Monday, 13 July 2020

A perfect combination ever since the world began

Toni proved that seeing the Presence of God in the other and adhering to that great eternal truth pays fabulous dividends in human relations, spiritually as well as materially. To Understand All Is to Forgive All This is an old aphoristic statement containing a profound truth. I had an interesting conversation with a social director in one of the hotels here in Maui. She pointed out that occasionally when she says to a guest, It's a wonderful day, the guest says, What's good about it? I hate the weather here, I don't like anything about the place. She added that she knew that particular guest was emotionally disturbed and driven by some irrational emotion. She had studied psychology at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu and remembered that her teacher had pointed out to her that one does not get upset or resentful toward a person who is a hunchback, for example, or who suffers from any other obvious congenital deformity; One should have compassion for them. Understanding their mental and emotional chaotic state, it is easy to overlook and forgive them. Having such an attitude does not mean that you are a bad healer. If you are extremely good at something and are well versed in it, it is a thousand times more valuable than knowing a little bit about twenty techniques. Psychology also comes into play here. When you help someone and are sure of what you are doing, the other person will perceive you very differently than if you are unsure of yourself. This goes for yourself as well, since you can't fool yourself. Under no circumstances should you start healing work with any sense of vanity, overestimating your capabilities because you want to look good. Stay courageous, but humble. Don't let others put you on a pedestal or put pressure on you even if you have a sure hand for some things. This is important because we tend to put pressure on ourselves to the tune of: It has always worked. Hopefully it will work this time as well.

Religion has long anchored the subjective side, whereas science anchored the other. Likewise, the languages of poetry and emotions marked one pole, whereas mathematics and reason marked the other. Spirituality, poetry, and emotions were all deemed soft and subjective, whereas science, mathematics, and reason were all deemed hard and objective. Historically, the two poles simply didn't have anything to say to each other. But just as borders melt away when you feel that elemental oceanic feeling, today these old oppositions no longer hold water. In particular, the new and amply objective science of emotions allows us--for the first time--to systematically explain transcendent spiritual experiences and unravel their poetic mystery. We no longer need to stop at calling the varieties of religious experiences altered states, ekstasis, or oceanic. We can instead examine them through the lenses of the science of positive emotions. These new scientific lenses reveal facts that can be deeply moving. Those potent, boundary-blurring and heart-expanding experiences of positivity resonance that you share with others are not merely an academic concept or a poetic flourish. How understanding builds immunity to hard feelings This young lady is gracious, charming, affable and amiable, and apparently nobody can ruffle her feathers. She has built up a sort of Divine immunity, and she fully realizes that no one can hurt her but herself. That is to say, she has freedom, as anyone has, to bless the other person or to resent the other person. She has decided to bless. She knows very well that the only one able to hurt her is she herself (ie, the movement of her own thought, which is under her complete control). How a Musician's Subconscious Worked Wonders for Him through Affirmation A young musician who plays a stringed instrument at night to pay his way through the University of Hawaii where he is studying law told me that he had experienced friction with some of his teachers and that his memory had failed him during the oral and written examinations. This young man was tense and resentful. I explained to him that his subconscious mind contained a perfect memory of everything he had read and heard but that when his conscious mind is tense, the wisdom of the subconscious does not rise to the surface mind.

Over time you will develop an intuition about how to proceed. Think about who and what you want to include, and respect your personal preferences. You don't have to be instantly good at everything. Not everyone likes plants, stones, or wants to lay hands on people. Find your own way. As a little help for starting out, I made up a little list of questions for you. * Which spiritual power/presence do I want to bring aboard? Do I want to skip this for now? * Are there certain stones I would like to use? * Should plants be involved and if yes, what kind and in which form? Positivity resonance changes your biochemistry in ways scientists are only just now beginning to grasp. As these moments become more and more typical of your daily experience, they even alter the foundational rhythms of your heart, increasing your vagal tone, resulting in a closer synchrony between the actions of your heart and the actions of your lungs. High levels of vagal tone, scientists have now firmly shown, are linked not only to greater social attunement but also to more efficient self-regulation and improved physical health. In this way, love and health cocreate each other in your life. At the same time, this reciprocal, upward spiral dynamic between micro-moments of love and lasting changes in your health forges a path toward your higher spiritual sense of oneness. It may well be these cell-nourishing moments of positivity resonance that, according to Karen Armstrong, touch us deeply within and lift us momentarily beyond ourselves and, according to Sharon Salzberg, embody the active, open state of faith to take the next step. I've encouraged you, throughout this article, to take the next step toward loving all, without borders. I hope that I've convinced you that this step is indeed glorious, as Thomas Traherne promised in the opening article quote. This is the step that will take you closer to your highest aspirations, your highest spiritual ground. It will open you up to create more and better opportunities for flourishing and for physical health.

Accordingly, he meditated on the following affirmation every night and morning: Infinite Intelligence in my subconscious mind reveals to me everything I need to know, and I am Divinely guided in my studies. I radiate love and goodwill to my teachers and I am at peace with them. I pass all my examinations in Divine order. Three weeks went by and I received a letter from him saying he had passed his special examination with flying colors and that his relationship with his teachers is now excellent. He succeeded in incorporating the idea of perfect memory for everything he needed to know into his subconscious mind by reiterating the affirmations I gave him. His emanation of love and goodwill was subconsciously picked up by his teachers, resulting in harmonious relationships. How a Doctor Healed Himself of Crippling Anger Haleakala Crater, once a fiery, gaping depression, is now a cool, cone-studded aftermath of a violent volcano. I was with a group of people, some of whom were from such widely diverse localities as Denver; * Do I wish to use a spell? * Do I want to lay my hands on someone or work with direct contact (blowing, stroking, brushing, etc)? * Would I rather work magically with symbols and candles? * Will nature be involved, for example, by leaving symbols of the illness at rivers, trees, or special places, or do I want to magically pass on ailments? * Do I want to incorporate the days of the week and the phase of the moon? If you are unsure, stick to the formula less is more. It does not help to pile on multiple methods. It is important simply that you truly feel something and can tell by the results that you are making progress. This is your path. Don't expect it to happen instantly.

All your waking moments give you opportunities to practice opening your heart. You choose the best way for you to do this. It may well be best to meet your new ideal of loving all by adopting the more modest aspiration of loving one more and then renewing this more achievable aspiration time and again. Your goal can be to see past the borders that traditionally constrain love, and to exclude no one. By nature's design, your genetic and psychological makeup grant you the capacity to recognize, protect, and cherish your kin and the other special loved ones to whom you have bonded. Just as surely, however, evolution has also designed you to benefit from sharing micro-moments of love with even the most distant and dissimilar other. Don't miss out on your chance to give love . A Closing Loving Glance I NEVER KNEW HOW TO WORSHIP UNTIL I KNEW HOW After spending months building the case for this article for why it's worth upgrading your view of love, I've become convinced that this simple call opens the door to an endless process. Pittsburgh; Stockholm, Sweden; I sat next to an Australian doctor and his wife in the limousine. He told me that volcanic eruptions causing havoc similar to the results of the volcanic activity at which we were looking had taken place in his life because he was in the habit of judging people too harshly. The gist of his conversation was that he used to boil over with rage at what the columnists wrote in the newspapers. He wrote poisonous, vindictive and vitriolic letters to members of parliament, to heads of the various unions, etc This internal seething and turmoil brought on two physical eruptions in two severe cardiac attacks plus one volcanic eruption in the form of a mild stroke. He recovered from these attacks and realized that he had brought them on himself. While in the hospital, a nurse gave him the 91st Psalm to read, saying, This is the medicine you need. He began to dwell on it, and gradually its meaning sank into his soul (his subconscious mind). He pointed out that he had long since learned to adjust to people, realizing that they are all conditioned differently and that this is a world of imperfect human beings striving toward God's Perfection.

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