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The Biochemical Effects of Stress in the Body

Be sure to have them preauthorize the test. The diagnoses fatigue, daytime somnolence, snoring, and high blood pressure should be enough to get them to cover the study. Another alternative? Set up a video camera at the foot of your bed to record yourself while you're sleeping. Position it so that you can see both your feet and your face. Overthinking is much more than an irritation, and research shows that so much thinking will even cause a strain on overall wellbeing. This is not a useful strategy to waste a lot of time worrying about something awful that could arise later. Yet the actual issue comes when overthinking continues to consume our lives. Overthinking may contribute to frustration, uncertainty, and disappointment that can have a significant adverse effect on any part of our lives. After all, we overthink bad things, either relying on events that did not go well or stressing the worst-case scenarios. With extreme anxiety, your mind and body get into panic mode as you continuously focus on what could occur. Prolonged concerns can affect your everyday life so much that they can interfere with your cravings, lifestyle factors, relationship issues, sleep, and work performance. Many people who worry unnecessarily are so anxious that they seek assistance from harmful eating habits like unhealthy eating, smoking tobacco, or using drugs and alcohol. Overthinking does improve their risk of experiencing fear, insomnia, and mental illnesses, though. Relying on your faults, challenges, and failures raises the risk of being influenced by mental issues. They will reach for and try to pick up the leaves from a leaf-patterned fabric on a chair, because the one-dimensional pattern looks real to them. Further, fabric in general is impractical for chairs and couches in dementia care communities. Fabrics are hard to clean and wipe off. If someone has a bathroom accident on a fabric chair, that chair is ruined. If that chair was made out of vinyl, though, the housekeeping staff could wipe it down.

A good example of a chair that could work in a care community is shown in figure 2. Care communities get a lot more mileage out of furniture that is washable! I had a resident once who would constantly try to pick the lines off the carpeted floor. When Betty got particularly confused, she'd spend hours bending down and practically falling over trying to peel lines off the carpet. Not only was the carpet a safety hazard for our residents but it was also impractical, as it got stained and dirty far too quickly. At this time, I had no idea how hypnosis worked, especially in a therapeutic setting. Yet I knew this was a call to action for me. What I didn't understand was this was also a call for my own healing, and I would experience a life-altering vision during my hypnotherapy training. It was during a regression hypnotic exercise meant for me to grasp the technique to serve my clients. Little did I know it would turn out to be a hypnotic adventure for me. The real-I-zation of who I am presented to me during another hypnotherapy training exercise. A vision of me conversing with my sister Lori prior to our arrival to this earthly journey appeared. We were discussing our purpose on earth; In this vision, I was focused on battling Lori over her taking on the affliction and arguing that it was mine to take on. Lori calmly reassured me that things were set as they were meant to be. Then hit record and go to bed with only a sheet over you (you'll pull the blanket on later when you're sleeping, so don't worry). The next day, watch the tape. Do you have periods where you snore and stop breathing? If yes, is it only when you're lying on your back, or does it occur in any position? About how many times during the hour does it happen?

If more than a few times during the hour, get the sleep study done doing a split night study. Also check to see if your legs are jumpy and if it seems like this leg jumpiness disturbs your sleep. If yes, ask your physician to treat for restless leg syndrome (see below). In addition, watching the tape is a good way to help you fall asleep. Causes of Sleep Apnea Overthinking will hook you up for a long, difficult to break chain. It puts stress on your inner health, so you continue to overthink because you lose your state of mind. If you overthink your life's significant problems, you will get lost in confusion, inaction, and laziness. A person who cares about his interactions, wellbeing, job, self-identify issues, and wants to spend time in reflective thought, but it can be expensive to spend a lot of time thinking. We also, on the other side, have pessimistic, distracting feelings that are better left behind. Time spent on such thoughts will contribute to substantial negative feelings. Overthink Consumes Energy Overthink requires up a lot of intellectual resources and energy. Your imagination creates too many random ideas and situations that do not even go into positive stuff. Without some form of physical activity, your emotional strength will ultimately turn you weak and make things appear like you are depressed, and you have spent far too much time inside your thoughts. The community had purchased it because it was softer than hardwood flooring, but the downsides of the carpet outweighed its softness. Environment is as important as activities and engagement in creating a great space for residents. A dementia-friendly chair Use of Baby Dolls and Stuffed Animals One of my favorite things to set up in a care community is what I call the nursery station (figure 2.

It's an interactive space where residents can come and go as they please. I've often made up a whole room to look like a baby's nursery. There are realistic-looking baby dolls lying down and sitting up in a real crib. Nursery decor lines the walls, and there is pleasant music on repeat in the corner, drawing attention to the space. The door to the room is always kept open, or we take the door off. I woke in awe over my sister's convicted peace regarding her journey. The healing of my survivor's remorse over having a healthy body and she not, was achieved. Yet I failed to capture my purpose. I was lost. At this point in my life journey, my call to be a healer had occurred and I was actively doing the work. The work was most fulfilling, and I knew to follow my heart. Yet the inner peace I witnessed from my sister was absent within me. And I knew intuitively that this was the purpose of this vision to begin my own inner healing. This time had come. Years passed and through another hypnotic experience, I progressed to my mother's womb. The primary cause of sleep apnea is excess body weight. Just as fat deposits are present elsewhere in the body, they occur in the tissue surrounding the throat. When a person is lying down, the angle of the head can cause compression of the trachea, the pipe that carries air into the lungs. As noted above, because of the often-large weight gain associated with the metabolic disturbances in CFS/FMS, OSA is a common occurrence in these individuals. Treating Sleep Apnea

The standard medical treatment for sleep apnea is to wear a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) mask over your nose or face while sleeping. This maintains increased pressure, keeping the upper airway from obstructing. During the sleep study, the lab does a CPAP titration. This is where they see how much pressure is needed in the mask to keep your sleep apnea from happening. CPAP is an excellent treatment for sleep apnea and is very helpful. Our bodies contain a stress hormone, as we overanalyze and stress themselves out. The continuous release from hormones will destroy it over time and cause exhaustion. Thus the more you overthink, the more you will consume your energy. Overthink Affects Mental and Psychological Health Overthinking most frequently causes mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, and stress, and personality disorder. That will be repetitive thoughts on something that triggers one's discomfort, tension, apprehension, or fear while overthinking because it pertains to a panic disorder. Any conditions of mental wellbeing when a person cannot interrupt his or her thinking from ruminating include Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, chronic anxiety, panic attacks, specific phobias, anxiety disorders, or any other illness. O verthinking can cause an anxiety condition, in which the individual starts worrying over something again and again. Overthinking Affects Physical Health Overthinking may have a negative effect on the appetites of the individuals. The warm wall colors, music, and details in the space encourage residents to enter the nursery. A couple rocking chairs are set up so that residents can take the babies out and sit with them. There are baby clothes in a basket, and baby socks waiting to be matched. Interactive spaces increase engagement with realistic-looking dolls I have found that some of the best activities for people with dementia are those that require little to no involvement of the staff.

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