Thursday, 29 October 2020

Don't believe the stories I tell myself about what other people are thinking

Always frame this information in the context of providing greater convenience and more comprehensive service. Living in the discomfort is really being committed to the both/and of it all. Where do I accept my physical limitations, and where do I seek solutions? And where do I forgive myself when I am too hard on myself or haven't been going toward the things that are good for me? Getting to center is about going TOWARD center. Some days we never get there. Some weeks it takes a really long time. But we keep going toward it, and when we go away from it, we greet this inaction with self-forgiveness and gratitude that our mind is in awareness. AS SOMEONE BORN in the midst of what I like to call THE GREAT JUNE MERCURY RETROGRADE OF 1988, I have a special connection with this sweet little transit that comes to us a few times a year. It scares people; And with a lot of my chart ruled by mercury plus the whole being born in a damn retrograde, I have learned to love it, and how much discomfort comes along with it--and how much magic comes with sitting in it and after. Keep in mind that each state and country has its own laws. Consult with a lawyer to ensure your legal rights are protected. Involuntary commitment is a legal process through which an individual with symptoms of severe mental illness is court-ordered into a psychiatric hospital against his or her will. In general, laws restrict involuntary commitment to those who are mentally ill and/or under the influence of drugs or alcohol and are deemed to be in imminent danger of harming themselves or others. If the police are called to a location, for whatever reason, and observe that you are suicidal, belligerent, threatening, or physically violent, they may take you to a psychiatric hospital or they may take you to jail. The immediate safety of you and anyone else is the primary concern. If you are bipolar, you should be taken to a psychiatric hospital for evaluation instead of a jail cell. However, many times the police won't realize you are bipolar. If you end up in jail due to a bipolar episode, tell the police and your lawyer that you are bipolar.

You do have rights! Focus on the customer's needs, not your firm's preferences. YOUR SCRIPT: TAKING A CUSTOMER'S ORDER Here is the scenario for a straightforward order: CALLER: I want to order a dozen widgets. YOU: I can help you with that. In a single sentence you have told the caller that he has come to the right place and that you are ready to help. You are willing to serve. You continue: YOU: We will need some information. May I have your name? I have end goals I want to reach, and when I can't reach them on the timeline that I want to, that doesn't work for me. That's when I need to step back to recognize, Wow, this is so uncomfortable. I definitely exist in the world with a lot of quickness: I write quickly, I produce quickly, I put things out quickly, I fall in love quickly--I change quickly. So when I don't have access to that sort of fast pivoting, it's really uncomfortable. Things I do to pivot out of being in discomfort: hydrating, asking for help, sitting meditation, staying really diligent about phone hours, turning the phone off at night, not having it in the bed in the morning--just using the retrograde to realign some of these routines and patterns. But in terms of the greater good of my home, my love, my friendships, the way that people see me, the way that I see myself, my business, my creative practice, my writing practice--feels so stunted. Like I can't just grow past this place that I want to be in. I turn to acceptance. How do we show up when it just feels really hard?

And I say this because there's a separate category of when life is factually hard. Reasons you can be involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital include: You attempt suicide or attempt to harm yourself. Many of us who are bipolar have a history of explosive behavior. Some may call this rage, mania, violence, or anger. If you become aggressive or violent with others you can be involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital. A family member or someone else has you committed. With most adverse bipolar behavior, those most affected are usually the people who are closest to the bipolar individual, such as family or friends. If you are having a bipolar episode and are violent, suicidal, or making threats, a family member or someone else may decide to take action and have you committed to a psychiatric hospital. At the time, it will most likely seem harsh. These types of cases of involuntary committal are usually accompanied by strong emotions of the person committed and the person responsible for the committing. Here is that vital transformation that is at the heart of most successful business communication. Move the conversation from I and you to we as quickly as possible. This pronoun shift is the basis for rapport. Why do you need rapport? After all, you are filling an order at the customer's request. But to fill this order, you must ask for information. See to it that this comes across as a gentle request that will benefit the caller. It should never be made to feel like a demand. Continue after obtaining the information requested:

Smith, we're creating a customer profile for our database. Like when you are grieving, when you're in pain, when you are experiencing oppression. There are real ways that life is so difficult for many of us. And I'm speaking more when life is okay, and you're STILL fighting it. Fighting the timeline that has been divinely planned for you, for me. And thinking, I have a timeline and it is different from this and I want it to be faster and better and more spectacular. At the same time, during many retrogrades I've had spectacular news come to me, and I think, I'm just still the same person. And so, I'm working with that too: If I even had what I wanted on the timeline that I want, in all these different categories in my life, then what? A little bit of be careful what you wish for. I want to receive exactly what I'm given today. And so I want to show up to my life today, one day at a time. It is highly possible that this person is taking this action because they want to keep you, and themselves or others, safe until the episode runs its course. If someone is attempting to have you committed to a psychiatric hospital against your will, get a lawyer. Bipolar episodes are scary, confusing, and heart wrenching. It is to your advantage to consult with someone who is not emotionally involved to steer you through the legal issues and protect your legal rights. In the rare case that the person who is attempting to have you involuntarily committed is trying to do you harm rather than help you, keep your wits about you as much as possible and, again, get a lawyer. Maybe you have not been getting along with that person and he or she is on the warpath against you. Do your best to remain calm and collected when you come before the judge and convince them that there is no reason for you to be hospitalized. Explain that the person is making false accusations. Your psychiatrist can be your best advocate in court.

Someone who decides to have you involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital must take the following steps: That's what we're doing right now. It will help us to serve you most efficiently in the future. So if I may just get some more information from you. After obtaining permission to ask more questions, you gather the database information that you need. Note that it is always most effective to explain what you are doing and to put it in terms that show how what you ask the customer to do will benefit the customer. Be sure to make any choices clear. Choice empowers the customer: YOU: We usually ship via United Shipping Service, with a three- to five-day turnaround time. Do you have any other shipping preference? After recording any responses to the choice questions, you continue: What am I grateful for? Writing a gratitude list, sending gratitude messages, practicing generosity--those are the ways that I'm leaning into the discomfort of not having clarity and not having patience. And deciding to love myself even though I feel both of those things. I'm not an astrologer, so I don't know what the HELL happens after any given retrograde, but I always know I'll be hanging on. I'm going to be hanging on for all weather. And I'm going to show up for all weather. And know that it's not going to be the same. It's not all going to be the same. And I can have these daily routines, these daily goals, these hopes for my life, these ways that I want to manifest peace and joy and harmony in my life and it's just not going to always go as fast or as easefully as I want it to.

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