Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Facing Depression, Building Hope

As you think back when you were young, or ask a parent their earliest memories of your interests and passions, you may discover a renewed tickle of a dream from within. But trying to recover from CFS/FMS without starting with the basics is like trying to build a house without a foundation. It just doesn't work. Once you've read and done the treatments in Part One, then the information here can rock your world. Having read Part One, you've made a great start toward recovery. You've read the key parts of your body's owner's manual and learned what the different warning lights mean. But by the time CFS or fibromyalgia hit, your body was already pulled over to the side of the road, with no power, and out of the game. But though it may feel permanently damaged, or just this side of dead, it's not. You simply tripped a circuit breaker (or for those of you old enough to remember the expression, blew a fuse) called the hypothalamus. Ready for some good news? CFS/FMS doesn't happen to everyone who has an overwhelming energy crisis. As we wrap up this journey and try to defeat the demons within us, we see that there is little that truly needs to be worried. Life is short and swift. One minute we're alive, and the next minute, we are already lying in our graves. I'm sure that before we die, we will regret the times that we have spent worrying about our lives. Life is precious; Although we do not always have it all together, and we sometimes break down and cry and get it all out, that does not mean we stay there. Release the energy within you that is getting you down. Get it all out, and stop worrying. That is a vital part of your future.

Releasing the negative energy inside you is going to be an essential part of becoming a freer person. Being an empath is natural; You will be able to echo other people's feelings and energy even without knowing the source of these energies. It is like having many emotional burdens dumped on you and eventually, you will feel totally drained because you will have used a lot of your energy to deal with these negative emotions emanating from other people. When you find yourself feeling quite intuitive and sensitive to the needs of other people, you often feel fatigued at the end of the day. You feel this natural urge to carry other people's pain and burdens. As the saying goes, Heavy is the head that wears the crown. Such people possess gifts like deep connection and clear observation. When you are an empath, you learn to trust your feelings 100%. You believe your feelings because they have never let you down. If they tell you something is wrong then it is wrong! Such fantasies are unencumbered by the rational and practical thinking of your adult mind. So, explore your dreams with an inquisitive mind and ask what, where, how, when, and why. Reflect on these memories and their meanings to you as a child by stepping back in time where you can remember connecting with the fun of creating make-believe worlds. Maybe you were already in the role of a healer. I had two fantasies. One of my first make-believe games was playing witch. My best friend Lindsey and I would spend hours concocting potions and spells to heal the afflicted. Then I entered another realm, the world of medicine; I was nurse Nightingale and sought to heal the afflicted.

Did you have a desire to help others? Instead they get things like cancers that do kill them. Getting the illness instead may have saved your life. If it saved your life so you can live like this, you may think, Fat lot of good that did me. But our research shows you can turn the circuit breaker back on and get your life back. I'll show you how in this section. More good news? Ever see a mutant-superhero movie? Where the character gets some superpower from their illness or spider bite? There is a superpower gift you may find you got from the illness (I did). I'll share it with you at the end of this article. By infusing your life with positivity, you can live with an open mind and heart that is willing to learn from different situations. Try putting on a happy face. Smile, but do so willfully and cheerfully. Then you can experience what it is like to have fewer worries in your life. Find ways to experience the joy that never goes away. Even if you do not feel happy one day, you will always feel a sense of deep satisfaction, knowing that you are making a meaningful life for yourself on earth, and you are not going to let anything get you down.A couple contacted me about some trouble with their twenty-five-year-old son, who was still living at home. He had quit college and was unemployed after losing several minimum-wage jobs. He spent his days playing video games with his friends and his evenings partying. The couple had tried everything to get their son motivated to move on in his life.

They'd had friends give him job interviews and had tried to get him interested in an online degree, at their expense. At some point in your life, you might be aware of your introvert traits but also have this huge urge to create a big impact on thousands of people. You always feel that you have this great message that you want to pass on. This experience might not be clear to you because you do not know that you are an empath. If you have a feeling, a great calling to change people's lives, you cannot resist this feeling because obviously, it is much bigger than you. How can you know that you are an empath? You daydream a lot - You know that you are an empath when you are strong and courageous in areas like visions and prophecy. You feel great connection to the feelings of others. Since such life experiences require safety, the only refuge you find is in your dream world. For instance, you can dream fighting for the rights of the vulnerable in your society, saving their lives and making heroic speeches. Unlike other people's dreams, yours will feel much more real. What was already the dream stirring in your child's mind? Take a moment, grab some paper and a pencil, and complete the following: The child within me wants to be someone who. Note the healing components that may be part of this pretend adventure, maybe a small gesture causing someone to smile to a larger impact of being a catalyst of a greater good. Who are the hero healers who intrigue you? Now that you remember and have re-identified your talents and strengths, being connected to your core of who your true self wants to be, you are ready to learn from a mentor. Dig into the deepest recesses of your mind and create a list, of at least five healers that you learn from and want to grow up to be. Study them; Search out and ask them of their secrets in discovering how they integrate their shadow, discern which part of them is directing their healing, and how they manage the dance of the pseudo-self and IS. How do they stay in the present?

How did they know they know more that they knew they knew? This dramatic improvement with the SHINE protocol has also been shown in the thousands of people that we have treated. It has been so incredibly personally gratifying to watch them get their lives back. Meanwhile, outcomes continue to improve even more, by adding the newer treatments in this article. The Science Shows That CFS and Fibromyalgia Are Very Treatable So why aren't physicians applying the research? This is occurring for several reasons. Fortunately, you can get well anyway. This is why we have created tools such as the free Energy Analysis Program (www. This patented free fifteen-minute quiz can analyze your symptoms, and even key lab tests if available, to determine what is causing your energy crisis. It will then tailor a protocol to optimize your energy using a mix of natural and prescription therapies. After more than a year of no changes, they were at their wits' end. We met in my office in southern California. Dad had driven from his office and wore an open-necked dress shirt, slacks, and a frustrated expression. The son, in jeans and a T-shirt, sat with arms crossed. His facial expression and his overall manner were detached, as if expressing that nothing anyone said here would matter. Mom sat between them, in jeans and a blouse, anxiously looking back and forth between her two men. As the discussion progressed, it quickly became clear that parents and son did not see life the same way. In fact, their viewpoints could not have been more polarized. Mom and Dad had grown up in a middle-class environment and had worked their way through college.

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