Monday, 8 June 2020

To Pay or Not to Pay

Oodles and oodles of it. Case proven, let's move onto the how bit . I don't want to gross you out but in order for you to exist, your mum and dad must have had sex at least once. Hopefully, it was just a one-off, and you can now get the image out of your head. The gross bit is the number of sperm in a single shot which Google has just informed me, is about 500 million. And out of 500 million, you were the sperm that got to the egg first. You are already amazingly successful, the gold medallist sperm front-crawler. Or breast-stroker? Or Man from Atlantis wriggler? She said that Sylvia's rail-thin body manifested male-mimicking behavior, a sign of hysteria and neuroses. Sylvia weighed about 100 pounds and boasted that she could shrink to 90 on a good day. Her long bony arms and legs were gray. Definite glandular problems, Jacobson noted. Lacked feminine roundings, her breasts were small, her legs, shoulders, and arms very skinny . Dr Jacobson was aware that anorexic women stop menstruating. By the twentieth century, doctors knew that starvation garbled the messages from the brain to the ovary that kick-start menstruation. The Freudian twist was that it was not merely diet, but subconscious thoughts that altered brain chemistry. She looked for answers in Sylvia's childhood, dreams, and secret fantasies. When Sylvia talked about her past, Dr Jacobson saw an infant weaned too early; Just because you're cutting back doesn't mean you should eliminate all entertainment.

We always thought the French had the right idea when they offered the unemployed the same discount on movie tickets that students received. After all, who needs the lift of a movie more than someone who is having a hard time? Total up your income and expenses, and do the math. If you make $5,000 per month and spend $4,500, you will have $500 of wiggle room. However, if you spend more than you make, you will need to find ways to cut expenses and/or increase what you earn. If your expenses exceed what you earn, decide which noncritical items you can eliminate. Until you get back on your feet, consider cutting all expenses that aren't absolutely necessary. This may include smaller items like dining out. It may also include bigger lifestyle changes, such as moving to a smaller place to live or downsizing your minivan. Thank you for buying this article. If it somehow exceeded your expectations or left you thinking, `Wow, things would be better if more people read it,' this section is just for you. Putting into practice the advice I have been dispensing within these articles, I want to see if you can help inspire change with me. A number of years ago, I left the safe confines of the corporate world, where I was earning a living as a human resources director, because I had a dream of being independent and of taking my ideas and beliefs to a wider audience. My purpose was (and still is) to help inspire people and teams to go further than they believe possible. I thought I could do this by writing articles, speaking to audiences and working within teams as a coach and adviser. I could fill another article about the conflicting advice I received as I contemplated making the break away from the guaranteed monthly payments, pension and other benefits of working within big business, but I had this nagging thought that I didn't want to `die with the music still in me', a phrase coined by the famous rugby league coach Wayne Bennett. With my heart in my mouth, I decided to risk it and handed in my notice. I won't detail the journey, suffice to say I have been fortunate enough to enjoy many highlights. Above all, it has been having the opportunity to meet people and make many wonderful friends while following my dream. You burrowed into your mum's egg and, ping, you became a single-cell creature.

Instead of being the `potential to exist', you actually existed. The cells got busy multiplying and about nine months later you made a grand entrance into the blinding light of a birthing unit or, if you're like my niece, the reception area of Doncaster hospital. Someone smacks your backside (nice welcome and first lesson learned! You have a certain genetic make-up but, other than that, you're a blank canvas, ready to be imprinted upon. Your first day's a bit blurry. Hopefully you start to get into some sort of routine; That kind of thing. You might still be in a similar holding pattern? Brains are much more active developmentally in childhood. The upshot was that Sylvia was so horrified with her own femininity that she craved the life of a man, and these deep-seated yearnings staunched her feminine hormones. Sylvia insisted that she was depressed because she could not get pregnant. Dr Jacobson saw things the other way around. She said that Sylvia's lurking depression began when she was a baby, and her lifelong mental illness triggered the sterility. Doctors do not come up with theories of disease in hermetically sealed laboratories. They are influenced by popular culture like the rest of us. In the 1940s and 1950s, women were supposed to be eager for motherhood and enthusiastic about running the household. They were expected to preserve the sanctity of the American family threatened first by the Depression and then again by World War II. Hollywood reinforced and helped to shape America's attitudes. Father Knows Best and Leave it to Beaver made every mother feel inadequate--not to mention how inept the childless woman felt. If your town charges for trash collection, switch from two cans to one can to cut your bill in half.

Do you really need both a cell phone and a landline in your home? Going to the salon every six weeks instead of every four for a root touch-up will save you four appointments a year. Can you pack a lunch for work and school? Consider calling your creditors and negotiating lower payments. Many will be willing to work with you to make sure you don't fall behind. I thought budgeting was going to be a drag--tedious and depressing--but when I actually got into it, it was kind of like a game. I enjoyed working the system. Step 5: Realize the changes don't have to be permanent. Once you have been on your own for a few months, you will be able to better gauge how far you can stretch your income. Still, I am a young, independent author. I don't have a huge marketing machine behind me, or a gang of billionaire friends, or even a magic genie offering me three wishes. But that is okay. If you are willing to offer a few minutes of your time, you can seriously help this article move forward on its journey to reach all of the people it should. Please consider doing any of the following: Write a review on amazon. Post about this article on your blog, Facearticle, LinkedIn or Twitter. Recommend this article to your co-workers, your friends and your friends' friends, or your friends who blog, or even your friends of friends who blog about their friends' blogs. You get the idea. The possibilities are endless. Your first two years are characterized by crazy growth.

By age two, you had over one hundred trillion brain synapses - double the number you have now. Yes, you bloomed at two! Your brain was alive with possibilities but figured it would never be able to use them all so from two onwards it stopped creating more connections and set about pruning the ones you already had. So basically, at age two you could have been anything and anyone. Your brain was zinging with unlimited potential. From then on you started to become who you were going to be for the rest of life. There was another massive spurt of development during adolescence, plus you grew some hairs and male or female bits and bobs. During your teenage years you experienced an overwhelming desire to be part of a gang, team, band, friendship group - your desire to fit in meant you started to dress the same as your chums. You had the same haircuts, listened to the same music, and watched the same things on TV. Women who did not fit the mold were considered mentally off. A mature woman without children is the psychological equivalent of a man without a Male Organ, wrote Dr Marynia F. Farnham and Ferdinand Lundberg in their 1947 article, Modern Woman: The Lost Sex. Consumer magazines promoted the psychogenic infertility theory with stories about infertile women who got pregnant after they quit work and learned to truly enjoy homemaking, which, of course, changed their brain chemistry back to normal. A Time magazine article entitled Sterility and Neurotics quoted a doctor who told the 1952 American Society for the Study of Sterility that infertility may be nature's first line of defense against the union of potentially defective germ plasma. In other words, women who cannot get pregnant naturally, should not. She did not get pregnant--until, that is, they learned to play their normal roles in society. After the war, Betty's husband returned home a man (more assertive) and insisted they adopt a child. The baby turned Betty into a real woman (she started to like housecleaning and all things maternal), and sure enough, she became pregnant. As the partner in the marriage who wore the pants, Betty had had an unconscious opposition to child-rearing, articleant explained. If drafting a budget makes you painfully aware that you have to live a spartan existence for a while, have confidence that over time you will figure out how to increase your income.

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