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That's the kind of woman I don't want around

She repeated the above affirmation with deep feeling night and morning, believing and knowing that these truths were penetrating the walls of her subconscious mind. How love attracts love Two months went by. She had several dates; Whenever she wavered, however, she reminded herself that the Infinite Power was taking care of her request. One day she was flying on business to New York City when a tall, handsome clergyman sat beside her and engaged her in conversation. They discussed various religions, and she discovered that his religious and political beliefs coincided with hers. She attended his church service in New York, and within a week they were engaged. They are now married and live in a beautiful parsonage, where harmony reigns supreme. How a Businessman Overcame Abnormal Jealousy with Love This should not be considered in a linear, cause-and-effect way, for example thinking that something should happen any minute. Instead, look at it this way: when you sit down and internally make contact with a plant's energy, you open a door. That does not necessarily mean someone is going to walk through it instantly, although this can occasionally happen. Everything takes time. When working with multiple plants, you will notice that some of them are immediately tangible while others are silent for a long time. Be patient with yourself and the plant spirits. In our everyday routines, most of us feel that everything has to happen quickly and be perfect. Mistakes are not acceptable and delays are even worse. We have to shed this mentality when we begin to work on the internal plane. It is not always easy to change our thinking in this way.

The naive mind-body dualism on which it rests is philosophically bankrupt and scientifically discredited. Unconscious intelligence is a proven fact. The need to wait for inspiration rather than to manufacture it - to envisage the conscious self as the recipient of gifts from a workplace to which consciousness has no access - is likewise undeniable. We need now a new conception of the unconscious - one which gives it back its intelligence, and which reinstalls it within the sense of self - if we are to regain the ways of knowing with which it is associated. Highlighting the ways of knowing that are associated with consciousness, control and articulation enabled the extraordinary explosion of scientific thinking and technological achievement of the last two centuries; As Lancelot Law Whyte puts it: The European and Western ideal of the self-aware individual confronting destiny with his own indomitable will and skeptical reason as the only factors on which he can rely is perhaps the noblest aim which has yet been accepted by any community . But it has become evident that this ideal was a moral mistake and an intellectual error, for it has exaggerated the ethical, philosophical and scientific importance of the awareness of the individual. And one of the main factors exposing this inadequate ideal is the [re-]discovery of the unconscious mind. That is why the idea of the unconscious is the supreme revolutionary conception of the modern age. Love unites; Milton said, Jealousy is the injured lover's hell. Shakespeare said, Oh, beware of jealousy; In other words, the jealous person poisons his own banquet, then eats it. As an example of this, a man I knew had a deep feeling of resentment against a rival in business because of his success, promotion, and popularity. I explained to this man that the deadly venom of jealousy was preying upon all his vital organs, as he had bleeding ulcers, hemorrhoids, and high blood pressure. Moreover, the poison of jealousy generated by him was turning the healthful hue of his face to a haggard sallowness and was devitalizing his whole being. How the explanation became the cure My explanation of the man's difficulties was along these lines: The Infinite Power is one and indivisible.

Don't be discouraged if this does not work immediately. Practice in playful earnest, as I like to call it, earnest because you are serious about it, and playful because this attitude opens the path, clears it of obstacles, and shuts down those expectations of perfection that we often carry with us from childhood on. Another way to get closer to plants is to paint or draw them. In my experience this is one of the deepest reaching possibilities because the hands translate the energy of the plant in a completely different way than we do it with the head. You don't have to have any special drawing ability to do this. Forget about talent or skill for a minute and assume that you are completely free in your artistic expression. In reality we are all free to do this. We simply don't have the guts to laugh about the ridiculous evaluation of others in terms of what is supposedly beautiful or ugly and simply do what is fun for us. You think you draw like a six-year-old? What's the problem? This conception of the unconscious - which I have been calling the undermind - is very different from the notions of the unconscious that twentieth-century European culture generally admits - such as the Freudian subconscious, the sump of the mind into which sink experiences, impulses and ideas too awful or dangerous to allow into consciousness. This representation of the unconscious is pathological and repressed. It accepts the basic Cartesian premise that consciousness is intelligent and controlled, and therefore the corollary that the unconscious must be other than, and opposed to, consciousness: emotional, irrational, wild and alien. The unconscious cannot be `I'; Clinical practice and the development of psychotherapy in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries have shown that we do indeed require this sense of the unconscious to explain aspects of human experience and behaviour - but the Cartesian image is left basically unchallenged if we make the mistake of assuming that this dark, subversive corner of the mind is the only part that lies outside conscious awareness. Even if we add on, as Arthur Koestler said of Jung, a kind of exotic `mystical halo' to this fundamentally pathological picture, the core alliance of consciousness, intelligence and identity survives. The images of the unconscious that have resurfaced and survived in contemporary culture are merely elaborations of, or footnotes to, an image that continues to control the way we think about ourselves. Yet throughout the last 350 years there has been a succession of other voices, demanding that the undermind be returned to its central place in our view of the mind. Less than twenty years after the publication of Descartes' Meditation we have Blaise Pascal reminding us that `the heart has its reasons of which reason itself knows nothing'. Before the end of the seventeenth century Cambridge philosopher and scientist Ralph Cudworth was writing: `It is certain that our human souls themselves are not always conscious of whatever they have in them;

There is no competition, as it cannot compete with itself. There are no divisions or factions in it. There is nothing to oppose it, thwart it, or vitiate it, as it is the only Presence, Power, Cause, and Substance. Certainly the Infinite Being is never in competition with anything or any person. The Infinite Power is the Life-Principle in all men seeking expression through each man in a unique, extraordinary way. There are three billion people in the world, and this Infinite Reservoir of Life is flowing through each person. Each man can appropriate what he wishes, as the Infinite River of Mind is permeating the mind of all of us. Your thought, your feeling, your attention, and your recognition of this Infinite Power represent your direct pipeline to the Infinite Reservoir. You are the only one in the world who can sever this connection by your lack of belief and faith. Making the contact with love Have you seen the beautiful pictures children can draw? The painter Wassily Kandinsky spent years of his life studying the drawings of children. Franz Marc exhibited his paintings next to those of children and Paul Klee found inspiration in the drawings of his small son. August Macke asked if children are possibly more creative in drawing directly from the secret of their sensations? You can portray a plant's energy in an abstract way with color gradients; If you are shy, get yourself some finger paints and packing paper and work with that. Think about how happy children are when they do this, and get started. You don't have to show your pictures to anyone. No one has the right to judge them. If you don't consider your picture to be a success, keep it for a few more days.

In 1870 the French historian and critic H. Taine wrote an essay, `Sur I'lntelligence', in which he deliberately elaborated the image of the `Cartesian theatre' to include its unconscious background. One can therefore compare the mind of a man to a theatre of indefinite depth whose apron is very narrow but whose stage becomes larger away from the apron. On this lighted apron there is room for one actor only. He enters, gestures for a moment, and leaves; Among the scenery, and on the far-off backstage there are multitudes of obscure forms whom a summons can bring on to the stage or even before the lights of the apron, and unknown evolutions take place incessantly among this crowd of actors of every kind to furnish the stars who pass before our eyes one by one. Here, finally, we may be able to turn the Cartesian image of the mind against itself, for the bare image of a `thought in a spotlight' hardly does justice to our understanding of `theatre'. It leaves out at least two things without which theatre simply isn't theatre: the wings, and the nature of drama itself. The action on the stage only makes sense in terms of entrances and exits. Actors are not borne on stage; You can go within yourself and claim your good, health, wealth, abundance, inspiration, guidance, love, or anything else you want. As you expect and believe, the response will flow in your behalf. You don't want what the other has. Rejoice in his success. You can get what you want by right thinking and feeling. In other words, by establishing the mental equivalent of what you want in your mind, you will reap your reward. To be jealous of another's talents, success, achievements, or wealth is to demote yourself and attract even more lack, loss, and limitation. Actually, you are rejecting the Divine Source of all good and saying to yourself, He can have those things and be successful, but I can't. This is ignorance and deprives you of promotion and success. Since there is but one Mind and one Life, you must learn that when in our thought and feeling we sincerely wish for every man, woman, and child in the world the right to life, liberty, happiness, and all the blessings of God, we are truly loving them.

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