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What Did You Have?

Awareness, followed by acceptance, is the first step towards dealing with them effectively. Even if the adult who may have Asperger syndrome does not wish to go for an assessment, as long as they are aware and accept that it may be the cause of some of their problems, the couple will be able to move forward and work on the difficulties they are facing. If, however, the partner who may have Asperger syndrome is unwilling to accept that they may be on the spectrum and blames everything or everyone else for the problems in the relationship, then it will be very difficult for the relationship to survive. Sometimes the blame can be directed at the partner without Asperger syndrome, and this can have a devastating effect on both them and the relationship. Asperger syndrome in denial There are many signs that you may have to look out for if you're worried about environmental toxins, but there are other factors that can be affecting your brain health without actually affecting you with literal toxins. The Stressful Workplace Another aspect that can greatly interfere with your brain health is being part of a working environment that is too stressful. As I mentioned earlier, being in an overly stressed environment will release large amounts of stress (fight or flight) hormones on a far too frequent basis. This, in turn, will cause other problems in your body and you will start to put on weight. The other downside to this is the fact that the hippocampus and adrenal glands will eventually become severely depleted because they will be secreting such large amounts of stress hormones too regularly. There are myriad health problems that can occur with being in an environment that is too stressful. If you think that you are in an environment that is too stressful and that it is affecting the health of your body and brain, then it will be necessary to weigh up the options of staying in that environment. If, however, you can't escape that environment, then it may be necessary to find other ways to cope with the stress to maintain your brain's overall health. Healthy Environment Tip: The lesson here is that gremlin thoughts don't hold any water once we start challenging them. A Coaching Moment When my daughter Margaret was six years old, she already had her share of demons. One weekend, she came to me and said, Mommy, I'm a bad girl. Normally, I would have sympathized with her and said something along the lines of No you're not!

But this time, I decided not to engage in the debate. Instead, I said, Honey, what does it do for you to tell yourself you're a bad girl? What's the point? I mean, what does it get you? To which she quite honestly replied, It gets me hugs and kisses. And if you have stress, depression, or anxiety issues, keeping a journal is a great idea. It can help you control your emotions and improve your mental health. Benefits Of The Journal For Mental Health One way to deal with any emotion is to find a healthy way to express yourself. It makes a journal a useful tool for monitoring your mental health. The diary can help you: The diary helps control your symptoms and improve your mood by: Help you prioritize problems, fears, and concerns. Track any symptoms day by day so you can recognize triggers and learn ways to control them better. Provide an opportunity for positive internal dialogue and identify negative thoughts and behaviors Whatever you write, assume your family, business colleagues, and friends will see it--even future employers, college admission offices, or your future mate. Using such a public forum for negative or inappropriate content is sure to be a future regret. Read a article, listen to music, exercise, meditate, or fly a kite--anything that will give your brain a break. I feel bad for your generation. Youth is often the time for stupid, immature mistakes.

Now, cameras are everywhere, capturing and preserving your missteps. Sure, camera phones have benefits; You make a mistake--perhaps a one-time event or even the worst moment of your life--and it can be posted on a social media platform for the public to see. Add to that risk the emotional cost of always being connected, of never having a break from your peers. When I was a kid, I was often bullied at school, but when I went home, I was safe. If I did, you'd think I was crazy. But it's not half as crazy as giving the excuse that you drink because it doesn't do you any harm, when everybody knows it does! I began this article with a question: Cut down or quit completely? I hope you can now see that cutting down is not an option. The only way to stop the rain coming in is to repair the hole in the roof. Quitting completely is the only way to free yourself from the alcohol trap. It has no other benefits at all. As you enter the final stages before becoming a nondrinker, you may still have some lingering concerns. It's time to remove any traces of uncertainty. If I took you up in an airplane and told you I wanted you to parachute out, you'd feel a lot better about it if you'd been through a proper course of instruction and you knew and understood everything you had to do. All folks exerting to make sure they're satisfied on an unconscious level. In regards to Robbins, the six human needs influences a person's being's deepest motivation and determines how we rank our decisions and actions throughout our lives. The six human needs take an ascending order; All folks have phases and areas of our lives by which our focus and priorities differ. Of these needs, however, serves a crucial part in creating a life that's whole and fulfilling in the least levels.

These six human needs include; All folks have a crucial got to satisfy their stability within the world, and it's basic. When the necessity for certainty is met at a really primary level, we are guaranteed the continuation of our dna. Certainty allows us to try to what we are alleged to do and claim certainty by having our bills and basic need covered. We even have secured relationships and movement. Accept the employer's best offer now, but accept it with the proviso that your salary will be reviewed in six months in light of your performance. What If You're Asked to Take a Drug Test? These days, it is common to be asked to take a drug test as part of an employment screening process. This issue has been tried in the courts, and as of this writing, the courts have consistently upheld an employer's right to require drug testing. Today, about half of the Fortune 500 companies include some form of drug testing, either during or after the hiring process. Of course, no employer can force you to take a drug test, but if you decline the test, you will almost certainly be found guilty without benefit of a trial. You won't be thrown into the slammer, but you won't get an offer either. If, on the other hand, you indicate your willingness to submit to a test, the chances are good that no test will actually be administered. Only about half of the candidates who agree to take a test are actually given one. If you do submit to a drug test, make certain that the testing company or technician fully explains the test and provides you with a complete list of foods, over-the-counter medications, and prescription drug items that may cause false positive results. The glasses filter out blue light from your laptops, lights, cell phones, and other technology so you can increase your melatonin production. I don't have any specific company recommendations, but I do have a pair of blue light-blocking glasses from Felix Gray that I love. Speaking of melatonin, it's a hormone that is naturally produced by your body. When it's dark out, your body secretes increased melatonin. You can also take this as a supplement that normally comes in pill form to aid in sleep.

However, before running to the drug store to buy melatonin, be sure to talk to your physician and pharmacist about the proper ways to take it. Another supplement that is great for sleep is magnesium. There are many different forms of magnesium to help with different body functions, but the magnesium shown to help with sleep is called magnesium citrate. Again, please do not take any supplements without talking to your physician first. If you want more natural sleep supplements, try drinking a cup of chamomile or lavender tea, which you can buy at any grocery store. Bringing It Home The latest trend in skin care is bringing technology and treatments only available in clinics into the home. And this trend is going to grow! While there are LED and microcurrent devices already available for home use, I've been developing a product that combines those two technologies into one unit. My company is the first one to have such a device: the DermaLucent Handheld. You do need to use caution with at-home devices. There are several microcurrent machines out there that are too strong and can break capillaries. There is also a hair-removal laser that has proven to be quite effective, but it's limited since it only works for fair-skinned people with dark hair. And when it comes to LED, make sure that the product has an automatic shutoff in case you fall asleep. Many cosmetic companies now have their own version of a mild microdermabrasion unit that you can find in drugstores. And B) just the dull blade of shame and guilt for sharing my life on social media, my wins, my triumphs, and the PLEASURE of having a JOB where I get to write articles but can't perform this simple adult responsibility, leads me to a dark twisted shame spiral. Option one: I accept this. I accept I haven't gotten the license plate tag, and I push through and keep writing or working or doing my emails and know I'll get to it when it's time. Some sort of strange acceptance in the avoidance. But this rots away at my soul.

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