Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Making Friends with Your Monkey-Mind

Being a perfectionist is not necessarily a good thing. We've already tried it I once had a staff member at an assisted living community tell me that they had already tried baby dolls and they didn't work. Upon investigating this original attempt, I found that the baby dolls they'd used had not looked real: they were plastic, hard, and small. No one, not even someone deep into dementia, would mistake these babies for real. Although the community had tried it, they had not executed the attempt correctly. They were also putting the dolls into residents' hands, without further instruction, or were leaving them in various rooms, hoping their residents would stumble on them. It is critically important to introduce the baby dolls effectively: make them readily available and ask the residents what they think of the babies. For this particular community, I decided to try again with more realistic-looking dolls and had a lot of success. We can't keep the dolls or pets clean enough Different companies have different policies and practices regarding the cleaning and maintenance of the baby dolls and pets. This in turn, can lead to the highest type of discernment which, testifies of the gifts of being the Healer you are. These gifts include, yet are not limited to, the ability to perceive in others and uncover for them their better nature and the good inherent within them. As you can discern the spirit which influences you - as you have already made the choice to show up as a healer - you can more successfully detect truth and love, open the way to allowing the love for and from another into your heart, prompt joy in your thoughts, and come to know yourself, without a doubt. Once you know yourself, you can know who you are as a Healer. As you stand up for your burning desire to serve, your gifts will be a light backed by your faith. This faith becomes your external elixir of life, power, and action for your visionary wisdom. This transmutes your defined purpose into physical reality. As you accomplish your purpose, you can see your healing potential manifested as it materializes in the real world. Mind, Body, and Spirit

The mind, body, and spirit concept has been discussed for eons, and during the 17th century, Western society started treating the mind and body as two distinct entities. Take it with a meal that has oil in it. Energy Revitalization System vitamin powder: Drink one-half to one scoop a day. Acetyl-L-carnitine: Take 500 milligrams three times a day for six weeks, then once a day. Hawthorn Phytosome by Enzymatic Therapy: For severe cases, take two capsules three times a day plus magnesium orotate 3,000 milligrams a day. Use the above with the okay of your holistic physician. Two cautions: People taking the blood thinner Coumadin (warfarin) must get their physician's okay before adding any supplement or medication, and magnesium must be used under a doctor's supervision in those with kidney failure. I recommend using SHINE D-Ribose to optimize energy. This contains the Bioenergy form used in the study, as I have heard back from people that they sometimes don't get the same results with generic forms. But the Bioenergy form was quite expensive, so I decided to bottle it, cut out the middleman, and cut the price in half. Each scoop contains 5 grams. One could argue that being a perfectionist is not good at all. Most people who struggle with perfectionism are always anxious. They often wake up in the middle of the night, thinking of the things that they could have done better. Being a perfectionist causes overthinking because you are always trying to outdo yourself. Reliance on quick fixes like with the advent of the internet also came a myriad of self-help videos, articles, and websites. The one thing that these resources promise is that they can help fix what ails you in a couple of easy steps. Of course, all of them are lying, but unfortunately, people usually have no other choice. However, many quick fixes do help, and that is the reason why it is problematic. Are you hungry?

Just order a pizza or Chinese takeout using your phone. Some stuffed animals, depending on the material they are made of, can be tossed into a garment bag and then into the washing machine. Later, they can be left to air dry. Robot toys need to be wiped clean with a disinfectant wipe between users. It is important to keep the pets and babies clean, but it may also be easier to purchase interested residents their own pet or baby. Although these still need to be washed occasionally, it facilitates infection control when the dolls aren't being shared between different people. They are too expensive One of the first pets created for people with dementia was PARO. PARO is a seal that moves, coos, and responds to touch. It is adorable and very popular but has a high price point. While PARO is unique, there are other pets and baby dolls that do not cost nearly as much money. The body is the tangible mechanics of our biology; Then at the turn of the 20th century, researches began expanding their studies of the mind-body link to include the intangible that is referred to spirit. An article about mind-body connection from the University of Minnesota opens this up even more: Integrative psychiatrist James Lake, MD, of Stanford University, writes that `extensive research has confirmed the medical and mental benefits of meditation, mindfulness training, yoga, and other mind-body practices. This opened the way to exploring the conscious and unconscious aspects. An inspiration may bring on a thought; And with the complexity of being human, a body sensation evokes emotional reaction; Emotions catapult the body into motion; Mind, body, and spirit synchronicity increases conscious awareness and guides you to your healing path. Again, as emerging research supports, symbolically, this holistic perspective takes in consideration the three corners of the triangle, representing a partnership with purpose beyond this temporal story.

To maintain a healthy balance between your mind, body, and spirit, you must nurture your whole self, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. For most people, a scoop each morning, or even twice a day, will give a dramatic energy boost within a month. For very severe fatigue, I begin with a 5-gram scoop three times a day for three to six weeks. To make things easier, the new Smart Energy System includes 5 grams of the Bioenergy ribose per scoop, along with five other key energy boosters. But first a bit of background: I have a special interest in medical anthropology, feeling that there is so much we can learn from history. In fact, in medical school my nickname was The Ghost. I could often be found at two in the morning going through old journals from the medical school library. My routine was to select four issues of the same journal-one from one hundred years ago, one from fifty years ago, one from twenty years ago, and a current one. Then I would scan through them to give me a perspective of what was happening in medicine over time. As a medical student, I was amazed to read studies written by the professors my textarticles were named after. Doing this also showed me very clearly when the pharmaceutical industry had its rise and appeared to suppress pretty much all other research except for surgery. You do not like walking? Get yourself a car. Do you need to talk to your mother halfway across the country? Pick up your smartphone and start a video call. The modern world has so many quick fixes in place for almost every kind of problem that people might have. However, quick fixes just work most of the time, not every time. When a person's question remains unresolved for a few hours or even days, his mind automatically defaults to thinking that there must be something wrong, and this usually triggers overthinking. For instance, if you are feeling upset for a couple of days, there must be some kind of quick fix for it. You think you need to quit your job, break up with your SO, stop talking to your parents;

These options are Band-Aid fixes, not long-term solutions. Memorable Pets sells many of their pets for less than $40 a pet. They also feature baby dolls on their site that range in price from low to very high. I have been known to shop Amazon for realistic-looking baby dolls and have found a number of options for under $40 a doll. The community's monetary investment in baby dolls and pets can be really high or fairly low, but no matter the actual cost, the items, as long as they are realistic looking, are always worth it. One of our residents will hog all the babies or pets This is something I have heard a number of times, and sometimes it's true. If that is the case, however, it is easily solvable: provide enough pets and baby dolls for the person who really enjoys them. Dress all the dolls in a particular color or put little bows in the dogs' hair. If one of the residents is hoarding the items, they will probably keep them in their own room. It will typically be easy to slip in and remove some of the dolls or pets that don't belong to them. This holistic paradigm applies to you and helps you to identify your story of evolution as a healer. What may seem a mystery, beneath the surface of your calling, can evolve into an invitation to rise to a mission called to long, long ago. As you can see, just as true healing involves the mind, body, and spirit, so does your calling to heal. Dr James Gordon, founder of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, describes how this interaction can work. He states, The brain and peripheral nervous system, the endocrine and immune systems, and indeed, all the organs of our body and all the emotional responses we have, share a common chemical language and are constantly communicating with one another. To this I would add that the mechanism behind this dance is the vibrational energy of spirit. Does It Matter if You Are Making it Up? Pretend or Not There is a saying that most everything is made-up.

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