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What will be the future

This can mean dimming the lights, installing blue-light-blocking software on your computer and devices, or wearing blue-light-blocking glasses in the evenings (see Resources ). You also want to make sure that your bedroom is completely dark and free from light pollution (you may want to invest in some blackout shades). Don't underestimate this recommendation! Minimizing your exposure to blue light before bed and all light at night helps your body make the hormones necessary for initiating and staying asleep. Similarly, you want to expose yourself to blue light during the earlier part of the day, preferably in the morning right after waking up. Lastly, African children had increased bacteria of the Bacteroidetes phyla group and fewer bacteria from the Firmicutes phyla, a microbial signature common to obesity, compared to their Italian counterparts. GO GRAIN-FREE TO BALANCE YOUR GUT MICROBES The key to reducing belly fat, lowering leptin, and balancing gut microbes is to avoid grains altogether. I recommend a grain-free diet, consisting of moderate levels of healthy fats and high quantities of plant fibers, rich in colorful polyphenol compounds from vegetables and fruit. Diets high in processed fats, sugars, and other easy-to-digest carbohydrates favor an unhealthy gut microflora profile as well as increased transfer of inflammatory endotoxin. Increased levels of anti-nutrients such as lectins, saponins, and gliadin present in grain-based foods and the synthetic chemicals in processed foods also perturb gut microflora. That's why it's best to avoid grains altogether, particularly if you're concerned about weight gain. GO FOR COLOR Eating the right foods is the best way to ensure that healthy gut bacteria flourish. Nature combines the healthiest fiber sources and plant polyphenol compounds for a reason--both increase the metabolic health of the intestine and balance gut microflora. Once your partner is accustomed to your touch, place your hands palm down on the right side of their abdomen, starting with your palms near the right hipbone, and then glide over the belly button to the left hipbone. Repeat gently. Basic Massage: Kneading (light to medium pressure, 1 to 2) Bring the sheet down to uncover your partner's stomach. Facing your partner, stack your hands over their lower abdomen and lightly press down, vibrating your hands to relax the lower abdominal muscles and the uterus.

Still with stacked hands, press the heels of your hands lightly into their stomach and push away from you, then pull back softly toward you with your fingers. Repeat in a fluid paddling motion. Reach across your partner's body with one hand, sliding your fingers under the opposite side of their lower back. Pull your hand back toward yourself, softly raking your fingers across their lower belly. Push the heel of your other hand into your partner's near side, lightly pressing the heel of your hand across their lower belly. THE THREE WORST THINGS FOR YOUR SKIN SUN: get a little, not a lot. Be sensible. SUGAR: probably one of the best (and hardest) things you can do for yourself, your health and your skin is to cut out sugar. In a nutshell, sugar works to destroy your collagen - think of collagen as scaffolding for your face. Every time you eat/drink sugar it is like taking a piece of the scaffolding away - leading to saggy, baggy and drawn skin. SMOKING: I was once able to tell a client how she blew her smoke out of her mouth (straight up her face from her bottom lip) because of the condition of her skin in the middle panel of her face. Smoking leaches the oxygen out of your face with every puff. Smokers have grey skin. If you smoke, try to get help and stop, as soon as you can. More than anything else, the experience of grace gives us the courage to continue listening to the inner voice. For the love that has guided you to this point would not have done so unless it was prepared to lead you onto the fulfillment of your highest and truest calling. Affirmations I give thanks for the good that has graced my life. I am truly blessed.

I appreciate all the help I receive. My life overflows with abundance and prosperity. The light of God surrounds me. Your own __________ Words to Consider Dance with whoever I want? I liked that. I asked him to ex-plain the observation a tad more. As he did, I came to realize that I was doing what I've always done. I was a strong front of energy, a gust of forward motion that picked up the positive energy in my path, lit it on fire, and put it back out there again. I was, in fact, just like my friends had teased me when I was younger, a flaming tornado. This guy said I could dance. Well, all right, now I was a storming waltz of energy, which sounded pretty good to me. Dueling Dual Desires I'm diligent about not being judgmental, but one thing I can't tolerate in the new conversation is anyone who says he is going to do something, and then doesn't do it. As soon as you settle in to one developmental phase with your child, you're back to the beginning, embracing a new phase, age, and stage. As a mother, you are in a constant state of adaptation as you nurture and provide support for this sweet little human on their journey. The old saying is true: The days are long, but the years are short. And the fast pace of motherhood can leave us missing, longing for, or yearning for a certain time. Each of these feelings--missing, longing, and yearning--are emotional reactions to loss or the desire to go back in time or to spend time with someone.

The feelings are different only in the intensity of the emotion. Let's examine them more closely: The word yearning, when we look at it on the article or when we say it out loud, seems to convey physical characteristics--twisting and heaviness--things that are often felt when we experience this shadow emotion. Missing, longing, and yearning are emotions I like to frame as being on the same channel but at different volumes. The feeling of missing starts out mild, almost like you're craving something. This article is focused on the idea of being receptive. This article has already touched on accepting love, but being receptive is a broader idea. It means being open to receiving things--from others, from yourself, from the universe at large. It can be easy to shut down your feeling side and walk through life with a closed mind and a closed heart, but this is not conducive to a healthy and happy you! You are at your best, your strongest, your most alive when you are able to open yourself up to everything this world has to give you. If you want to be able to accept love from others and from yourself and experience all that the universe has to offer, it pays to practice being receptive. OPEN YOURSELF UP TO RECEIVING It can be difficult for some of us to receive, whether we are being gifted with someone's time, a physical gift, a compliment, or even a random piece of good luck. When you are closed off from receiving, you have a very hard time appreciating and being compassionate toward yourself. These steps can help you open yourself up to receiving, whether it's receiving from the universe, a loved one, or your own generosity! Another arises from the legally mandated custom in much of the world of changing the clock twice a year to and from daylight time. Time Zone Disruptions Until the middle of the nineteenth century, all time was local time. Noon arrived when the sun was at its highest daily point in the sky or when a church bell or factory whistle signaled it. But the spread of railroads made it essential to standardize time, and the telegraph made it possible, as we discussed in article 1.

Eventually, we arrived at our current arrangement of time zones. This carves up the globe into segments, shaped roughly like orange slices, which generally have an hour's time difference from the next ones over to the east and west. The geographic coordinate system that specifies east-west positions is longitude. During the course of a twenty-four-hour solar day, the sun appears to pass over all 360 degrees of longitude. In an ideal world, then, each time zone would be 15 degrees wide (360 degrees divided by 24 hours). This helps your body make the hormones that wake you up and get you going for the day. If you can get outside for at least 20 minutes without sunglasses and let nature work its magic on resetting your internal clock, that is the best way to go! For those who can't make it outside, a blue-light therapy lamp can be a good compromise (see Resources ). A note about shift work--we know that for some people, their job makes it nearly impossible to sleep and rise with the sun. If you need to work during the night, you need to be even more diligent about protecting your circadian rhythms and staying on a regular cycle. You can simulate a 24-hour light-and-dark cycle with the use of blue-light-blocking glasses, a very dark sleeping area, as well as a blue-light-emitting lamp. Practice Good Sleep Hygiene It is important to have a regular bedtime routine that is conducive to helping you fall asleep. Going straight from work, exercise, an intense TV show, or a heated discussion with a loved one to immediately trying to fall asleep does not set you up to achieve that goal. Try to plan a relaxing activity or ritual to repeat every night before you go to bed. Since the foods we eat have been shown to powerfully affect the type of bacteria in our gut, it's important that we remember to make food choices that favor healthy, butyrate-producing bacteria such as Faecalibacterium praunsnitzii and Bifidobacteria . Polyphenols are also in herbs and spices that help protect you from the sun's damaging UV rays. They mimic the beneficial effects of exercise and improve lipid and glucose metabolism for overall metabolic improvements and disease-fighting capabilities. Many of the secondary compounds created after polyphenols that are acted on by the gut microflora have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects. In fact, polyphenols have been shown to interact with the intestinal microflora, suppressing the growth of endotoxin-containing bacteria in the gut.

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