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My subconscious mind is my partner in success

Evolution: How Living Things Change over Time General Adaptations of the Cultural Animal Culture: The Uniquely Human Adaptation How Culture Helps Us Adapt Culture in the Round: Central Issues Human beings have resulted from a lengthy, improbable, and by no means inevitable historical process that began with the earth's original life-forms. Our species has inherited a set of biological, behavioral, and psychological characteristics that have evolved over billions of years through natural selection. Think about it: Trillions of life-forms have struggled for billions of years to survive and reproduce in inhospitable and often hostile environments, and the fruit of their labor is, well, you. Time to get your body moving. As the famous life coach Tony Robbins would say, Emotion is energy in motion. Stand up and start moving your body. Do some push-ups, shadow boxing or jumping jacks. Just get your body moving. If you can, talk to yourself out loud--and use a loud voice. Now, go do that task. I'll be waiting. Assess Your Situation You're back? As you look over your four values, take some time to answer the following questions in your journal: This last question can be used with your partner or Life Makeover Group to gain a new perspective of yourself.

For example, you might have each group member print their values on a small piece of paper and bring them to the next meeting. Then put these slips of paper in a basket and have each member choose one. Go around the room and have each person describe the kind of person who would best represent the types of values listed on their sheet. For example, if one member chose the values love, fun, learn and community, you might say something like: This person is fun-loving and enjoys the company of others. They are open-minded and excited to learn new things. They probably place a high value on family and may even be heavily involved in their community. Some clients say that once they've clarified their values they feel a deep sense of knowing in their body. I've heard things like: Yes, that's definitely me! The time frame and true nature of this process are virtually impossible to fathom. Consider this: The time between the extinction of Stegosaurus and the appearance of Tyrannosaurus rex was much longer than the time between the extinction of Tyrannosaurus rex and this very moment (over 80 million years versus about 65 million years). Many of our inherited characteristics also can be found in other species, yet the human mind works in ways that set our species apart from all other life-forms. Perhaps most notably, the unique evolution of the human brain enables us to construct and maintain culture. This was an enormous leap because culture allows us to use our evolved minds to create styles of living that are unprecedented on the world's stage. As outlined in article 1, the evolutionary and cultural influences on social life are two of the perspectives we'll explore throughout this article. This article sets the stage by discussing how, at a fundamental level, evolution and culture make humans the types of creatures we are: We trace the evolutionary origins of uniquely human mental capacities, motives, and emotions. We look at how these evolved tendencies continue to influence how we modern humans think, feel, and act in everyday life. We explore vital aspects of culture: its nature, its functions, and its profound influence on all of our lives. I hope you've started building some momentum and feel more motivated now. Do you still feel stuck?

Perhaps you've been procrastinating for days, unable to work on an important project. Perhaps you haven't found the motivation to work on your side business. Or perhaps you're just stuck in life, not knowing which direction to take. This is perfectly fine. We're human and we can't expect to be fully motivated all the time. So, if you still lack motivation, don't worry. We're just getting started. When we feel stuck, we often overdramatize things. Some clients say they feel realigned or oriented in a new way. One woman told me, I now have a clear sense of direction. Other clients experience a deep sadness when they realize that the lives they're living have nothing to do with the values they've uncovered. The words you've chosen as your values may in fact represent a need or desire more than an existing value that is expressed in your life. Don't worry. Experience has taught me that initially, whether your values represent a need, desire, or true expression of a particular gift, they always symbolize something that relates to your Divine assignment--your personal and spiritual development and your way of being of service to others. When I originally did this values test myself many years ago, my four essential values were: to inspire, to create, to be connected, and to learn. When I look back I can see clearly how these values were indicative of my future as a writer, community builder, and teacher. At the time, the value of be connected was more of a need than a value. I can now see that I chose that word because I needed more community in my life. Evolution: How Living Things Change over Time Learning Outcomes

Explain the role of variability and competition in the process of evolution by natural selection. Describe the role of the environment as it relates to survival of the fittest. Probably all the organic beings which have ever lived on this earth have descended from some one primordial form, into which life was first breathed. In the distant future I see open fields for far more important researches. Psychology will be based on a new foundation. To get to the roots of human nature, let's begin, well, at the beginning. Planet Earth arrived on the galactic scene roughly 4. Within a billion years after that, conditions were ripe for the appearance of a completely unique and unprecedented form of matter--LIFE! We sometimes lose sight of the big picture, and it may feel as though we're never going to drag ourselves out of the slump. But this is never the case. Motivation can disappear quickly, but it can also return just as rapidly. This is normal, so give yourself some slack and acknowledge that how you feel now is okay. Feeling unmotivated or depressed doesn't make you less of a person than you were a few days or weeks ago when you were happy and enthusiastic. Give yourself a break. Take it easy. Release the pressure and allow yourself to relax for a while. See this article as a wonderful opportunity to make a new start. Allow yourself to begin afresh right now. But from that need grew the desire to create community for others as well. This is now expressed through the development of the Life Makeover Groups and my on-line community.

Your values do not necessarily represent your intended work in the world. They signify those things that you must have in your life in order to be your best. For example, one of my clients who chose the value beauty, expresses this value by creating beauty in all areas of her life. She always has fresh flowers in her home. She visits beautiful places in nature on a regular basis, and she loves to wear beautiful clothes. It's always interesting to watch the reactions of people when they narrow their list down to four. I remember the look on a young woman's face when I offered this exercise during a small workshop I was leading in New York. As she went through the process of refining her values, she began to fidget in her seat. To stay alive, these fledgling single-celled creatures had to approach that which was good for them and avoid that which was bad for them. Given that every individual life-form was of finite duration, to keep life breathing (to borrow Darwin's term) over time, there had to be a way for these early pilgrims to reproduce. Initially this was done by fission, a simple process of splitting that resulted in offspring identical to the parental cells. How could these very simple original life-forms lead to the fantastic variety of creatures that have and continue to inhabit our planet? Evolution, the idea that species change over time and are descended from common ancestors, goes back at least to the ancient Greek philosopher Anaximander (610-546 BC). Charles Darwin's genius was to propose the theory of natural selection to explain the process through which evolution occurs. The concept that different species are descended from common ancestors but have evolved over time, acquiring different genetic characteristics as a function of different environmental demands. Natural selection The process by which certain attributes are more successful in a particular environment and therefore become more represented in future generations. Natural Selection You may have lost momentum but we're going to rebuild it. In the next section, we'll see how you can start eliminating stress and worry but, for now, let's take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

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