Saturday, 30 May 2020

You're in a workout rut

We are, most of us, better at reading body language than we realise. But be honest with yourself - we can also make sweeping judgements and assumptions from body language. Our own body language, then, is incredibly important. We have said that people respond to the way that they are treated; Then we'll work backward, thinking about the behaviors that lead to that outcome, paring them down bit by bit until we find one very simple behavior that can change to encourage the outcome. For weight loss, it can be increasing water consumption, limiting stress, working out, or any other number of behaviors. Then you choose one tiny behavior to turn into a habit. For Fogg, it was push-ups. Then, Fogg asserts, you have to understand that in order for the behavior to work, you have to have the motivation to do it, the ability to do it, and finally, a trigger (or a call to action) to complete the behavior. This last part is crucial: the call to action works best if it's something that happens in your schedule every day anyway. Something you don't have to put in extra effort or go out of your way to complete. That's right. Every time he flushed after using the restroom during the day, he dropped to the floor and did two push-ups. It seems silly, right? If all you want is to get by, none of this really matters. But for those of you on the journey to wealth and happiness, these techniques can accelerate your progress beyond belief. Another method of organizing your thoughts on paper is by using a daily calendar. Now when I talk about a calendar I don't mean the kind that barely gives you enough space to write in your appointments. The kind I mean is called a Day-Timer. (Day-Timers is also the name of the company.

) The Day-Timer is a daily log of your appointments and schedules. But it's a lot more. It has a place to keep track of business expenses, meeting results, phone conversations, and to do lists. Your Day-Timer can also be used as a gathering place for those daily or weekly highlights you wish to log into your journal or project article. Some of them crossed their arms, pulled their collars up against the drizzle and cold. They chatted, gesticulated, shook their heads, and appeared to be waiting for something. Patty perceived that nothing was happening, and she switched into bossy mode. Why is my husband still in the car? How can they help him if they don't get him out? The EMT monitoring her in the ambulance spoke softly. Ma'am, your husband is deceased. He will be removed from the vehicle when the medical examiner's team arrives. Patty's voice was so squeaky-high that she didn't recognize it as coming from her. Are--are they going to put him in--one of those black zipper bags? If you won't go to your doctor to get checked out, please at least go ahead and order your own test if you snore. I order at-home sleep studies for most of my wellness patients. OSA is a common (and treatable) cause of fatigue, aging, and ill-health. Let's make sure we catch it. It turns out that the easiest treatment for OSA is one that you can start tonight.

Train yourself to sleep on your side (or stomach). As discussed earlier, your muscle tone drops when you're asleep. When you sleep on your back, soft tissues like your tongue and tonsils flop down and block your upper airway. You struggle for air as you fight against your soft palate blocking your throat. Empaths are highly sensitive beings and, as such, will be existing in a heightened state of awareness. All of our senses help us thrive and survive and contribute to how we enjoy our life experiences, and how we don't enjoy them. You have five senses: Touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight. All of these senses allow you to experience and understand the world around you. If you hear an ambulance siren, you immediately do know that you should get off to the right side of the road. When you smell the milk in the fridge, you know that it is just off enough to pour down the drain and not drink. When you see someone smile, you know they are happy, and you want to smile back. When we are using our senses, we are collecting data and information to inform our choices and experiences in everyday life. If you are an empath, you might experience your senses in a bigger way. Many empaths are known to be particularly sensitive when it comes to certain senses. it's also true that the way that we are treated depends on the way people are perceiving us because of our body language. If we stoop and wring our hands, people will be reading this as insecurity and anxiety. If they are treating us as someone who is insecure and anxious, then very quickly this will be how we feel. Most body language is unconscious. It is really important to become aware of yours. This would be important enough, but neuroscience tells us that it goes further.

Our brain actually reads our own body language, in just the same way as it reads that of another person, and delivers up the appropriate chemicals and emotions. The ground-breaking studies were conducted by Amy Cuddy, who, with her partner Dana Carnie, coined the term Power Poses. We can use our bodies to make us feel more powerful, more able to cope. Now stand in a position that disempowers you, perhaps arms closed in around you, feet together, head down. Like it would never work? Just by doing push-ups every time he used the bathroom every day, Fogg lost five pounds, and then ten, and then twenty, all in the course of a few months. It really works. So, what does that mean for you? How could engaging in this mental model and trying it out help you achieve more self-discipline? Firstly, if you create a tiny habit and persist in doing it for several weeks or months, you'll reap the results of the goal you've set. You'll lose the pounds, or write the article, or kick your caffeine addiction. What else? Creating a tiny habit and sticking with it will also give you practice in developing and staying with new habits that are good for you. Part of self-discipline is determining habits whose end results will benefit you in the long run and then having the perseverance to continue to work on those habits. Think of it as the central location from which you process all your information of the day, the week, the month, and even the year. A game plan can make all the difference in the world with respect to how your game of life turns out. The term game plan is ironic because, even though we seem to understand the importance of mapping out a strategy for a football or basketball game, few of us take the time to make a game plan for our lives. Here's the first and most important rule for your life's game plan: DON'T START YOUR DAY UNTIL YOU HAVE IT FINISHED. Because each day is a priceless mosaic in your lifetime strategy for wealth and happiness, always plan your day before you start. And do it every day.

Yes, I know, all this writing can be tedious. But remember, value is the fruitful result of effort, not of hope. Once you have mastered the art of planning your day, every day, you are ready to graduate to the next level of higher success. The next key is: DON'T START THE WEEK UNTIL YOU HAVE IT FINISHED. Yes, ma'am. He will be placed in a body bag for transport. Patty shook her head vigorously, muttered to herself, This--this can't be happening. It can't. No. No. She patted her pockets for her phone. Where's my--my--you know, my-- Wordlessly, the medic reached onto a shelf behind the cab and handed Patty her purse. When she could not find her phone, she dumped the contents on the floor of the ambulance, then retrieved her phone and glanced at it. Gravity is working against you. Sleep on your left side. For adults in the lateral position, gravity moves tissue away from your breathing passages and you breathe better. Studies show that your airways are more open on your side compared with sleeping on your back and you have fewer overnight apneas. Interestingly, sleeping on your left side is better than the right. It might also cause you to have less acid reflux overnight.

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