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In short, the best way to become lucky is to take massive and continuous action until something works. They were all functional problems that respond to Vision Training. Strabismus is usually a condition that afflicts children. However, it is not unheard of in adults. In many cases the individual has been to see a profusion of doctors at various clinics. Often the traditional treatment procedures lead nowhere and only build more frustration for all concerned. In my experience children respond very quickly to Vision Training and are greatly relieved when they don't have to wear eye-patches and undergo other uncomfortable treatments. One case involved a 9-year-old girl who had been to a number of eye doctors. She was wearing bifocal glasses at the time I saw her. Her distant vision was quite good but her problem was seeing medium and near objects. The doctors recommended surgery but the parents were reluctant to subject their daughter to this, especially when they realized that the chance of success was not very high. That's why the stress hormone interferes with memory and learning mechanisms, which are regulated by the hippocampi themselves (and that's why it's not a good idea to customarily wield threats and punishments in a classroom). Stress is therefore a bad thing, right? If it didn't exist, no athlete would ever be able to push themselves to the next level. It can even be creative, in the sense that it maintains that state of mental alertness necessary to write a article by the deadline set by the publisher. Many studies confirm that, in the right dose, stress increases productivity in the workplace. As long as it's not raised above a certain level (and some `bosses' do that very well), in which case productivity decreases. It's all a matter of measure. On occasion, the stress measure can be not just full but overflowing. That's the case with post-traumatic stress, which produces the aforementioned effects, only multiplied ten or a hundred times, and can include permanent damage to memory.

It happens in one-off cases of rape, violence or abuse at an early age. Of course, as we've discussed, your actions should be part of an effective overall strategy. Now does this mean you're guaranteed to achieve the results you want? Very few things, if any, are guaranteed in life--except perhaps the fact you must pay taxes and will die one day. But taking action increases your chance of success. Here are some ways you can manufacture luck: Refusing to believe in luck, Repeatedly thinking about what you want, Broadcasting your desires to the world, Taking consistent action in line with a clearly defined strategy, and Learning as much as you can from the feedback you receive from reality (based on your actions). First I taught her the butterfly exercise (see below), which is designed to train the wandering eye to work together with the normal eye. The girl responded very well because the next day she walked into the Vision Training class like a little princess. She had been without glasses for most of the day and she could now make her eyes converge on close objects and she could see the phantom cross on the string, which indicated that both eyes were working and converging towards the object she wanted to see. After a few more sessions her eyes were functioning normally and would only begin to diverge slightly if she was getting tired. Another case involved a professional woman who had developed strabismus with the right eye moving out (exotropia). This happened shortly after she had to suddenly move house. It seemed that the stress had caused her eye to diverge. She had seen a number of eye doctors and they had all told her that surgery was the only way to correct her problem. The woman had attended one of my Vision Training classes the previous year so she had some idea of what might be possible using natural approaches.

However, she did not know exactly what to do. But it can also be generated on an industrial scale. The US Department of Veterans Affairs has declared officially that the number of post-traumatic stress cases after the Vietnam War was 830,000. Nothing for the Pentagon to be proud of. Stress is not in itself a calculation error of your central nervous system. Let's just say that things don't quite add up when the fear mechanisms are activated too strongly and for too long. That's why stress management is an important if not essential part of cognitive control. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), stress and other mental disorders are more prevalent in Europe and North America compared to the rest of the world. In other words, places where the capitalist system and `modernity' originated. It's partly the fault of modern life if long-established stress mechanisms puts a strain on the brain. According to WHO statistics, fear of the future is more widespread in Western society than in the rest of the world. Let's look at each of these briefly. People who refuse to see luck as the determining factor for their long-term success gain immediate power over their lives. They take one hundred percent responsibility, realizing they can always try new things and refine their model of reality. They understand that for things to change, they will have to change. With this mindset, they tend to achieve better results than most people. Conversely, people who believe they need to be lucky to become successful fail to realize how much power they have to transform their lives. They think the game is rigged and the odds are stacked against them. As a result, all they can hope for is to get lucky. This is why they often play the lottery or gamble, hoping to win big one day.

You must realize there is always something you can do to improve your situation. Again I taught her the butterfly exercise designed to help co-ordinate the two eyes. Amazingly, after doing the exercise just a few times her eyes started to converge normally. This was a case where the divergence of the eye had not yet been firmly established. The human brain learns amazingly fast. In most cases strabismus responds wonderfully to Vision Training. Obviously it is best to do the exercises with someone else, because you cannot see your own eyes and do the exercise at the same time. How to test for strabismus There are two simple tests you can make to determine the degree and type of strabismus by using a small penlight held at eye level from a distance. Shine the light into the eyes so you can see the light spot on the cornea. In normal eyes the spot will be right in the center of the black pupil. This type of fear is also known as anxiety. When all is said and done, anxiety consists in worrying about events that are yet to take place, however unrealistic, improbable or impossible they might be. As usual, the brain responds with fear mechanisms: a hormonal release that raises the heartbeat. Just do a little experiment on yourself. Concentrate. Close your eyes and start drawing in your mind an event you fear dreadfully, and go on picturing details and consequences for a minute. You will feel the cardiovascular system reacting in your chest. And yet a minute later, once the exercise is over, everything goes back to normal. If, on the contrary, the negative thought starts going round and round in circles and is never interrupted by a positive counter-thought, then it's reinforced by the memory's automatic mechanisms and the state of anxiety becomes chronic, with myriad variations, some very debilitating.

In extreme cases, it can become a phobia. There are always options. Every passing second offers countless opportunities. Because you can always think better thoughts and take different actions, you can always change your future. Another way to manufacture luck is to keep thinking about what you want over and over again. By thinking of what you want every day, you tell your subconscious to look for ways to make your goal a reality. As a result, your subconscious will work 24/7 to help you reach your goal. Cool, isn't it? So keep thinking about what you want. Visualize your future vividly and feel the emotions you will experience once you reach your goal. To receive help, you must let people know exactly what you're trying to accomplish. The more the eye diverges the higher the degree of strabismus. Note that 1 mm displacement (called positive kappa if the eye turns in and negative kappa if the eye turns out) is considered normal. The cross-over test is used to reveal the full extent of strabismus. The test uses an occluder (something that will cover the eye) and transfers it from eye to eye. The longer the occluder is held before transferring, the more disruptive it is to the fusion. This test is also done with a semi-transparent material to reveal if there is latent (hidden) strabismus. If latent strabismus is present then the eye affected will turn behind the occluder. We assume that strabismus is caused by poor co-ordination of the eye muscles. The object is to teach the brain to balance the muscles so the eyes will converge properly.

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