Friday, 30 October 2020

Everybody is scared to accept himself the way he is

This could look like watching a few episodes of your favorite TV show, reading a trashy novel, reading a well-written novel, going to the movies, listening to pop music, etc Create your personal bipolar battle plan. Make refinements as needed. Take action every day to further your plan. Monitor your mood (emotions and feelings). Be vigilant for bipolar symptoms. Make use of your support team. Launch your contingency plan sooner rather than later if you begin having a bipolar episode. Optimize your medications. Keep an eye out for side effects. Find a good psychiatrist whom you trust to treat your illness. YOUR SCRIPT: TELLING CUSTOMERS ABOUT A PRICE HIKE Here's an example of a proactive call made to a regular customer, informing her of an impending price increase: YOU: Hello, Jane. This is Max Morris at XYZ Company. In reviewing my customer profiles, I see that you currently use a Type B widget. Tell me, Jane, have you given any thought to upgrading to a Type H widget? JANE: I've thought about it--and might do it sometime in the future. YOU: Well, the reason I'm calling is that in sixty days, prices will be going up across the board on widgets, including the Type H. JANE: Oh, really .

YOU: We're talking about a XX percent increase, from $XX to $XXX. Rejuvenation for me is also about paying attention to my own rhythms, bodily and mentally. When I am going too fast or too slow. Learning to listen to my body and to my mind in terms of what it needs. This hasn't been easy for me (see article 7, on distraction), but it's important to me. I talked before about noticing when you are reaching for something that might be a distraction. I think rejuvenation is often this tipping point; I find when I look at myself with compassion rather than judgment, I have a greater ability to see when something is a distraction or when something is a rejuvenation moment. Earlier I mentioned sex/intimacy with a partner/intimacy with self. This, one of my favorite activities, is something I will often desire when I need a break or I want to reset. It might come from a desire to escape a current feeling or pivot from a task, but it's one that sends endorphins and good feelings through my physical body. Never stop learning about bipolar disorder. Strengthen and train your mind. Monitor your thoughts, and if they are negative change them to something more productive. Strengthen and train your body. Eat healthy and exercise. Drink lots of water. Do not abuse alcohol or drugs. Be cognizant of your legal rights. Don't ever settle for a mediocre life.

Most importantly, never quit. There is a sixty-day window to purchase at the current price, so if you are thinking about upgrading anytime soon, now would be the time to do it. JANE: Are you really raising the price? This call is intended as a service to you. The Type H widgets are very popular. We don't need any gimmick to move them. But the fact is that our cost of material has risen sharply, and we just don't have any choice in the price increase. JANE: Do I have to place my order now? YOU: Jane, I'm ready to take your order now, and if you like, I can discuss with you financing terms and our trade-in policy on your current unit. Or we can set up another time to talk. The point is that after November 3rd, the Type H widgets will be priced at $XXX. Activating my mind! Let yourself orgasm, friends! Let it happen, do it at an inconvenient time, do it anytime, do it so that you can open your eyes wide and say, YES, I AM READY TO GO! Take a nap afterward, hold your person, hold yourself, return to work. ON GOING OUTSIDE Going outside is an important practice for me. Someone laughed at me recently when I said it was a practice, but I call it that because I have to constantly remember to go outside. It can be so easy for me to want to stay inside all day. But there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes!

This winter I thrifted a down coat for fifteen dollars and have been wearing my fleece-lined leggings under my pants even on the not-so-cold days, just so there is no chance I will want to avoid going outside. Do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true!We become a generation of women who are at peace with who we are, who encourage one another to move closer to our deepest identities and shed what's in the way. I'm all for that world. Stop trying so hard, friend. Stop trying to build it big. You weren't knit together in your mother's womb so you could run after a moving finish line. You're tired because you're trying to overcome the world, but we can take heart because the God of the universe has already done that. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. He has hemmed you in behind and before. His thoughts for you are impossible to count.Keep negativity at bay by wishing others their own timeout. Create a culture where niksen is not an uncommon occurrence or a random treat, but a necessity and a sign of respect. Potentially stickier is informing the customer of an increase at the time of the order. Here is a customer who is ordering from an outdated catalog: CALLER (having been informed of the higher price): Well, my catalog says $XX. YOU: We have issued a new catalog, which includes certain price increases. Our cost of materials has risen sharply, and unfortunately, we had no choice but to increase the price of the widget. CALLER: When did the prices go up? YOU: About three months ago, on January 30th. CALLER: It's only three months. Can't I get it at the old price?

YOU: That wouldn't be fair to the others who have paid the announced price. Even a fifteen-minute walk brings me back to my center, back to my sense of self. I started running and exercising a bit. Nothing too wild. I got an app that tells me to run for about a minute at a time before I am allowed to walk again. This has been good for me because I have never in the last ten years managed to run three miles without stopping at least once. But I was honest with myself that I wasn't going to be able to do that. It felt silly to use the app and start so small, but that's why we start small! What a gift to build up to something! Slowly but surely! I also think I was under the impression that exercising wasn't cool. Encourage colleagues to take a proper lunch break to allow them to recharge. Do the same at home: cook dinner for your housemate if they work late, check in with your partner or child to see if they are overwhelmed and need anything. See here for more on the Dutch skill of generosity, gunnen, and how to pay it forward. NIKSEN ANYWHERE In the previous article we talked about the when. Here, we get into the where: how you can bring niksen into your home, workplace, holiday and even online. You'll learn how to make any environment into a niksen sanctuary by focusing your mind on the right things, and addressing and removing any obstacles in your way. Niksen at Home It can be tricky to carve out time to do nothing within the confines of your own home.

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