Friday, 30 October 2020

Why am I scared to accept myself the way I am?

The people who want to visit you must be notified immediately when you have recovered sufficiently to receive visitors. End the call with an offer of more help. Make it clear that you are offering a service, not demanding that the caller tell you if there is anything else he wants. CALLER: That's about all. YOU: It's a pleasure doing business with you. Please call me, Jim Roberts, at 555-5555, if you have any questions. Have a good day. A key to building a productive relationship with your customers is to make them feel comfortable with the order-taking process. Customers who place orders by telephone fear three things:1. They will be tied up on the phone for a long time. Errors will be made. Spring of 2019 was the first time as my own boss where I took a trip that had nothing to do with work. Jackie and I were building a strong friendship before we entered into partnership, and she invited me to visit her in Denver for a few days. Every time I had visited any city ever, I'd planned SOMETHING. A reading, a workshop, a dance class. I would schedule time to write, create content. Working was a means of travel, and one that still feels good to me and sustainable. Getting to work anywhere means I can go anywhere, but it also means I can overwork anywhere and forget to rest. I thought, Oh, great! I will visit Jackie and I will plan a article reading and teach a dance class.

And then it occurred to me: What if I went and didn't do a single public event? You have the right to wear your own clothes. You have the right to keep and use personal possessions (excluding anything deemed potentially harmful), including toilet articles. You have the right to request to be released from the hospital (Citizens Commission on Human Rights, 2020). Legal Rights Regarding Medication Refusal The standard procedure for dealing with medication refusal is to take the patient to court to legally force him or her to agree to take it. At the trial, the psychiatrist will explain exactly why they think you need to be hospitalized and why it is important for you to take medication. The judge then rules that you either have to take medication or don't have to take it. If so, this means that even if you refuse medication, you are legally obligated to take it. When you return to the psychiatric hospital, the doctors will offer you oral meds first, but if you will not take them, staff members will physically restrain you and administer the medication (Mind for better mental health, 2020). How to Get Discharged From a Psychiatric Hospital They will be assaulted by a sales pitch. Here is a scenario showing how you might address these fears from the very start of the call: CALLER: I am calling to order a dozen widgets. YOU: I can help you with that. This should take us about five minutes. That will give us plenty of time to ensure accuracy. May I have your name? From here the order process continues. Anxiety is produced by the unknown, and giving the caller a time estimate reduces the unknown.

Just be certain that you give a realistic estimate. A city where I could easily sell out a class or fill a room with listeners, a place I've never taught. But what if, just this once--I went with zero plans, zero expectations, and the only commitment to work was to send out my Monday newsletter as planned. I did this. And I was rejuvenated. I was met with an abundance of friendship. Specifically, I found I was making new friends who had NO idea what I did with my life. They simply loved me because of what I said and what I thought and our shared activities in the moment. By saying no, I was saying yes, to myself and to my relationships. I was giving myself a chance to see a new place, a new landscape, and see myself in it, without any of the performative considerations I often give an experience. I didn't post on social media while I was there; There is a process that must be followed for getting discharged from a psychiatric hospital. If you decide you want to be discharged, you cannot simply sign yourself out and leave when you decide to do so. You can request to be discharged by filling out the correct paperwork. If the request for discharge is approved, you will be allowed to leave within three workdays (Monday through Friday, not weekends or holidays). If you request to be discharged, there are three possible outcomes: The psychiatrist who is handling your case will agree that you can leave. When your request to be discharged is granted, you can leave at the end of seventy-two hours. There are cases in which someone who admitted themselves voluntarily to the psychiatric hospital is not allowed to leave of their own accord because the doctors and staff feel they are harmful to themselves or others. In this case, the hospital staff can ask the court to commit you.

The hospital staff must file papers (an affidavit) within three workdays of receiving your request of discharge form. Here the time estimate is combined with an assurance that errors will be avoided. Occasionally, a customer may express his fears to you: CALLER: You're not going to waste my time with a lot of sales hype, are you? YOU: Your time is valuable, and you know what you want. Let's get right to the order. TIP: There is nothing wrong with informing the caller about additional merchandise. Upselling is an important profit center for most businesses. You must ensure, however, that the information is presented as information, something useful to the caller rather than a sales pitch, which the customer perceives as useful only to you. Ask the caller's permission before providing more information. The best time to do this is after the order has been taken and while you are repeating back the essential items of the order: We are shipping forty standard widgets to you at 1234 Mockingbird Lane, Pine Barren, New Jersey 09876. I kept my interactions close to my own heart and to myself. Each day I learned about new parts of myself, and I didn't have to be on an introspective retreat with a high-ticket price to do that. By all means, invest in yourself and your business and your self-care--but remember that just four days away from working and documenting can bring you back to yourself. IN THE WINTER of 2019, I purchased a sauna for our home. Other than my 1998 Jeep Cherokee Classic, I believe this is the most expensive object I have ever purchased. In purchasing this object, it took me months and months to even decide it was an acceptable purchase. With rejuvenation comes building new stories for ourselves about what is life-giving, what is important to us. Sweating is important to me. Addressing my anxiety and depression is important to me.

Being more available to the world is important to me. Your request for release becomes a request for a hearing. You will receive notice of a court hearing before a judge to determine whether a court order will be issued to keep you in the hospital. At the hearing, if the judge rules that you need to stay in the hospital, you become an involuntary patient; If the hospital does not file an affidavit within three workdays, you must be released immediately. The Benefits of Having a Psychiatric Advance Directive In order to protect yourself when you are experiencing a bipolar episode it is to your benefit to prepare a Psychiatric Advance Directive (PAD). The PAD is a legal contract that allows you to choose and control in advance the care you will receive when you are mentally incapacitated and are unable to direct your own care during potential times of crisis. It serves to inform others about what treatment you do want or don't desire from psychiatrists or other mental health professionals in the event of a bipolar episode. A PAD allows you to identify a person to whom you have given authority to make decisions on your behalf. Instead of having some stranger make the decisions, or have your family guess at what you would want, you can list your preferences. Have you considered purchasing an adjusting kit for the widgets? It makes installation much simpler. Would you like any information on the kit? Only if the caller expresses interest should you continue. If not, conclude the transaction and article the order as is. Avoiding Errors with Customer Orders How do you know when you've put yourself across successfully? How is the effectiveness of business communication measured? One objective and accurate measure is the absence of errors.

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