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Relaxation and Mindfulness

If your mother has a diagnosis of DLB, though, and she is hallucinating, this is probably normal for her and does not need to be dealt with immediately, since hallucinations are part of the DLB disease process. This article is not intended to be a detailed description of the different forms of dementia, but I hope it gets you to think about how the way the disease is treated depends on the symptoms of different causes of dementia. The 36-Hour Day, written by Nancy L. Mace and Dr Peter V. Rabins, was first published by Johns Hopkins University Press over thirty years ago. If your calling came easily and without question, human nature leans to dismissing it as less important. It may cross your path and be out of sight before you even experience the inner yearnings to be a healer. We are created to question things and seek the path of least resistance as part of our basic survival. This is great for life preservation but this also may be the very reason so many miss their calling. The feelings of self-doubt and disbelief are part of the survival instinct in our search for our life's purpose. This is where the real-I-zation enters in the realm in this search. Real-I-zation is the step of getting to know who you are so you can know where to start being and becoming your Ideal Self. To grow, we need to keep on walking. This walking of the new path can take you on an adventure of differentiating. Differentiation is when you individuate from your life paradigm of what you know and begin to learn what the world is bringing to you. The effect? People who use lavender also experience more energy and alertness in the morning. Research also suggests that lavender supports your body's own endorphin molecules. These are the same neurotransmitters that your body stimulates to decrease pain, and which triggers the runner's high in athletes. So, it is no wonder that this herb is so prized.

Mandarin (Citrus reticulata) In traditional Chinese medicine, the mandarin herb has been used to calm the nervous system and induce sleep. In fact, mandarin oranges get their name from the Chinese Mandarins, who traditionally received this fruit as a gift. Ravensara (Ravensara aromatica) The fragrant leaves, bark, and nuts of this rainforest tree have a long history of being used by the indigenous population of Madagascar for their powerful effects in supporting sleep, improving mood, and calming anxiety. Most people may experience insecurity, or a tendency to lack experience or surety in themselves, concerning some aspect of human life. For most, it is possible to resolve this insecurity before they have prolonged, adverse effects. However, when one struggles with systemic anxiety for an extended period, the fears and depressive emotions encountered can have a profound impact on life and cause overthinking. Insecurity also contributes to pessimistic feelings regarding one's ability to mix in with friends, achieve targets, or gain encouragement and acceptance. The condition often includes anxiety: individuals start experiencing the feelings of insecurity, feel worried, and fears that try to frame anxiety and overthinking. If you are always frustrated and criticizing yourself for something less than ideal, you will begin feeling insecure and valueless. While trying your best and striving diligently can give you an edge, there are other unpleasant factors of perfectionism. Harassing to oneself and continually thinking about not being perfect enough may contribute to anxiety and depression, mental illnesses, or severe insomnia. Future Uncertainties Uncertainty is a useful source of conflict which may impact your current and future health. It is currently in its sixth edition and includes detailed descriptions of many causes of dementia. You might want to go to the Alzheimer's Association webarticle (alz. There you'll find much more information about dementia and even some of the current research being done to find a cure for Alzheimer disease. Building a Dementia-Friendly Environment The skilled nursing facility's dementia care unit was nothing to write home about.

It smelled fine and was generally clean, but it was boring. Residents hung out in the dining room even when it was not mealtime. No one would have known that it was a dementia care wing, because it did not look different from any other space in the building. The first thing that I did when I got there was open up the box of a brand-new CD player I had purchased. I put the CD player on a small table in the hallway. You open your mind and heart to new sights, sounds, and opportunities. For true growth, this is not an eat, drink, and be merry philosophy. This requires contemplation, prayer, and listening for the personal revelation that is yours in the waiting. It can be a path of detours, time-outs, and rocky places, even a barricade that blocks the path now and then to be broken through. Again, it takes a bit longer, is harder, and costs more than ever anticipated. I encourage you to stop, take a moment, and use the formulas I teach in this article to reflect, pray, and listen from your heart for your personal message as to why and what has brought you to this purpose, your call of divinity! If you do this with full intention and expectation to receive an answer, you will learn that you are expected to walk the path of uncertainty and enter the game of life in this calling as a healer . With the ability to think and the power of discernment, you can act and choose. One of the greatest freedoms and powers at your disposal is your free will. As you use it, you open your life to an infinite horizon in which you are free to pick the path for your desired growth and purpose. All four of these essential oils can be found in combination in Terrific Zzzz. This and the Revitalizing Sleep Formula herbal mix are synergistic with the natural products below, and the sleep medications that we will discuss in Part Three. Most people find that one, or if needed both, of these products will leave them sleeping like a kitten. The third thing I add is the sleep hormone melatonin; The exception is the brand Dual Spectrum Melatonin 5 Mg made by Nature's Bounty.

This contains both immediate release and sustained release melatonin, and people have found it to be uniquely effective. It is available at Walgreens or on Amazon. Simply try each of these individually, and then they can be combined as needed. If you find that your mind is wide awake and racing at bedtime, this is a different problem. It suggests that your cortisol stress hormone levels are too high at night. Change threatens our future planning capacity. Based on past experiences, our brains make decisions for the future. Whether the future is unpredictable when we learn anything different, we cannot depend on previous encounters to make our choices. Without that device, we might worry about what the future could bring, running around and thinking for potential possibilities. It is the chaos-filled overthinking mind that keeps us off from going ahead in life. It is the overthinking mind that makes people feel depressed and obsessed with the future. It is the mind of the negative thoughts that we do need better regulation to quit stressing and keep living. If you are frequently alert and anxious for instability and the future, you may establish a persistent stress habit and are more vulnerable to panic and anxiety that can cause overthinking. Overall, acknowledging the uncertainty in existence is essential to your emotional wellbeing because there will often be things beyond your power. Due to any event or any situation that affected your mind leads you to think more and more about it. The second the music came on, residents began to gather around. I moved a few chairs closer to the music. Within the next half hour, residents were practically fighting each other to sit near the CD player. All it took was some music and some furniture rearranging, but the space felt completely different. Dementia-friendly interior design is, oddly enough, a fairly new concept.

When you go into a senior care community, you typically find one of two things: it is either designed with family members in mind, or it looks like a hurricane hit. It's either beautiful and clean but stark and boring, or it's dirty, disorganized, and confusing--and sometimes it is both. While I have seen beautiful, dementia-friendly design, it is rare. Dementia-friendly design aspects can be used at home, as well. You don't need to paint walls or completely rearrange rooms to create a dementia-positive space, either. With such responsibility comes accountability. How do you know which way to go? I return to the formula shared above: reflect, pray, and listen. Reflection requires being present and opening your mind to bring forward all that you know. This knowing includes all your conditioning, what you brought with you from life before the earthly journey and what visionary impressions come forth. This is work. As you ponder in a meditative state, you may wrestle with opposing forces. The conditioning and the knowledge brought with you and what you see as your truth - which I refer to as your Ideal Self - may contradict one another on face value and create doubt. Doubt can make you feel like you are crazy. The greater the calling, the crazier you may feel at face value. This is discussed in more detail in article 2 on adrenal problems. A simple herbal mix called Sleep Tonight, taken an hour or two before bedtime, can resolve this problem and may be all you need. If you tend to wake in the middle of the night, especially when using this herbal mix, it is also a good idea to have a 1- or 2-ounce protein snack at bedtime (such as meat, cheese, or a hard-boiled egg) to keep blood sugar from dropping too low during the night. There is one other natural remedy that helps sleep. Taking 75 to 200 milligrams of magnesium at night may be helpful.

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