Friday, 3 July 2020

Making Peace, Jennifer Lang

Think about how simple these things are and how willing you would be to do them for someone you love. Imagine if you had reached out and asked for some kindness. How would that have influenced your mood? Would it have given you the boost you needed? Commit to being more willing to ask for some kindness when you need it. Know that you are not weak when you ask for help--it actually takes a lot of inner strength to reach out when you're feeling down! Giving love is one of the best things you can do in this life. It feels good, it's easy to do, and it makes both your life and the lives of those you love better; If you've been hurt or you're struggling to love yourself first, it's not such a simple thing to share your love for others; Then I joined a bipolar support group. Several people talked about SAD. That made a big impression on me. I knew I'd get worse during the winter. I was depressed at other times of the year, but all of my hospital confinements were in the fall and winter. When Roberta heard about a study that involved light therapy, she applied to be part of it. I went in and talked to them. They gave me a light unit and I went from five minutes to about fifteen minutes, and noticed I was feeling better. Eventually I went up to about an hour, and it broke the depression. The lights made me feel better. Fifty years ago, that figure was 2 percent.

Why is this so? A couple of factors--as time goes on, our culture continues to glorify productivity and workaholism more than restoration and relaxation. Time spent sleeping has steadily decreased as time spent working has increased. In addition, exposure to light (especially blue light emitted by TV screens, computers, and smartphones) after the sun has gone down deeply impacts our body's own natural rhythms. This technology has enabled us to work round-the-clock and override the natural process that causes us to sleep. As troubling as it is, sleeplessness has become the norm and a culturally accepted part of modern life, with most of us unaware of its consequences. While the majority of people simply don't get enough quantity or quality of sleep, sleep disorders and other issues are widespread and growing. Nearly 1 in 4 Americans suffer from sleep disorders that are in turn linked to health issues like depression, obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and overall risk of death. These disorders include: The mice became obese and exhibited signs of increased inflammation. Other research using DNA stool analysis found increased levels of Bacteroides , Clostridium , and Escherichia coli in the stool of people with type 2 diabetes, but not in healthy control subjects. Using DNA-based stool analysis, the obese mothers-to-be had fewer Bifidobacteria and an increase in Staphylococcus , Enterobacteriaceae , and Escherichia coli . A French research team also confirmed the link between microbes and obesity in adults. They were the first to show that an increase in the concentration of bacterial genetic material (DNA) in the blood predicted the amount of abdominal fat present and the onset of diabetes. Shortly after French microbiologist Louis Pasteur's discovery that germs cause disease in the mid-1800s, Robert Koch discovered that specific microorganisms are responsible for causing tuberculosis and cholera. His coworker Richard Pfeiffer later discovered that even after he killed the bacteria with heat, it was still toxic to animals when it was injected. He subsequently conceived the concept of the endotoxin , or the toxin within. Professor Patrice D. Cani, PhD, a researcher at the Fund for Scientific Research at the Louvain Drug Research Institute in Brussels, Belgium, was one of the first to demonstrate in animals that an imbalance in gut flora and a condition called leaky gut increase endotoxin, a part of the cell wall of bacteria. This pain can be caused by conditions like sprains, strains, chronic arthritis (worn-down cartilage between two bones resulting in painful bone-on-bone contact), osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, pregnancy, obesity, and trigger finger (a stiff tendon that causes your finger to catch when it is straightened).

Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis ) and golfer's elbow (medial epicondylitis ) are inflammatory conditions in tendons of the elbow that also cause wrist and hand pain. For pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, see the previous section. Repetitive hand tasks like typing, painting, handwriting, playing musical instruments or sports, and using tools can also cause pain, cramping, and tension in your hands and wrists. There are several conditions that are usually diagnosed in worker's compensation cases due to the wear and tear on the tendons, muscles, and nerves caused by continuous use over an extended period. These are known as RSI (repetitive strain injury ), CTD (cumulative trauma disorder ), RMI (repetitive motion injury ), and MSD (musculoskeletal disorder ), and they are used interchangeably. Contributing factors include working with bent wrists or neck, extended arm reach, long periods in a fixed position (particularly in awkward postures), task repetition, excessive pressure on muscles and joints, incorrect lighting levels, and excessive pinch grips while writing. Massage can help by reducing hand pain, increasing grip strength, and improving mood and sleep. Massage also increases circulation in the hands, which relieves pain and speeds healing after injury. It also hydrates connective tissue, releases adhesions, and softens scar tissue in your hands and fingers, improving your hands' range of motion and flexibility. There is absolutely no reason to avoid oil when you have acne. Avoid mineral oil, yes, but good, light, plant-derived oils do not clog pores; Use topical exfoliants. Using acids topically will help tackle blocked pores, remove dead skin cells, trapped hair follicles and reduce your acid mantle to the lower end of the scale - usually around a 3 or 4 - which is, in layman's terms, strengthening your first line of defence to the acne. Use glycolic, lactic or salicylic acid (for more information on acids). You can use products containing benzoyl peroxide or sulphur, found in spot treatments, to topically treat bad acne spots. It can penetrate the pore and kill off the bacteria specific to acne, but I prefer to use the acids I mention in the step above. A word of warning: both are extremely drying to the skin in high percentages. Hydrate your skin and consider that it might need facial oil in places. You can have acne in some areas and be really dry or dehydrated in others. This future tripping removes us from our source of guidance in the present.

Sometimes we try to hit it big in a hurry. But there is no fooling the Universe. Sooner or later we will have to go back and retrace the steps that we skipped. The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary. Whatever the goal or desire, approach it one step at a time. Small measures consistently taken guarantee progress. Eventually you will emerge victorious, having attained a reward that you have truly earned. Affirmations I patiently work towards my good. After years of struggling, trying to achieve and prove myself, I learned a wonderful truth: I could change the rules and make up new ones. So I did, and that's how I found Yes! Energy--this easy, graceful, simple way to do a lot less and achieve so much more. Because I was willing to change the conversation and make new rules, I found my freedom. I achieved daily happiness that includes a beautiful family; The good news is that since I missed the truth all those years, I understand why others might be missing it, and I've built a business on helping them find it. Dirt, Sweat, and Leftovers My first glimpse that difficulties are often created and not in-evitable was as a child living on my family's farm. I'd spend those dark, cold mornings either tending to the animals or the grain or walking the beans. To walk the beans meant to weed every stalk. SHADOW MANTRA

If you're saying this . THRIVING MANTRA Positively reframe to say this . I wish someone could understand what I'm going through as a mom. One way to feel more connected is to reach out to a supportive person and share what I'm experiencing. While I may feel alone with this experience, I can reach out for support to feel less alone in my life. I wish I had more friends. If my child came to me with this exact phrase and they were in a similar situation, how would I respond? Wishing for something is passive. This article contains several techniques you can use to practice sharing your love with others, including visualizing it, focusing on one loved one at a time, and thinking about the best ways to give and receive love. GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION TO LOVE Like many other techniques in this article, the first step in actually applying it is to give yourself permission to use it. You can go through the motions all day long, but if your heart isn't really in it (because your head doesn't allow it), you're not going to get anywhere. If you find it difficult to allow yourself to give love to others, give this meditation a try. Continue breathing deeply, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your nose. Wrap yourself in a big hug, give yourself a squeeze, then return to your resting position. Think about how it feels to give your love to others. When you have given your love to others in the past, how did it feel? Did it drain you or invigorate you? I always knew that I was better when there was a lot of light.

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