Wednesday, 29 July 2020

In a week or two all will be well

Then it's a case of trying to reduce parents' expectations of getting straight to problem-solving mode - because that's not the most helpful response to begin with. In containing parental concerns and showing compassion for how challenging their situation is, we build a good foundation of safety and connection, from which problem-solving can then evolve. Anxiety made simple Question: Where does anxiety come from? Answer: Anxiety comes from a part of the brain called the amygdala. It's designed to help us survive attack, and it switches on when it thinks you're in danger. It's not very big, looks like an almond and sits at the back of each of your ears, and is always scanning for trouble. Some call it a `fierce warrior' because it always has your back and is incredibly hardworking. It was a trip to Goda-Chili, Ethiopia in 1992 that changed Cathy forever. She was a young mum, and Live Aid had captured the world's attention about Ethiopia's famine. The consequences of this were visible during her visit there as a volunteer with The Hunger Project, an organisation committed to the sustainable end of world hunger. As a young mum herself, Cathy said she couldn't imagine what other mothers go through seeing their kids die of something like a common cold or diarrhoea. Cathy promised a group of villagers that she would be their voice. Her inner fire was lit. As she shares, `I questioned who I was to say this when surely someone like the World Bank should be doing something. But the realisation was, just as I am a renegade Perth girl, a bit of a dag, I could still have a say in how the world goes. Digging into my own leadership and my own power to find what I needed and who I needed to be, to serve in that way, was critical'. Cathy Burke ended up becoming CEO of The Hunger Project for 20 years. In whatever we do, we should learn to put ourselves in another's shoes. Only in this way can we find their real needs and understand and help them.

This will also relieve our own troubles and pains and bring less trouble to others. With more understanding and less annoyance, we are sure to live a happier, healthier life. Unburdening Your Mind Every one of us is under pressure. The poor have pressure just making a living, and the rich rack their brains to become richer. Often, we may think of our own pressures alone, but ignore those of others. In fact, it is impossible for anyone to live without pressure. Why do some people live a happy, wealthy life while others live a miserable, poor life? In this study, subjects were hypnotized and told that the words they would later see would be like gibberish and like characters in a foreign language. Later, they were given the commonly used research tool called the Stroop test. You may have seen a version of this. It's one of the most famous and widely used tests in modern psychology. The word green is printed in red, and the word yellow is printed in blue. Because the test activates cognitive conflict in the brain, it's usually difficult to accurately and quickly identify the color. Remarkably, in Dr Raz's study, the subconscious turned off this naturally occurring phenomenon, and subjects responded as if they were reading words printed in a foreign language. They could name the colors easily and quickly, unlike most subjects given this test. An fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) brain scan showed what was happening in the subconscious brain: the suggestion given to the subject while in a hypnotic state decreased activity in a part of the brain called the anterior cingulate cortex, a part of the brain affected by the Stroop test. Yes, the subconscious has the unique ability to activate or deactivate all sorts of structures and systems in the brain. I do, but I often get distracted while I'm going about it and so find myself doing other things, too No, I don't think about the sequence of events before I go to bed - they tend to be random or I just go to bed

What makes you decide to go to bed? I feel tired and that's usually at a particular time of night A certain time comes around, and I go to bed then regardless of whether or not I feel sleepy There's nothing on TV or I feel bored, so I go to bed About your lifestyle Again, answer these questions in the light of a typical week. Do you take regular exercise (any activity that raises your heart rate a little above its resting rate for at least 30 minutes)? Yes, I exercise at least three times a week for at least 30 minutes Planning a party can give you - and other people in your household - just the motivation you need to tackle some of the decluttering you've been putting off. Write it in the calendar, send out the invitations, then set aside time to clear out some of your junk in just the same way as you might pencil in time for shopping and cooking. Ditching the big stuff Many larger charities such as the British Heart Foundation, Sue Ryder and Emmaus (UK), and the Salvation Army and Furniture Banks (US) will accept bigger items, such as furniture and white goods, and many of them will collect from your house. Everything should be in good condition (please don't pass on your procrastination in the form of tatty stuff, see here) and upholstered items must have a fire-retardant label. There are safety restrictions on what they can accept, which usually rules out things such as cot mattresses, electric blankets, children's car seats and petrol- or diesel-fuelled gardening equipment, but they'll let you know what they can take. You could also download the free goneforgood. They will get in touch with you to arrange collection. And then, of course, there's freecycle. The 30-day declutter challenge You don't have to know how you got yourself into any mess Just because you won't always physically see life's order,

The only hint you might receive Admit, confess, and atone before you have to, And on that day you'll realize it would have been far better Sadness, fear, and despair are less conditions When you feel happy, especially really happy, Which is just as true when you feel really sad, Which means how you choose to feel on any given day will Disappointments have little to do with circumstance We live and then, we die. Our life is a play between the opposites of nature. We are never one, we are always a mixture or a dance between the two. In physics, this is referred to as antimatter. Nothing in the universe can exist without its opposite. However, tantra transcends this. Love is inadequate as a word to express the love of Shiva and Parvati. In tantra, god or the highest reality does not love. It is not capable of love as this is a human quality. God IS Love. When you break down your goals and set specific milestones, it becomes easy for you to know whether or not you're on the right track. There would be no need to wait for the end of the month or year to know if you will achieve your goal.

As a result, you can easily adjust your effort to ensure you'll hit your target. How to break down your vision Now, let's have a look at precisely what you can do to break down your overall vision into the manageable tasks you can easily accomplish on a daily basis. Yearly goal The first thing you need to do is to turn your long-term vision into yearly goals. Ask yourself, what major milestone(s) do you want to accomplish in the next twelve months? Make sure your yearly goals are SMART, which stands for: Specific: What exactly do you want? We texted back and forth for over an hour. She wrote that her time was so filled with other people telling her what they needed and what she should do that she wasn't sure she had an opinion or identity of her own anymore. I was both captivated by her need to own her life and curious about why she was more comfortable writing than speaking on the phone. We decided to meet at her home outside Nashville a few weeks later. When I arrived at the sprawling Tudor estate, I was introduced to Maria's two assistants, three nannies, a manny, a cook, a sister, and a bodyguard. The kids, two barking dogs, and a hissing cat were running in and out of the huge kitchen. One assistant closed the door to Maria's office behind me. I wandered around, searching for prompts to Maria's mind pattern. The first things that stood out were floor-to-ceiling columns of well-worn nonfiction articles, arranged neatly by color. Being in someone's office is often very much like being inside his or her brain. Outside the hospital was a big sign that read, `Hospital - Quiet Please'. This seemed such a serious command that as children we would stop talking as we walked past.

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