Tuesday, 9 June 2020

What is truly important to me?

Diet is the same . If anything, the fundamentals of a health-promoting diet are better substantiated than those of fire fighting, since they are informed by long experience, the observation of large populations even of entire regions, and even over generations - as well as by a massive aggregation of research, ranging from mechanistic study in test tubes to RCTs enrolling people. Huxley, Aldous, 215, 226, 227 Illinois, University of, Obstetrics Department of, 184 I Love Lucy, 124-25, 128 Internet, 131, 197, 241 Google on, 166, 172, 177 YouTube on, 245 In the Name of Eugenics (Kevles), 176n Iowa, University of, 141 Jackson, Edith, 121 Jacobson, Edith, 95-96, 102, 105-6 Reproductive justice advocates, however, have argued that How can birth control enhance the lives of women? Access to and use of birth control can help women either not have children or plan and space their births. This ability enhances women's lives in numerous ways. Birth control can have positive health effects on women beyond fertility control. Millions of American women use forms of contraception, such as the OCP, not to prevent pregnancy but for other reasons. According to the Guttmacher Institute (2016), 14% of pill-users, or one and a half million women, take OCPs for non-contraceptive reasons. Some forms of contraception regulate irregular periods, shorten the length and lighten the flow of menstruation, alleviate cramps or pain, or allow women to not menstruate at all.

One woman interviewed by the authors in 2016 about birth control responded: I was on birth control from the time I was 24, maybe 23, 24, and I never had any issues with it. It was, actually for me it was wonderful, it slowed down my periods, made them a lot lighter. We certainly do not know everything there is to know about diet and health. We may never know everything there is to know. But I encourage you to hold these truths (once you put down the bucket) as self-evident, and keep them always in mind: Every wild species on the planet knows what to feed itself . Our species knew what to feed itself before we invented the field of nutrition, or randomized trials, or for that matter - discovered science . New and better ways of answering questions do not invalidate the established facts we owned all along . When good arguments are readily available, it's best to stick with those. You likely know the line: keep your friends close, but your enemies closer . The adage has been attributed to Sun Tzu, a Chinese military leader from the 4th century BC. But, maybe it first appeared in the Godfather, Part 2 . James Francis Edward, Prince (Old Pretender), 25-26 James II, King of England, 25-26 Jasper, Matthew, 171 Jefferson, Thomas, 41-42 Jefferson Medical College, 38 Jews, 39, 69, 70, 224-25 Johns Hopkins Medical Center, 91 Johnson, Brittany, 206n-7n

Johnson, Diane, 206n-7n Johnson, George, 113n A lot of people say they gain weight; I never did. It was perfect. I was on the pill for over probably 15 years. The pill, which helps some women regulate hormones, can also help control the symptoms of PCOS, PMS, and PMDD. It similarly can lessen the painful symptoms of endometriosis for some women. Use of the pill has been shown to decrease a woman's chances of getting certain forms of cancer, including uterine and ovarian cancer. Because other health conditions, such as acne and migraines, are often the result of hormones, the pill, by regulating hormones, also can help alleviate the symptoms of these conditions in some women. LGBTQ+ people also use birth control for noncontraceptive reasons, including many of the previously stated reasons. As one interviewee described in 2018: The idea, of course, is that we need to keep the closest tabs on those whose efforts are most likely to trip up our own. We have to be forewarned, to be forearmed. In nutrition, even the closest of friends can impersonate enemies when they contribute to the catalogue of dietary lies, if inadvertently. I guess that makes them frenemies, and maybe Sun Tzu, or Michael Corleone, would recommend keeping them closest of all. They tend to harm you in subtle, unexpected ways. They warrant the closest scrutiny. My enemies - or, more importantly, enemies to the truth about diet and health - populate the rogues' gallery of article 2 . If you are telling damned lies about diet, you are an enemy to public and planetary health - and thus, my enemy too.

But, alas, all too many of my friends turn up here - in article 1 - telling lies of more innocent intent, but pernicious in their effects just the same. The general tendency is to let ideology infiltrate and corrupt epidemiology, to fail to differentiate preference from evidence, and to engage in all manner of mental mission creep. Johnson, Ronald, 206n-7n Johnson, Steven, 4n Jones, Christy, 238 Jones, Walter F. Journal of Experimental Biology, 210-11 Journal of Social History, 215 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), 135, 210n Journal of Tissue Engineering, 233n Karmel, Marjorie, 109, 112-13 Keep, Nathan, 84 I was going just to the dermatologist, and they want to know about all your medications, and then they always want to know what method of contraception you're . Are you doing this, are you doing that, are you doing this? And then I was really frustrated because: I'm on birth control because I have PCOS, not because I'm trying to prevent pregnancy. But it was like, trying to explain this to this woman was like unbelievable, 'cause you can't mix certain medications, or certain medications that they wanted to put you on, you could not get pregnant, because it was too much of a risk for the baby. It was just stupid. It's a stupid story, but I was just like, I don't know how else. Why is this always so difficult? I'm on birth control, but it's not because I'm trying to prevent pregnancy.

I don't know. I just feel like so many of the healthcare providers need more training in dealing with LGBT people. If you don't know by now, you certainly will before done reading this article that I am a fan of vegan diets. Done right-meaning a balanced array of wholesome foods - I think vegan diets are as legitimate contenders for best diet laurels as any. Combine these three lines of reasoning, and the only real reason for NOT being vegan is . When a case is that strong, why gild the lily? Alas, my more ardent vegan colleagues tend to do just that. I am speaking specifically about arguments for vegan, or plant-exclusive diets. By frenemies , I mean someone who is potentially both friend and enemy at the same time. In this case, those I have in mind are generally, literal friends of mine. But, I think, they can - through mission creep and an excess of ardor - be enemies of a cause we have in common: shifting diets to a focus on whole, wholesome plant foods in sensible combinations, and away from the prevailing emphasis on meat, dairy, eggs, and highly processed foods of all varieties. There are probably many other examples of mental mission creep related to diet. Keepsake Ultrasound Task Force, 197 Kelsey, Frances, 133 Kevles, Bettyann Holtzman, 190, 200, 246 Kevles, Daniel, 176n King, Eleanor, 77 King, James E. Knocked Up, 247 Koch, Robert, 58

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