Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Having to spend each day the color of the leaves

Fairly comfortable, but I occasionally wake up with an ache, particularly if I've slept in a different position I wake up every morning with pains, but they go away once I've been up for a few hours About your sleep schedule and practices Answer the following questions for a typical week, ignoring exceptions. Do you go to bed at the same time every night? Yes, I'm always in bed at the same time to within 30 minutes Yes, during my working week, but I tend to stay up later on Friday and Saturday nights No, my bedtime mostly varies depending upon my workload or whether or not I'm doing something social in the evening This is much more effective than being cross at slip-ups, however tempting it is sometimes to lose your temper. Praise is the balm. It may genuinely not bother the other person to live in a mess, in which case you are going to have to pick your battles. Try to negotiate clear and reasonably clean shared areas, and close your eyes to the chaos that may exist in their own room/s. When to get help You can't always do this on your own. If you're working full time, have family responsibilities or perhaps live with physical or mental disabilities which mean that it's sometimes all too overwhelming, you might need some cleaning help to reinforce your efforts. If you've got the funds to do this, I always think it's worth it. You can spend your time decluttering, or recovering from decluttering, while you pay someone else to clean - either on a regular basis or a couple of times a year, to give the place a good bottoming, as my northern grandmother would have said. If you're finding it difficult to separate yourself from your stuff, you might benefit from the assistance of a professional declutterer. Setbacks are only devastating They never do.

Exactly where you've been will make possible And one day, no matter where you've been, you'll wake up and The biggest misconception people have about the past To the contrary, the past only ever makes more things possible. Although this might not make sense now, And when this does make sense, Almost no one would ever choose an adventure But absolutely everyone would choose any of those scenarios A Heer and a Ranjha. A Kajol and a Shah Rukh. The universe created these couples as one. Even if they are born in different lifetimes, they will still find one another. This is pre-destined love. This is real love. It is rare like lightning or a real guru. You cannot create this. This is not something you can experience or feel on a tantric weekend in Brighton. You cannot create this by reading one of the many nonsensical tantric sex articles you can buy online. A vision is never completely set in stone and must be adjusted over time. As you keep taking action every day, you'll gain clarity on which path to follow.

Breaking down your goals You can only eat an elephant one bite at a time. There is magic in breaking down complex tasks into simple, more manageable ones. No matter how daunting your overall vision may be, when you break it down into yearly goals, 90-day goals, monthly goals, weekly goals and finally, daily goals, it will appear perfectly achievable. Breaking down your goals is the key to improving your daily focus. Many people think they lack focus because they have too many things to do or simply lack concentration. However, what they often lack is a clear vision, broken down into manageable tasks they can focus on every day. Here are a few benefits of breaking down your long-term goals: Your Challenges Characteristics of the AKV Pattern You are articulate and have a high degree of physical energy right beneath the surface. You naturally love to take charge and tell everyone else what to do. Your habit is to discuss, argue, or debate anything, tell jokes, and make plays on words. You understand and make verbal inferences easily and respond quickly to questions. You may have a distinctive, one-of-a-kind voice and speak clearly, precisely, and with a lot of energy, feeling, and rhythm. You frequently use words and phrases such as hear, say, sounds like, that rings a bell, let's play it by ear, and talk to you soon. You perhaps are able to repeat what you've heard word-for-word, in tape-recorder fashion. This includes poetry, song lyrics, rhymes, and jokes. I once recommended to a Muslim friend who lived in Victoria a visit to the Catholic cathedral there for its architecture and ornate brickwork. She could not bear the images of barbarity and suffering.

We have become so inured to these images that we just don't see them for what they are. Old people died. Every child knew that. Down the road from where my Irish grandparents lived was Mr White, who had been gassed in the First World War. You could hear him coughing all day. Then one day there was no coughing. He had died. I remember my grandfather getting ill. Why did the Epstein story disappear, but the Covington story explode? But my lesson of rushing to judgment is your lesson now, and it led me to a solution that guides me in almost all decisions. THE PLUS VS. The bigger the dustup, the longer you must stay away. Now when I look at a story, I close my laptop and wait. Hours later, if I still feel strongly about something, or at least enough to discuss it, I ask myself this question: Is what I am adding to this story, a plus. What if it's neither? When I look at that Covington tweet I posted, I simply added my weak voice to a cacophony of weak voices. It was only when I admitted I was wrong that I turned it into a plus. If I had asked myself this question--will this next act be a plus or a minus--that Saturday afternoon before I tweeted about the Covington kids, I never would have tweeted at all. Obviously, this wasn't it. And that is what a special interest is.

To those outside the Aspie world, our perseveration on a topic is exhausting. I know: in my job as Mommy, dinner may well include concurrent monologues about Athena, dinosaurs, and Spiderman. Now try making picture-perfect family dinnertime repartee out of that! But whether it is Spidey, an allosaurus or a debate over the actual color attributed to Athena (gray, not silver, which was Artemis's, I am corrected), to an Aspie, our special interest is the gateway to the world we construct out of facts, fantasy, and logic. As much as you hear, it is only the tip of the iceberg of the wealth of thought, the seduction of belonging, the sacred - yes, sacred - dimension where we cannot mess up or be excluded. Where no one will ever skip and sing in celebration that we are dead. The transportive power of a special interest is the first function. It is the one that serves us. You don't hear as much about that because he failed. Instead of assuming that the brain creates consciousness; Perhaps the brain does not produce consciousness, and that is why we can't answer the hard problem of consciousness. Perhaps consciousness exists independently of the brain (and the body) and the brain is merely a filtering mechanism--a localization process--for consciousness. Larry Dossey, MD, summarizes this stance in the following quotation from his 2013 article, One Mind: There are many reasons why scientists have assumed that the mind and brain are one and the same. When the brain is damaged through physical trauma or stroke, mental function can be deranged as a result. Vitamin deficiencies and malnutrition can cause impairment of thought processes, as can various environmental toxins. Brain tumors and infections can wreak havoc with mentation. In view of these effects, it has seemed reasonable to assume that mind and brain are essentially identical. Well, my generation (and the ones immediately surrounding it, to a certain extent) has become somewhat obsessed with visual diversity and inclusion. Because of this we are starting to see more alternative bodies in the mainstream.

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