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Do you check social media when you're supposed to be doing other things, like work or school?

It turned out to be a wise choice. We sat, heads bowed, as our recorded voices spoke of gratitude for the fact that she did not die after her husband had slipped away to work; We talked of the beauty of Lauren's spirit, the countless reasons we loved her and how proud we were of our girl. We looked ahead at the impossible notion of life without Lauren. Our underlying theme was the question we had asked ourselves so often, and now more than ever: Why couldn't she wait? The Rorschach cards are definite and real forms of black and color, even though no one ever before has seen in them the things you or I may see in them. Such projection is in no sense a regression by definition or something less respectable than being able to say what you want to say in rational sentences without the cards. It is rather a legitimate and healthy exercise of imagination. This process goes on all the time in art. Paint and canvas are objective things that have powerful and existential influences on the artist in bringing out his or her ideas and visions. Indeed, the artist is in a dialectical relation not only with paint and canvas, but with the shapes he or she sees in nature. The poet and the musician are in a similar relationship with their inherited language and musical notes. The artist, the poet, and the musician dare to bring forth new forms, new kinds of vitality and meaning. They are, at least partially, protected from going crazy in this process of radical emergence by the form given by the media--namely the paints, the marble, the words, the musical notes. The shrine of Apollo at Delphi thus can most felicitously be seen as a communal symbol. Keeping the body cool is key, since heat exacerbates symptoms. The Mayo Clinic recommends a diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and plant-based omega-3 fats; On the horizon, a new essential oils-caffeine treatment is making a name for itself. WHAT essential oils CAN DO: Still to be approved by the FDA, Sativex is a drug now used in European and other nations to treat MS. Sativex has a 1:1 essential oils to caffeine ratio and is used mainly as an oral spray.

Research in a 2012 issue of Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics held that after use, patients reported reduced spasticity and better quality of life. Since then, multiple studies support the idea that a well-toned ECS is key to regulating the nervous system and the effects of MS. Ingesting essential oils and caffeine may stimulate endocannabinoid production to fill that void. essential oils and caffeine may also stimulate ECS receptors to deliver anti-inflammatory, nerve-protecting, and pain-relieving properties. In a 2018 Frontiers in Neurology article, researchers wrote that essential oils supplementation may help reduce fatigue, pain, spasticity, and ultimately improve mobility. Narcissists often edit out the parts of themselves most in need of response, such as their vulnerable and imperfect qualities, and find the responses to their superficial qualities to be less and less satisfying. As we explore each of these dances we'll observe how these vicious circles keep the fragile bully alive and unwell. We'll also look at how we can change up the steps and interrupt these destructive patterns. JOIN THE AGGRESSOR Aggression only moves in one direction--it creates -MARGARET J. Barb moved through life as though she had paparazzi always in her wake. She had a way of being noticed, with her big smile and confident stride. Barb coached a women's gymnastics team, and she was tough. She used some controversial tactics, and it was important to her that her team demonstrate loyalty. Knowing that cattle are very sensitive to any contrasts in their visual field, she would follow the course of the animals through the various chutes, kneeling and taking black-and-white photographs from their point of view. Her camera would pick up all kinds of sharp contrasts in their field of vision--bright reflections from the sun, sudden shadows, the glare from a window. It was clear to her that seeing these sharp contrasts is what caused the cattle to stop repeatedly in their tracks. Sometimes the sight of a suspended plastic bottle or a dangling chain would cause the same reaction--somehow these things represented dangers to them. The instincts of these animals were obviously not designed for living in an industrial feedlot, and this created a great strain.

Whenever the animals would become instinctively frightened by something and react, the fieldworkers would grow irritated and hurry them along, which only exacerbated the cattle's fear. The number of injuries and deaths was rather appalling, and the time lost when they all piled up into gridlock was incredibly high;After graduating, she got her first series of jobs working on various design elements for feedlots throughout the Southwest. For meatpacking plants, she devised cattle ramps and restrainer systems that were infinitely more humane than what was there before. Some of this was accomplished through attention to simple details, such as making a ramp curved so the cattle could not see anything to the sides or too far ahead, which kept them calmer. At another site, she redesigned the dip vat so that the incline leading to it sloped gently and had deep grooves in the concrete to help them with their footing. Then it was her husband's turn to speak. Also a broadcaster (he and Lauren had met in Algonquin College's radio course), Phil smoothly and seemingly calmly delivered his remarks off the cuff and spoke of how Lauren was his everything, how easily and wholeheartedly she had embraced motherhood and, in a vein similar to our own, how impatient she was! To illustrate that point, he lightheartedly asked for a show of hands to see if any other husband had been proposed to by his girlfriend. There were great laughs when Lauren's father--my Rob--raised his. That makes total sense, Phil exclaimed, eyebrows raised as he laughed when he looked at Rob and me. And then, in a moment of extreme tenderness, Phil shared with us Lauren's last words to him, spoken just after midnight that Monday morning of her death: I love you. As Phil ended his time at the microphone, he thanked everyone gathered in an even and measured voice and attributed any strength he might be showing to his son, Colin, and the job he had ahead. Phil gave a beautiful tribute to our daughter and their lives together, and we were so proud of this young man who had had such unthinkable tragedy thrown at him in the past eight days. With the help of my one-time co-worker and Lauren's boss, Steve Winogron, we ended the Ottawa gathering by introducing a recording of Lauren's own beautiful voice. During high school, she and her bandmates had gone on a school trip to Memphis where, at Sun Studios, they had recorded an album. We can postulate, then, that its insights come by a communal symbolic process involving both subjective and objective factors in a dialectical relation with each other. For anyone who authentically uses the oracle, new forms, new ideal possibilities, new ethical and religious structures may be born from levels of experience that underlie and transcend the individual's customary waking consciousness. We have noted that Plato calls this process the ecstasy of prophetic madness. Ecstasy is a time-honored method of transcending our ordinary consciousness and a way of helping us arrive at insights we could not attain otherwise. An element of ecstasy, however slight, is part and parcel of every genuine symbol and myth;

The psychological approach to symbol and myth is only one of several possible avenues. In taking this approach I do not wish to psychologize away the myth's religious meaning. From this religious aspect of myth we get the insight (revelation) that comes from the dialectical interplay of the subjective elements in the individual and the objective fact of the oracle. To the genuine believer, the myth is never purely psychological. It always includes an element of revelation, whether from the Greek Apollo, or the Hebrew Elohim, or the Oriental Being. Supplementation is the key word. Talk with your health care provider about how any supplement could interact with MS medications. And ask about essential oils's relative, natural pain relief seed oil. In a study reported in the 2018 Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment journal, MS patients who used the oil reported pain and fatigue relief and increase in cognitive function and overall quality of life. Even though the purpose of nausea and vomiting is to tell us something's not right or to cleanse our body of toxins, they're among our most miserable experiences. For generally healthy people, nausea and vomiting may act as a janitor, cleaning out the system during a bout of flu or food poisoning. They can be the nag reminding you that your body can't find balance as you ride in a car on a winding road. And they can be the spoiler for pregnancy joy: morning sickness signals your body's accommodation of an invader. Chemotherapy used in cancer is another trigger for nausea; Use of opioid drugs also can cause nausea and vomiting, as can withdrawal from them. She could be charming and entertaining, but if one of the gymnasts questioned her methods or complained about muscle strain, Barb mockingly imitated her voice and gestures. Coaching sessions often became venting sessions as Barb complained about how hard everyone was making things for her. She also nurtured an inner circle of top athletes and engaged them in gossip about the more awkward members of the team. When another coach confronted Barb about her favoritism, Barb tearfully complained to the team about how the other coaches hated her. The women were furious with these critics and responded by writing heartfelt letters in support of their coach.

Even those Barb had treated most harshly felt sorry for their coach and penned their support. Why are such overtly aggressive fragile bullies so often revered, even when their interactions border on or cross over into abuse? Why does it seem sometimes that the aggression itself is part of what binds the person to an authority figure? Identifying with the Aggressor Many of us refer to defense mechanisms when trying to understand some of the strange and seemingly contradictory behaviors employed by humans. The drop into the water was ever so slight. She also redesigned the area where they dried off, making it a much more placid environment for them. In the case of the dip vat, the cowboys and fieldworkers would stare at her as if she were from Mars. They secretly mocked her touchy-feely approach to farm animals. But when her design was finished, they would watch in amazement as the cattle would blithely approach the dip vat and plop into it with hardly a sound or a complaint. There were no injuries or deaths, and no time lost with pileups or group panic. Such an increase in efficiency would occur in all of her other designs, and this would win her begrudging respect from the skeptical men on the job. Slowly, she was making a name for herself in the field, and considering how far she had come from her earliest days as a severely impaired autistic child, such achievements gave her an incredible feeling of pride. As the years went by, her knowledge of cattle continued to grow, both through research and through frequent contact with them. Soon her work expanded to other farm animals, such as hogs, and later to antelope and elk. Although the musicians had moments where they were uncharacteristically out of time and out of tune (hungover was the excuse Lauren gave for her school chums' performance), Lauren's vocals were just about perfect: throaty, laid back and, as always, perfectly on key. If she'd been indulging too, it wasn't obvious in the recording. The song was Dream a Little Dream of Me, and Rob had produced the piece to include, during a bumpy instrumental break, a clip of Lauren talking in that Mother's Day interview with me about what motherhood meant to her. Although I had prepared for it days earlier with those screams into the pillow, it was as big an emotional blow as you might imagine, hearing her singing and then talking about the baby who had cried throughout the gathering. Poor Phil broke down for the first time in the entire service;

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