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Why is it Important?

It seemed like magic! Of course, the truth is that the engine had the ability to get up that hill all along, but the strong belief I can helped focus that ability to get the job done. This is the whole theory behind positive thinking, creative visualization, affirmations, and the idea of self-fulfilling prophecy. The very act of believing that something is possible or will happen helps increase the chances of success. Conversely, believing something is difficult or unlikely can sabotage success. As Henry Ford said, whether you think you can or you can't--you're right! Remember, you get to choose your beliefs. Why would you choose ones that sabotage you, even if you think they're true? I didn't want to give up my apartment. When I showed up for my weekend of training under Lisa, she asked me if I'd ever anchored before. The anchor is the main person presenting the news on a TV news program, the role in which so many Canadians would have seen CTV's Lloyd Robertson and CBC's Peter Mansbridge over the decades. It's the person behind the desk who reads the headlines, introduces reports from journalists in the field, and conducts interviews with experts and pundits on breaking news. Obviously, I had no anchor experience, and that's what I told her: No. OK, she said. You've told me. No need to tell anyone else. Do not repeat that. That's Lisa. Prep a Recipe Let's say you're having chili for dinner.

Anticipate what you can do now by thinking through the steps of the recipe. You can put the cans of beans and tomatoes on the counter. Don't look at me like that. You can dice the onion and garlic, put the dutch oven on the stove or plug in the Instant Pot, and pull bowls out of the cabinet so little kids can more easily set the table. Even one of those actions will limit the bandwidth needed during the busy dinner hour. If you have the margin to do all of them? Angels will sing. Do Common Tasks Which of the strategies was most helpful to you in this situation? Why It Works: The TANS acronym is a powerful tool to help us take the charge out of the fears and roadblocks that keep us from accomplishing our goals. Set the Stage for Productivity Creating an environment that reduces distractions and temptations and increases your ability to focus can literally set the stage for success. Ask them to support you if they notice that you are getting distracted by other things. Why It Works: Having an organized space dedicated to completing your tasks can help eliminate distractions and keep you focused. The state of our external physical space can have a big impact on how we feel internally. Key Takeaways Stay Engaged If you have worked through the activities in this article and have started to feel better and more engaged in your life, it is easy to overlook the hard work and learning you have done. What ends up happening is you find no time to rest and recover, no time to indulge in some necessary self-care. Inevitably, this leads to further weight gain.

High stress absolutely sucks! In Part 2, we'll discuss strategies for managing stress, eating nutritious foods, and exercising intelligently so that you can take responsibility for your health. WHY SOME FAT IS GOOD Instead of looking for a body to love, learn to love the body you are in. I have always been worried about getting fat. I would be remiss to tell you otherwise. It is difficult growing up with media constantly telling us what healthy and fit should look like, setting unrealistic expectations for women. I was never driven by the weight on the scale, but I did experience some body dysmorphia. The participants also filled out the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, a more detailed version of the test I mentioned on article 59. When the researchers compared what they ate with how well they slept, they found that those with a high M score were more than twice as likely to enjoy decent-quality sleep as those with a low M score. They not only slept longer, but they had a higher sleep efficiency and were less likely to have a disturbed night. Interestingly, this was true only for those who were a healthy weight, or a bit overweight. The men and women who were obese (with a BMI over 30) were not protected from poor sleep by a healthy diet. These findings were replicated by another big study56 that looked at the links between diet and sleep in more than 2,000 middle-aged men and women in the US. Again, there was a clear link between participants' M score and how well they slept. The problem with observational studies, like the two I've just described, is that you can never be entirely sure of the extent to which it is a good diet that leads to better sleep, or vice versa. As I pointed out earlier, when people are sleep deprived they tend to eat more junk food. That's why I was pleased to come across a novel intervention study conducted at Cornell University in New York,57 in which the researchers manipulated the subjects' diet and then saw what effect that had on their sleep. Immediately upon completion, direct the children to retake their pulse. Have the children compare the first result with the second to note what should be a massive difference.

Why does your pulse increase during and after exercise? There are two elementary principals about the human body that you must understand before this explanation. The is responsible for pumping blood out to all of our limbs. The lungs are our breathing equipment; You have probably noticed from all of the breathing exercises that the human body loves oxygen. Air is the electricity that powers our machine. The element becomes even more powerful when our muscles are working harder. Oxygen is transported throughout the body, in our blood. Red wine and other stronger spirits, like whiskey, do still have calories, but they do have other antioxidants that are beneficial to one's body when taken in moderation. Alcohol doesn't have to be excluded entirely from one's diet, but it does need to be taken carefully and on the odd occasion, instead of an every-day regularity. As you will come to find out, many food substances can still be enjoyed in moderation without causing irreparable harm. Foods with low nutritional value but high-fat content are becoming more and more prevalent with the ever-increasing availability of fast-food outlets. These types of foods are saturated with unhealthy fats and refined sugars. They quintessentially have very little nutritional value for the number of calories that they pack into your system when you consume them. The consumption of these types of foods do interfere with a person's gut bacteria and will ultimately cause havoc to a person's digestive processes when consumed in excess. It is better to greatly limit your intake of fast food to ensure that you don't over-indulge in unhealthy foods. These types of foods that have a low nutritional value but high-fat content will fill you up when you eat them, but you will feel the sensation of unsatisfied nauseation after a big meal. This is because, though filling, the food that you have consumed is not nutritious and rather saturated with hidden fats and cholesterol. But boys are encouraged to go discover and invent things, to have adventures and be amazing and brilliant. Sadly, what she noticed is still the unspoken message our girls receive on a regular basis.

I used the moment as an opportunity to talk about the inaccuracy of the media and that she should pay it no mind. I asked her, What do you think you should do, Margaret? I told her Yes! And I told her to simply continue being and doing all that she's meant for in the world. That is being a Girl on Purpose. But if our girls don't see any women around them being amazing and brilliant and discovering and inventing things, what are they to expect for themselves? It's your job and mine to show them the way. BUILDING SELF-ESTEEM Epictetus endured the horrors of slavery and later founded his school where he taught many of Rome's greatest minds, one of which was Marcus Aurelius. Seneca was the tutor and adviser to the Roman emperor Nero. He was Rome's best playwright and wisest power broker. When Nero turned on him and demanded his suicide, Seneca could think only of comforting his wife and friends. This philosophy is quite helpful in our unpredictable world because it teaches us to stay calm in stressful situations, to understand and control our thoughts, and to react strategically rather than defensively. Among its useful strategies, here are ten fundamental principles: Live In Agreement With Nature Human beings are unique because of our mental and social abilities. It leads us to apply reason to all our actions. Indeed, we have the advantage of being able to think about our preferred response before we act. When your plans go awry, it is important to stay strong and ask yourself, what is the next task at hand? But don't let setbacks unnerve you.

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