Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Be detached from your feelings

When a company breaks faith with its stakeholders, often it's because someone, perhaps a CEO or CFO (remember Enron and Worldcom? Yes, conventional science has already proven that everything is composed of energy, even emotions are made of energy. When you are an empath, you need to learn how to deal with this energy. This energy is nothing new. It has been recognized and studied since ancient times. It is known by different names, depending on the place and culture. For example, in China, this energy is known as chi. In Japan, it is referred to as ki. In Greece, they call it pneuma. However, all these terms refer to the same energy, and it is the energy that pervades everything and with which everything is created. It is also worth noting that this energy does not die, but it can only be transmitted from one state into another. Enjoy the work. Acknowledgments This article has been long coming. I have dreamed of my third article for the past decade and here it is. As you can imagine, I am most excited to share my experience and insight that I have learned and gained from the best experts out there: my clients. I have worked with thousands of individuals over the years and the breadth and depth offer wisdom and creative avenues for true healing we all have within our beings. Their golden nuggets are now yours! I want to thank my kids for their belief in me. I am amazed at their support and encouragement.

It has been an amazing and wondrous surprise and I now know I could not have pursued this dream without them! The good news is that treating with the SHINE protocol can help not only CFS/FMS but POTS as well. These simple treatments can markedly improve function and they can be combined as helpful: Increase salt and water intake. You are already drinking like a fish, but you are also peeing like a racehorse. This occurs because one of the hormone deficiencies is antidiuretic hormone (DDAVP-vasopressin--the anti-peeing hormone), which leaves you dehydrated. In addition, salt is the sponge that holds water in our body. You need to eat large amounts of salt, sometimes even licking sea salt. You can simply do this from the palms of your hands. If you notice improvement, you will know that your body was craving salt. You will sometimes find that in an attempt to be healthy, many of you are restricting the amount of salt you take in. Bernard Madoff ? Any number of recent banking scandals? And when a spouse enters into an unhealthy liaison with another person, the reasoning will often be, After how I've been treated in this marriage, I deserve better. Entitlement just doesn't operate in our best interests. Nevertheless, I am hopeful -- and, as with all good things, that hopefulness starts with God. He has not left us alone to struggle with a broken culture, broken lives, broken companies, and broken relationships. He is moving among us with his answers and his power. This is where the principles I list in this article come in. These principles underlie everything in the rest of this article.

All of the insights and skills we need to escape from the trap of entitlement are here, all of them developed through the Hard Way paradigm. Energy is also present everywhere. There is energy inside you and all around you. Hence, there are a few people who go so far as to claim that energy is also God. It should also be noted that energy changes, which means emotions also change. This is understandable, for example, you may be sad for one moment, and then happy In the next. The same principle applies when you deal with people. You can expect some changes in the quality of energy. As an empath, you need to learn how to be flexible enough and deal with varying energy degrees. As already mentioned, even emotions are energy. Hence, as an empath, you should have a good understanding of this energy. Their words remain close to my heart and I treasure them always: Hey, Mom, you can do this . I'm so impressed with how you've recreated yourself . I'm proud of you! I thank my husband for his endless selflessness in making the time and space for me to write. It was no small endeavor. I am eternally indebted. And to my Creator, I thank my Heavenly Father for the inspiring messages throughout the articles of this article. I appreciate the sweet whisperings of reminders of all there was for me to know and remember. May my words please You the most!For centuries people have sought excellence for themselves, striving to do the best they could, searching for ways to be the best they could be.

Many messages have been delivered through the philosophers, teachers and so-called `prophets' of their times. That misguided advice is a good recipe to crash and burn. Wear compression socks. It is remarkable how much improvement many people will see by simply using medium pressure (20 to 30 mm) compression stockings. They should use ones that go to at least mid-thigh, but if you can't wear those, then knee-high ones will still be fairly helpful. You should wear them during the day when you are active (not when you are lying down for extended periods). Although low cost, these first two treatments are very helpful. Wearing something that constricts the abdomen, such as a corset or a girdle, may also be helpful. Improve adrenal function. This is a critical part of our holding on to salt and water. As discussed in earlier articles, some will benefit from prescription low-dose hydrocortisone (do not go over 20 milligrams daily). The Hard Way Principles Five overarching life principles make possible our successful journey on this planet, in the same way that gravity, electromagnetism, and radiation govern the physical world. The Bible teaches these five principles, and research supports them. The crucial thing to remember is that these principles cannot be violated or ignored forever, and they can't be ignored without cost. They are larger than we are, for they come from God. Yes, we can disagree with them, shake our fists at them, deny their existence, and insist that they just aren't fair. But that doesn't change their impact and power. It's like disagreeing with the force of gravity. You might think, Gravity is really limiting.

It keeps us from flying on our own, so I disagree with it. The best way to learn more about this energy is to have a direct experience of it through your senses. Therefore, it is only proper that you learn how to feel and see this energy. How to feel the energy The following exercise will allow you to feel the energy with your hands. The steps are as follows: Place your hands in front of you as if you were holding a ball. Slowly take a deep breath. As you do, slowly move your hands apart. Exhale slowly. As you do, bring your hands close together as close as possible, but be careful not to make them touch. And while many of these made sense, they haven't really been able to affect people's behaviours and emotions in ways that would be long lasting. In the 1800s and 1900s interest in the psyche of people grew and more theories developed. In the 1970s a myriad of groups emerged offering theories, ideas and seminars that promised the elusive journey to excellence. Almost forty years later the one that continues to withstand the test of time successfully is NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming. NLP focuses more on asking `how' rather than `why' and on applications rather than theories. Based on models, language and behaviour, NLP has proven to be unparalleled in its application when used as it was intended to be used so many years ago. It has also spawned many `techniques' by people all over the world and, as any other well-founded technology, has been compromised by some that have wandered off the proven path of simplicity. NLP is often challenged by academics and others who view its lack of scientific testing as some kind of failure. But the proof of NLP and its efficacy is in the success of those who have been able to change their lives, learn to achieve their goals and communicate more effectively with their loved ones, not in the labs of intellectuals.

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