Friday, 24 July 2020

Hold On When You Need to Let Go

Truth teachings throughout the ages tell us that healing the hidden and hurting places in our heart begins with becoming conscious of them. We are taught that we cannot free our-selves of anything that we refuse to meet face-to-face. The great American philosopher and self-realized author, Ralph Waldo Emerson, confirms this spiritual fact: In regard to disagreeable and formidable things, prudence does not consist in evasion or flight but in courage. He who wishes to walk in the most peaceful parts of life with any serenity must screw himself up to resolution. After taking my first steps, I crashed into a few shoulders. Maintaining my straight line got harder when I came to a large group of Italian teenagers. They refused to move. I stood in front of their circle as they talked. Soon they stared at me, impassively. I tried to move them aside using only a parting gesture made with my hands. They stared back at me. Eventually they parted, looking at me with a mixture of anger and confusion. I continued on my way, shouldering aside other groups of people. Then, directly in front of me, loomed a family who were out shopping. Then, bingo: a dream hatches. This is your big chance. To gain self-knowledge, you can work with it. Here are answers you've been waiting for, not-to-be-missed revelations. In this article I'll discuss sleep and dreams as evocative facilitators of emotional freedom.

I want to help you rest better, dream well, and become increasingly enlightened emotionally. Because dreams are intuitive communications, they can't be understood in an ordinary way. I'll make them immediately relevant to your life by explaining in simple terms how to remember and analyze them, skills you'll fine-tune throughout the article. Even if dreams seem nonsensical or weird now, they won't be for long. You'll see how their advice can unshackle you from fear, jealousy, and anger, and develop your best self. It don't matter, Kevin said over and over, shaking his head. I continued to push at this question, trying to determine whether his nihilism about the sentence he was facing was rooted in a deep depression that would prevent him from working with his attorney to obtain the most favorable outcome. Or perhaps it was based in some kind of paranoia about a court conspiracy; Do you think that if you took your case to trial, that the trial would be fair? I asked him, probing for paranoia. He looked at me, eyes blazing. Lady, what do you think? I cocked my head and waited for him to say more. You think a Black man with a prior conviction gets a fair trial in America? I been through this charade before. Margaret is terrified of pressure situations at work. She thinks the pressure is the problem, but the problem is actually her reaction to the pressure. Work, by definition, is pressure; If we don't pull off the assignment, a great deal is at stake: promotions, raises, bonuses, and perhaps our livelihood itself. This kind of pressure brings out strong emotions such as anxiety, anger, and sadness with their catastrophic messages.

These feelings can overwhelm us unless we can bring soothing and reality to them. Without emotional containing, we can never perform up to our work potential. Life Problem-Solving In a similar vein, if you had a China Doll Mom, you may find that you choke on basic life decisions: buying a car or house, deciding where to live and where to go to school. You may be afraid of complex problems that involve deliberation; EXERCISE II Place the right hand as in the last exercise. Place the left hand down and straight in front Look at the left thumb for five counts, then look at the right thumb for five counts. Repeat ten times. Change the hands and repeat ten times. Close eyes for half a minute. EXERCISE III Put out the right fist in front and move the arm in a circle following the thumb with your eyes. Repeat five times. BY ITS ANKLES AND HURLS IT OUT OF THE THEY PUSH YOU AND PROD YOU TO MAKE DECISIONS, TO STICK TO PLANS, TO DO WHAT YOU SAID YOU WERE GOING TO DO. They make you commit to your goals.

They will hold you accountable and will check in on you regularly to see how you're progressing. They know that if they keep on top of you, you will deliver on the goods and achieve your best results. They will test you and convince you that even 80 per cent is `perfect'. They will encourage you to face your fears, to get out of your own way and just do it. I catch up with my Accelerator via a 30-minute phone call every Monday. Life is too short to let it just slip by and not feel like you are making a difference to the people who matter to you. It is too short not to work on what's important to you, what matters and what is meaningful. For too long people have accepted that you do what is required to make a living and then when you retire or have time or have a few more choices, then you can do what you like. I am not talking about quitting your job or closing down your business. It is your responsibility to find the meaning and reason behind what you do with your time, energy and effort. What is meaningful for me takes the shape of not only the work I do but also the contribution I make to others. It is how I earn a living and the knowledge I pass on to my children. It is the things I stand for, and not being afraid to stand up for what I believe in. It is what gives me joy, love and satisfaction. Four things I love to do are write, present, create and discover. Here are a few suggestions. Showering What does the water feel like? How does `wet' feel? Experience the movements you make while soaping up and washing the soap off again as if you've never done them before in your life. Notice when your mind takes over, then bring your focus back to the feel of showering.

Making tea Slowly, try to experience the detailed sensations of pouring, stirring, smelling, tasting and, hopefully, not burning your lips off. But if you do . On your computer Tune into what the sensations are of tapping your fingers on the keys. Come off autopilot and notice when your mind begs you to type something and, when you do, come back to the feeling in your fingertips. Notice: are your shoulders humped over? Let him front the object of his worst apprehension, and his stoutness will commonly make his fear groundless. What encouragement! But these words are more than merely motivational. The promise hidden in this powerful principle doesn't just leave us wanting the courage we need, far from it. Such truths invite us to see our lives through their eyes, where we are shown the existence of a fearless heart, free from all self-compromise. We catch sight of a warrior's way, where the favorable outcome of our struggle becomes certain the moment we choose to explore what is yet to be discovered within ourselves. But that's not all. These same truths hint of the greatest gift of all--not only the possibility of a liberated life, but the promise of it fulfilled. And all that is asked of those who would enter this bright new world is to embrace its reality within themselves. Let's look at what is involved in taking such a bold step. I couldn't bring myself to charge directly through them. I stepped around them and then returned to the straight line. Being selfish was harder than I had imagined. When I got to the end of Oxford Street, I felt relieved. Then I realized that Speakers' Corner was close by.

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