Monday, 6 July 2020

We didn't expect to find ourselves playing this part

If your partner's insomnia is caused by chronic pain or stiffness, try the other basic and advanced techniques for that area as well. Basic Massage: Feathering (light pressure, 1) Have your partner lie face down. Using both hands, stroke from the base of your partner's head to the base of their spine with rhythmic movements. As one hand reaches the bottom of the spine, your other hand starts at their neck, so there is always one hand moving down their spine. Use this stroke for at least 3 minutes to reset and sedate your partner's nervous system. Basic Massage: Acupressure (light pressure, 1 to 3) Hold UB15, the point that is one finger-width from the spine at the midpoint between the top and bottom points of the shoulder blade. This point is effective for relieving chest pain, heart palpitations, chest congestion, difficulty breathing, forgetfulness, and symptoms of anxiety and insomnia. Hold ST36, the point that is four finger-widths down from the outer side of the knee, just behind the shinbone (tibia). Do you wonder if difficulties with sleeping, mood, and energy levels are getting in the way of having the kind of daily life you want? If so, you shouldn't be surprised. These problems are common, and can have many causes, for teens as well as for adults. Sometimes they become so severe that they need to be treated by a professional who is skilled in using chronotherapy or psychotherapy. On the other hand, you may well find relief just by taking some simple steps on your own. You can decide to improve your sleep, mood, and energy. Learn the reasons for the problems and how they can be solved. Take concrete steps that fit your goals, personality, and any external issues. Then resolve to carry out your plan, since no one else is going to be responsible. There will probably be setbacks.

I can try to see the beauty of, and take pride in, the amazing thing my body has achieved through pregnancy and birth. What are the things I can do to take care of my body, so that I can be the healthiest version of myself emotionally and physically? No one knows what an impostor I am; I'm having a tough moment, and I feel insecure. I'm not an impostor. I have strengths and great qualities, but right now my negative thinking is blocking me from seeing my strengths and abilities. I had some challenging experiences that impacted me, but they don't have to define me. I'm strong and loving, and my child loves and needs me. My kids don't deserve to have a mother who is this broken. I'm so afraid I'm messing them up. This point is helpful for poor circulation in the legs, leg muscle cramping and pain, depression, anxiety, fatigue, digestive issues, chronic illness, and decreased immune function. Hold HT7, the point that is on the pinky side of the inner wrist crease, just inside the nearest tendon to the edge. This point is helpful for chest pain, irregular heart rate, forgetfulness, and symptoms of insomnia and anxiety. It is known as the main point for emotional issues, especially excessive worry and anxiety. Hold KI1, the point that is at the center of the ball of the foot, where the sole of the foot creases when the toes are curled. This point is calming and induces restful sleep. Depression is characterized by emotional and social withdrawal, prolonged sadness and hopelessness, loss of interest in your favorite things, and sometimes even thoughts of harming yourself. Other symptoms include irritability, restlessness, fatigue, low energy, difficulty concentrating, insomnia, changes in your appetite, chronic pain, cramps, or digestive problems, and feeling guilty, worthless, or helpless. Chronic depression is usually diagnosed when you have dealt with five or more of these symptoms over a two-week period or longer. Depression can be caused by sudden changes in your physical or emotional circumstances, including changes in your relationships, finances, or career.

It won't always be easy to keep your long-range goals in mind when a more immediate temptation comes up. But if you can stay with the program you set yourself, you are sure to see encouraging changes. Some of our pointers may sound totally obvious, but please don't brush them aside. Instead, ask yourself: If they are so obvious, why haven't I been following them? Get more sleep. There is nothing you can do about the time you have to get up on school days. So any changes have to take place at the other end, with bedtime. It will work best to change gradually. Let's say you now go to bed at 12:30 AM and fall asleep by 12:45 AM. Make a commitment to yourself to be in bed by 12:15. I'm not broken, I'm having a tough moment. Hating myself is not going to make me feel better, but it's a coping skill I learned a while ago that I need to change. I'm not messing up my children--I'm doing the best I can, and while this is a fear right now, where is the evidence this is true? Reaching out for support is what I need to do. I don't have to go through this moment alone. I think I'm repulsive and disgusting. Is this kind? Is this true? Is this a loving statement to myself? In this moment, what do I need to feel better, to take care of myself, and to give myself compassion instead of judgment?

If you deal with depression, you are not alone. Depression affects 10 percent of American adults and can cause chronic pain, asthma, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. It also costs you money when you miss work, go on short-term disability, or feel unproductive. Massage can help by improving your mood through increased serotonin levels. Studies have shown that regular massage sessions over several weeks can significantly reduce the severity and number of your symptoms of depression. To relieve the low energy of depression, start with slower movements, like acupressure and gliding, and work your way up to faster, more energizing movements, like percussion. Find a friend, family member, colleague, or health professional to talk to about your feelings of isolation, sadness, and hopefulness. Learn positive coping skills and break unhealthy thought patterns and habits. You are worth the time and effort to get help. Only you can serve your unique purpose in this world! The first few nights you may stay awake until 12:45, but don't give up. Soon you'll fall asleep by 12:30. Once that's done, move your bedtime back to midnight. Keep the process going until you reach the bedtime you need to get the amount of sleep you need. Get more regular sleep. Try to get to bed at the same time on weekends as during the week and to get up weekend mornings after no more than eight or nine hours of sleep. If you are getting less sleep than you need on school nights--as is true for practically all teens--the pressure to sleep builds up during the week. The urge to catch up on the weekend is very hard to resist. Plus, of course, Friday and Saturday evenings are prime time in your social life. However, those hours sleeping in on Saturday and Sunday morning do nothing to help you during the week.

How would I respond if my child said this exact thing about themselves? I need to do the same for myself. I am not a good mother. Right now I don't think I'm a good mother, but I am; I love my child and am doing my best. The way I'm feeling is coloring my thoughts and what I focus on. I am the best mother I can be right now, and I have to remember that motherhood is not one moment but a series of moments. The judgment that I'm not a good mother is untrue. If a dear friend were going through exactly what I am right now, what advice would I give her? Moving Beyond the Shadows Get active. Add a little bit of movement each day, whether it's taking the stairs, checking the mail, taking a walk, or going to the gym. It all adds up, and a tiny bit is better than nothing. Better yet if you get some sun, which increases serotonin levels and boosts your mood. In my organization, teams interconnect in many Olympic-like circles, strengthening the chains of the entire community. If You Don't Have Time, You Need a Team Finding team, and asking for support, is vital. Unfortunately, though, I've often heard a variation on the following: Loral, I've got ooEOEoo down. Okay, great.

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