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Like a siren in your head warning danger

We are using hypnobirthing for our birth and therefore the environment and language are very important to us. Please note that we would appreciate it if you could avoid using the words `pain' or `contractions', and instead talk about `comfort' and `surges'. I may describe the power and intensity of a surge but I do not wish to think about or feel pain, as I do not believe birth needs to be painful. Intermittent monitoring with sonicaid There is no need to ask when you want to listen in. I would prefer not to be asked questions in labour unless necessary. I wish to be as mobile as possible/in the pool so only continuously monitored if absolutely necessary. If continuous monitoring is necessary, I would like to use the wireless monitoring if this is available so that I can continue to move about. IMPORTANT TO KNOW Medical conditions They embraced it, scrubbed and cleaned it, and polished the huge menorah. But when the rabbis were ready to begin services, they could only find a tiny jar of pure oil to burn in the menorah, only enough for one day. But by a miracle, the oil burned on and on for eight days. Hanukkah is celebrated each year to share the story of that miracle and to rejoice in the Jewish faith. The menorah holds the candles that are lit throughout the eight days. Families pass down these important objects from generation to generation as heirlooms. If you don't have an heirloom, you can visit a make-your-own pottery store and create your own family keepsake. Glaze and decorate a menorah for your children to light, or to give to a new couple just starting out. I promise this piece of art will be cherished by all those who use it, to fill their life with light. Another temporary but fun way to make a menorah is to gather nine apples and then use a melon baller to scoop out a hole big enough to place a taper candle inside each one.

Of course, many of the subjects in Kray's studies were reflecting on positive moments in their lives--going to college and meeting a close friend. But some of the most important turning points in our lives are difficult or painful. When we subtract those experiences from our stories, we are forced to consider that life might have been better had they not occurred. For Carlos Eire, that moment was the Cuban Revolution. He was eight years old when Fidel Castro marched into Havana in January 1959 and seized power from dictator Fulgencio Batista. Before the revolution, Carlos lived a privileged and idyllic life in Havana. His father was a respected judge and art collector who believed he had been Louis XVI in a former life and behaved accordingly. His mother was a beautiful woman and devout Catholic who adored her two sons. Carlos spent most of his time playing outside and trying not to get into trouble at his strict all-boys Catholic school. Just days before Castro came to power, Carlos and his family spent Christmas Eve with his grandparents. Moments later, as if being guided by sure and gentle invisible hands, my eyes were led upward and to the left. A beautiful female image with dark hair hovered. A glorious light emitted from her. It was an incredible, whitish-blue color that I had never seen before. This light radiated from her, and it looked like she was clothed with the sun and stars. Her bowed head was draped with a beautiful blue-green cloth. A coral-colored gown robed her. She held her hands in greeting, acceptance, compassion, humility, prayer, and invitation. I recognized her as Our Lady of Guadalupe. She was radiant, yet her image seemed to be coming directly from the cover of a article that was written about Her.

Anaphylaxis. I am extremely allergic to certain drugs and carry an epi-pen. BIRTH PARTNER We would like to be left alone whenever possible Name: James Walton Relationship to you: Partner Contact number: XXXXX XXX XXX It is very important to me that the lighting is dimmed throughout SIGHT/SOUND/SMELL/TASTE/TOUCH I would like my own choice of music to be playing (including hypnobirthing audio tracks), battery-operated tea lights on and our essential oils/room spray. Line up the apples in a row, and you have a beautiful natural centerpiece. Put other seasonal fruits or vegetables and leaves around it. Make and send greeting cards from beautiful papers. Purchase blank cards and envelopes (in your favorite color), and cut eight pieces of paper to represent the eight days of Hanukkah. Glue them randomly on the front of the card, and then cut eight flames from white paper and glue them above the candles. Inside the card write, Wishing you a season filled with light, love, and joy. Because this holiday is all about light, make guests a party favor of a light. Glue pictures of each family or person onto small pillar candles with the message, You make the world a brighter place. Gather all the recipes for your favorite dishes and family secret recipes. Assemble a cookarticle together with family photos to give to everyone next Hanukkah.

It was a classic childhood scene. Roast pork for dinner, nougat for dessert; Carlos cracking nuts with his grandfather on a balcony; We didn't know it then, Carlos has written, but it would be the last time my entire family would spend Nochebuena together at my grandparents' house. That night, Carlos's father drove the long way home so that they could see the Christmas lights and decorations adorning the city's houses and storefronts. It would soon all be over, Carlos wrote--Castro's guerrilla war and our future as a family. Not long after that night, Castro's government began showing its teeth--torturing and executing political rivals, confiscating private property, and indoctrinating children at school. When Carlos's mother heard rumors that Castro planned to separate children from their parents, she panicked and decided to send Carlos and his brother Tony to the United States, where they would be safe. The boys were among the fourteen thousand Cuban children airlifted to Florida between 1960 and 1962 as part of Operation Peter Pan. Carlos's mother and thousands of other parents remained behind in Cuba awaiting their exit permits and the day that they would be reunited with their children. My mouth opened; In that moment, I was made to understand that I was being called. I was being asked to accept Her. A very subtle passageway felt like it was being offered. Only, somewhat paradoxically, the understanding of this felt like it had been given to me, just not via my mind. It was being offered to someplace within me, yet beyond me. It came from, and went to, something underneath. Something in the heart--the soul. I accepted Her. It felt very right.

I'd like to use a birth ball and wear my own clothes initially and then use the birth pool when labour is established. I have a TENS machine I can use in early labour and plan to eat and drink normally. PAIN RELIEF Please do not offer any to me I do not wish to have an epidural. I do not want Pethidine/Diamorphine or any other drugs. I do not like gas and air because it makes me sick. Ideally I do not want any drugs introduced during my labour or afterwards. Please remind me of the tools I do have which include: my breathing techniques, visualisations (of a balloon filling as I inhale and a golden thread as I exhale), light-touch massage, heat pack, cold flannel, essential oils, relaxation scripts, relaxation audio tracks, positive affirmations, the pool, etc These will all increase my comfort level. Please remind me of my desire to feel and experience this birth and of my previous positive birth experience if I have a wobble. Take a family photo each Hanukkah, frame it, and display it with all the years before (and remember to leave room for all the years to come). The faces will change in the images, but the feeling of love and tradition will remain. On each night of Hanukkah, the children receive a gift. You can start a new tradition by asking your child to donate a gift to another child who is in need. Teach your children to be openhearted and generous. Ask them to join you at a nursing home or a hospital, and spend the evening sharing time, playing with dreidels (spinning tops), and eating potato latkes with someone who is all alone. Light up the world. When you invite families for Hanukkah, ask each to bring its favorite menorah. Have them light their own candles and fill every window and your home with light. The Christmas season often becomes hectic, rushed, and exhausting as you pack the days with shopping, cooking, wrapping, decorating, and preparing for your family and friends.

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