Thursday, 28 May 2020

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He nods. That was the moment Jack realized that he had to turn his life around. Your alarm goes off, but you don't need it. You're already awake and full of energy to tackle the morning. You spring out of bed, do a few pushups to get the blood pumping, and take a quick cold shower. You head to the kitchen to brew a fresh cup of black coffee and then you're off to win the day. You go out and land a new deal, knowing that you're powered with enough stamina and self-confidence to get the job done. After work, you hit the gym or enjoy an invigorating run. You play with your kids and go out to dinner with friends. You're living the life of your dreams. When you have energy, vitality and health, you have it all. The why the model principle is also important in achieving effective communication of information and knowledge. Regardless of how complex a situation or system is if you explain it from the point of view of why? People are more likely to understand the concept faster. When we know the reason behind something then it becomes easier to build the rest of the knowledge about the system around that justification. This mental model helps us determine and understand motivation, intentions, objectives, and expected outcomes. It is useful in decision making, planning, and creating a strong sense of purpose and direction. Throughout history, social organization has divided people into rulers and subjects. Bias from over influence by authority is inculcated from a young age. We are taught to respect and obey authority figures as a way of maintaining order in society.

Authority gives people a sense of security arising from the sense that there is someone in control. Everything we do in this programme is evidenced by science. Much of that would not have been possible even 10 years ago. We're going to learn about CBT later in the article. We'll look at mindfulness now. What is mindfulness? Mindfulness has its roots in Buddhist meditation, although the practice of meditating has been widely used in many cultures throughout the ages. People will be coming to this article from all sorts of cultures and systems of belief. These spiritual beliefs are not necessary, but neither will they inhibit your progress. A simple definition is that mindfulness brings our attention to the present moment in order to experience life more clearly and more fully. The benefits of mindfulness practice have been evidenced in the many research studies from the top international universities. However, a closer examination will reveal that it can also be used as a manipulation tactic and can be a very strong one too. Many couples wind up in therapy for this very reason. It is important to mention at this point that acts of inexplicable rage and tantrum-throwing can be propagated without the intention of the propagator. This is to say that some people are just wired to be short-tempered and that their temperament can go a long way in influencing the actions of others. The success of this manipulation tactic is largely based on fear. This is because it is often accompanied by violence whenever a person feels that his needs are not met. A big percentage of the victims of such arrangements are females since they are mostly overpowered by their violent spouses. Many people may disregard this as a manipulative tactic by arguing that the victims almost always know that they are doing things out of fear or coercion. What is surprising about this tactic and its victims is how they are often reluctant to come forward and speak about the abuses that they face.

Sometimes these victims even go out of their way to protect the perpetrators of these heinous acts and in this way making it difficult to access help. Likewise, the word wealth embodies more than economic concepts. One can talk of the wealth of experience, the wealth of friendship, the wealth of love, the wealth of family, and the wealth of culture. For each of us, the specific amount required for us to feel wealthy will differ. Yet I'm sure that our basic dream is the same: to be free of financial pressures, to have freedom of choice, and to enjoy the opportunity to create and to share. What does wealth mean to you? How much money will it take for you to feel financially free? These are not idle questions. As you'll soon see, the more clearly defined your concepts about material wealth are, the more useful the ideas in this article will be to you. Happiness embraces the universal quest. It's a joy that usually accompanies positive activity. I do. He moves to his office and holds the door open for me. If I have a choice, I say, I choose hope. I follow him in, and I tell him my story. Introduction Overview Exposure to traumatic events has become the black plague of the twenty-first century: it's everywhere! It is generally believed that 70% of all people will experience a traumatic event in their lifetime (Sidran Institute, 2016); 20% of those will go on to develop Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Thus, recovery from trauma has become a major health and human services issue. What is wellness? I'm going to say it. Western medicine has the wrong goal. Our focus is off. Go into any doctor's office and all they'll talk about are individual diseases, abnormal lab values, and medications. They'll discuss your potassium levels, weight, and temperature. They will plot you on curves and zero in on individual organs. They're looking for a problem to treat with a drug. We mistakenly key in on little issues and abnormalities rather than the whole person. Doctors are constantly putting out fires rather than trying to make you (to borrow a phrase) better, stronger, and faster. By having the ability to question authority we can keen excessive power and the abuse of this power in check. Dictators over time have been known to commit grievous atrocities because they commanded absolute power and authority over their subject. Authority like any other responsibility and privilege needs to have checks and balances to keep it within the boundaries of reason and political correctness. Thinking backward is more effective in tackling a problem because it deconstructs a situation making simple concepts out of a complex situation. Thinking backward helps us in recognizing the obstacles that are between us and our goals and with this knowledge we can work on eliminating them. Inversion is also effective because in breaking down complex situations into smaller bits the situation becomes less overwhelming and easier to understand. We can address the situation concept by concept instead of looking at a problem as an insurmountable mountain. Inversion also clarifies the consequences of a specific course of action and these not only help in picking the best scenario for the desired outcome but also helps in handling stress and anxiety that comes with the fear of the unknown. When you are able to anticipate what will happen you are more likely to remain calm since you are prepared mentally for what is to come.

Self-awareness is crucial in identifying our level of personal competence. A general and often profound sense of wellbeing and an increase in positivity and motivation. It's worth thinking about what we mean by `more clearly and more fully'. How do we experience life more clearly and more fully? First task for you, then. Tomorrow try looking out, all day, for the colour blue. Not only will you see more blue than you dreamed existed, but the colour itself will get more and more blue through the day. One of the real and valuable benefits from this programme is that your sensory input will be sharper than it has ever been, because the brain works much more effectively when it is focussed on only one task. I hear bird song and I notice butterflies and I taste my food. Andy says that the simple task of taking his dogs for a walk has been completely transformed. It's extraordinary how much richer a world you will be living in, and how much this alone helps you on the journey towards cup half full. There is a lot of manipulation that goes on in a family setting. Parents need to raise their children with their desired ideals and children require the attention of their parents. This requirement makes it necessary to use certain psychological manipulation skills that will ensure that every party involved comes out satisfied. It is noteworthy that not all techniques of influence that exist among children and their parents are voluntary. Some of them, especially those used by children on their parents are honed over time from a very young age as will be discussed in this article. Another point to note is that such manipulations within the family setting can be two-sided. Some of them are done with the best intentions at heart and therefore end up doing more good than harm whereas others are done to drive hidden selfish agendas. The former mostly refers to those tactics used by parents whereas the latter has more to do with how children manipulate their parents. A perfect example that is common to this effect is when a child feigns injury or illness to get out of performing chores or even going to school.

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