Saturday, 9 May 2020

What are some of the first small steps I could make?

I am twenty-two years old. I got to the point where I thought I would end up as one of those older guys who never managed to settle down, or else just settle for a woman who was good enough - and maybe just take up loads of hobbies to keep me out of the house. I didn't want to do that and I felt I still had a little time left. I met my wife in a bar on a Friday night, which was a potential negative, since usually it's not a great place to meet. Even worse, I was drunk. I very rarely got drunk, maybe a couple of times a year, but I was quite stressed and had one drink too many. Somehow I saw her, she had long hair all the way down her back, and from across the room I could just make out her head and one shoulder and tell she was slim and quite tall. I approached her, said hi, and guessed her height. She was impressed that I was spot on. I then guessed her weight. It sounds very strange, and it was, but luckily she thought it was different and quirky. The Medicare system is now financially stressed to an alarming degree. We are quickly approaching the point where we may have to substitute the Medicare model our seniors are accustomed to with the Medicaid model. This is why the slogan Medicare for All is so comical. We will not be able to afford high-priced Medicare coverage to our elderly, let alone all Americans, if we do not take action to decrease the cost of care. Just look at what is occurring across the Atlantic Ocean. In the United Kingdom, physicians are government employees, and therefore the government makes decisions as to who gets treated and by which method. This government power has led to dramatic cases like those of the infants Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans, whom the NHS removed from life support against the wishes of their parents. Thankfully, in the United States patients and their families, not the government, make such choices. I would not want to be in a situation where, as a doctor, I must consult with government officials on which patients will or will not receive treatment based on budget concerns.

Far-left liberals often remind us that we should learn from the rest of the world's health systems, but the lessons we learn may not be the ones they wish us to heed. She has been a teacher for fifteen years. What is going to happen if I report this? Will she get in trouble? What will the other teachers think? Is this disloyal? Am I overreacting? Should I ask her what happened? Should I let her explain? Should I have her back? Whose back should I have? Kate was totally sober, and had been dragged out by her friend. I was quite out of it but took her being sober as a good sign - she wasn't a party girl. I was worried that she would not like that I was drunk - amazingly she looked at it in a positive way. She said later that even though I was obviously drunk, I was still a gentleman. I was polite and behaving well. If I could still do this when I was drunk, then sober I must be a solid guy. She just wanted to make sure that this was actually a rare case and that I wasn't a drunkard. Quite quickly she revealed to me that she was in a relationship, living with someone, but that it was ending. I was shocked that she could be so honest in a first meeting.

Telling me something potentially negative. Canada's single-payer system is an outline of Bernie Sanders's Medicare for All plan yet does not cover everything his plan promises to. Canada incorporates some private insurers within its system. People pay extra for medications, dental care, and ambulance transport. Canadians also have the choice of purchasing private insurance for medical care that is otherwise covered under the nationally funded system. Contrary to a lot of talk, Canadian health care is far from free, and it comes with high taxes and great inconvenience. To see a specialist, you might wait up to thirty-five weeks, when in the United States it's closer to thirty-five days. You'll be treated immediately for something acute, like a heart attack, but chronic conditions and testing come with significant wait times. Canadians who can afford it will come to the United States for medical services so they can bypass the long waits in their own country. The Fraser Institute estimated that over 63,000 Canadians traveled abroad for medical care in 2016. We know the reason they're coming is not that our prices are lower, it's that they are given more efficient access to exemplary medical service. ? Drowning in confusion, I looked down at Ty's tear-stained face, swelling at the jaw, and I knew instantly. This was a breach of power, and no teacher should ever unleash her frustration on the body of a ten-year-old. This was not a spat between peers or even a heated argument between teacher and student. This was a person in power causing physical and emotional harm to a child in her care with no defenses. Adults are to be trustworthy advocates for the children they are responsible for, and that included me. I took him to my principal, bore witness to his story, and that was the last day I ever saw my coteacher. She was fired before the day's end and never came back to school. With no language for power differentials and abuse back then, I still knew deep in my gut: sometimes you stand outside your team and do the right thing.

If people in power maintain control at the expense of the vulnerable, if they exploit their authority and cause trauma, then even if I am a good-standing member of that dominant group, it is time to sound the alarm, come what may. This was a huge positive for me. Although it was a very messy situation and could have scared me off, she said it because it was true and potentially important for me to know. This surprising honesty was a theme early on and I love it about her to this day. Her philosophy is that you should tell the truth, and if you are worried about telling the truth then you should behave better so that you won't feel the urge to lie about it. It's difficult to argue with that. She drove me home but wouldn't let me kiss her goodnight or come in. That was good too, she definitely didn't know me well enough to get physical. I messaged on Sunday but she didn't reply until the evening. When she did she apologized and said she didn't get the message until then and that she was so happy to hear from me. I was amazed - a beautiful girl who wasn't playing games. 7 The National Health Service is a government-funded system under which health care services are free at the point of service. In recent years concerns have been mounting that the NHS is becoming financially unsustainable, and patients routinely voice dissatisfaction with wait times and quality of care. In 2018 the British Red Cross said that the country is nearing a national health crisis because of a severe shortage of physicians. The General Medical Council (GMC), a doctors' regulatory group, warned that the problem had become critical, threatening patient safety. Faced with too many patients, a stifling bureaucracy, and forced to perform tasks beyond their expertise, doctors were cutting corners in ways that are harmful to patients. The GMC warned that the UK is running out of time to prevent a significant decline in workforce numbers, which risks patient safety and that the medical profession is at the brink of a breaking point in trying to maintain standards and deliver good patient care. The GMC's survey of 2,600 UK doctors found that one in five was considering cutting back to part-time or seeking work abroad. In a drastic money-saving move, the NHS has begun restricting surgeries that the NHS England medical director described as useless.

These include spine surgery for chronic low back pain, nonemergency gallbladder removal, and hernia repair. I have to have the right backs. I have been a religious insider my entire life. In my sliver of the pie chart, our denomination was led only by men, almost entirely white men, and it was predicated on a robust system of rules and consequences, morality and purity, authority and submission. Let me be absolutely fair: inside that ecosystem lived (and still live) some of the greatest people alive. Gifted teachers, faithful men and women, servants of the poor and disenfranchised, church mothers and fathers who raised me. But encapsulated in an institution, for me, the sum turned out to be less than its good parts. Systems have a way of corrupting even the purest intentions. Once the individual bright lights become dimmed sitting in committees, eclipsed by groupthink, and darkened with male power, the luster wears right off. Is this love? Is this God? She was happy to hear from me, and she said so -- refreshing and very positive. On our first dates we had great conversations. She knew a lot and had interesting views, and best of all she was curious. If she didn't know about a subject, she wanted to find out more. If she hadn't tried something, then she wanted to. The conversations were sparkling and we had a great mutual respect building. Respect for each other's intelligence, and good character. I had been on lots of dates where I would be appreciated for my clothes or jokes, but not for who I really was deep inside. I felt like Kate appreciated who I really was and that I was what she was looking for in a man.

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