Sunday, 21 June 2020

Maybe it's Good

Remember the quantum-physics rule? I've definitely learned that young people have a voice and that we do have power in our voices. Robbie Bond's work was similarly inspired by hearing that a natural thing he loved was in danger. When he was in fourth grade, he visited his first national park, the Grand Canyon. Shortly after, his family visited another national park and national monument. Then President Donald Trump passed an executive order to reduce the size of twenty-seven national monuments. The executive order sparked my interest in environmentalism, Bond said. Talking about the parks and monuments he visited, he said, They were super beautiful and amazing and I couldn't let them be reduced in size or just destroyed. To follow up on that passion, he started Kids Speak for Parks from his home in Honolulu, Hawaii. Although the group started as a Facearticle article, his work has grown to include a number of speaking engagements and media collaborations. In fact he's partnered with Google Expeditions and Disney to do a virtual tour of certain national parks. If you are following the only calories matter when trying to lose weight paradigm, then you would think diet sodas, gum, coffee creamer, and so on couldn't possibly make a difference in your weight loss. No wonder I kept stopping! Fasting was hard. Next, results were not quick enough for me. I may have been weighing daily, but I had completely unrealistic expectations. And every day, I expected the scale to show a lower number than it had the day before. As I discussed in a previous article, weight loss is not linear, and our bodies can fluctuate a great deal from day to day. Mine sure did. On those days when my scale was up, that was all I needed to convince myself that fasting wasn't working, and I would quit in disgust.

Because I kept starting and quitting and starting and quitting, I never gave my body a chance to adapt to fasting. False Belief: I'm not confident enough to talk to people and work through my social anxiety. Reality-Based Belief: Confidence isn't necessarily required to talk to people. For instance, there are plenty of insecure people who are social butterflies! The fact is, real confidence is earned. It's not inadvertent. It doesn't just arrive someday. To gain confidence socially, one must be social. It's only logical. As usual, it's about facing fear and earning confidence. You can't expect to feel more confident without challenging fear and engaging repeatedly in social settings that build confidence. Until the hospital-bed issue is resolved, there may be no resolution to the perceived nursing shortage. Third, there is a lack of care coordination for patients with chronic illness. The rigid divide between hospital-based and ambulatory physicians as well as the limited use of home health care services have made care coordination difficult. Attempts to improve coordination through DMPs and integrated care have met with some, but limited, success. There are thousands of DMPs, yet they guide care for fewer than 10% of the population. And, despite being available, integrated care is not widely utilized. Care coordination might be improved--although not completely fixed--by requiring hospitals to assume responsibility for posthospital discharge and readmissions, but this would probably be met with fierce opposition from ambulatory physicians. Two policies are needed: reducing the rigid divide between hospital-based and ambulatory physicians and providing greater incentives for integrated care through selective networks. These are major structural changes that will take a long time to occur.

Fourth, it is unclear whether the high number of sickness funds adds value. If two people connect at some point, they forever remain interconnected. Your children can still feel and sense you; There are two keys to influencing stuck children from a distance. The first is to do your own work. This is a hard statement to make, but I must, and I do so as a parent who has spent years in therapy and working energetically to correct some of the mistakes I made with my own children. Some of our children's problems are bound to have originated with us. Whatever we didn't deal with, feel, understand, or work through flows downward, to the next generation. The same was true of the generation above us. Didn't we inherit our tendencies and a lot of our issues from our own parents? This is the nature of the human condition. He's even in a new television show and comic article called Marvel's Hero Project that features kids who are heroes in their communities. Levi Draheim took a different path to activism. United States, the lawsuit twenty-one young people brought against the federal government starting in 2015 to demand action on climate change. The group supporting the suit, Our Children's Trust, also supports legal actions on the state and international levels. When Draheim was only seven years old, he heard about the suit through his church pastor, who is involved in environmental issues. The pastor told Draheim's mother, Leigh-Ann, about the lawsuit and wondered if Levi would be interested in participating. After Leigh-Ann vetted the group and put a lot of hard thought into it, she asked Levi himself. He immediately said yes. I want to have a voice.

And people don't really look at kids having a voice and for kids to take action, he said. As I mentioned in the 28-Day FAST Start article, the adjustment phase is the most difficult part of fasting, and I never made it out of the adjustment phase. Basically, I lived in the adjustment phase. Couple that with the fact that I wasn't fasting clean, and I was doomed to failure. Finally, I had a total dieter's mind-set. I had it in my head that dieting was something you did short term, it should work quickly, and then you were able to go back to normal and you would magically stay slim forever. Problem solved! Except that isn't at all how it works, is it? When you are trapped in dieter's mind-set, you are always either on the diet or off the diet. Remember that you will never see me use the words intermittent fasting and diet together, and you shouldn't, either. You are not on the intermittent fasting diet. False Belief: I hate parties. Reality-Based Belief: When people struggle with anxiety, they come up with all sorts of excuses to avoid what they fear. One of the most frequent excuses is to tell yourself you dislike an activity, situation, environment, or experience. Social anxiety often leads one to practice the belief that they hate parties, even while having a sense that they're not being honest with themselves or others. Meanwhile, as mentioned earlier, fearing and hating something are two different matters. Following successful anxiety treatment, you can attend parties without fear (even though they still may not be your passion)! Don't forget, all phobias can be resolved if you engage your exposures and adopt reality-based beliefs! So, wait no longer. Go make your anxiety getaway!

I Hear Ye OCD, But I'm Not Listening Patients can choose among different sickness funds, but structural constraints mean that there are not significant differences among them in terms of quality, cost, or service. Sickness funds do have different DMPs and could do more integrated care and quality monitoring, but these do not seem to justify the costs of having over 100 of them. More quality monitoring and the creation of high-quality networks could be valuable, but it is not clear whether this is part of any of the funds' strategic plan. Fifth, there is a perceived unfairness of private insurance. There are advantages of having a private insurance system. It provides competition to the SHI. It has large reserves, over $270 billion USD (Euro250 billion), that will help pay for medical services as the population ages. Nevertheless, there is some sense that well-off individuals and civil servants receive private insurance that is experience rated, so many of them have greater benefits but lower premiums than SHI. But because the very people who have the power to reform private insurance are the ones who benefit from it--politicians and civil servants--reform seems unlikely. Sixth, Germany is trailing in digitizing health care and adopting EHRs. We become heirs to that which is unhealed, and that which we don't transform is passed down to our heirs. This also means that whatever we do in the present to heal these issues will help our children. I once worked with a man with four adult children, each of whom had at least one addiction: sex, alcohol, shopping, and more. They also shared a panoply of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and borderline personality disorder. He himself exhibited most of these conditions, while his wife was a religion addict with severe attachment disorders. But he entered therapy and began to change. He also used several of the energetic techniques I teach, mainly focusing on setting energetic boundaries where he didn't have any. Slowly, over several years, his children began to grow and progress. Three of the four children are now living functional lives, although they are on prescription medicines and in therapy.

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