to be fair, he did not know. The power of dreams is always ambivalent. The power that inspires can also destroy. Most hospitality and corporate teams have a huddle or stand-up meeting daily, where the team meets in the beginning of the shift to review the strategies of the day, share information, train, get creative, set goals, and most importantly, recognize each other for great work! This meeting sets the tone for the whole day and should be positive, energetic, and quick--no more than 15 minutes. I would even go so far as to say that your team's huddle is the most important thing you do each day. Legendary teams make the huddle a top priority!

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