Wednesday, 7 October 2020

You can't be free without such honesty

The coils, which are applied from the age of five onwards, are added to once the weight of the previous brass coil pushes down the collar bone and compresses the rib cage, thereby making space for a new one. The cost is $48 per 2 ounces (www. Pantethine. Take 1,000 milligrams twice a day. Selenium. Buy the form selenomethionine or selenocystine. Take 400 micrograms one or two times day. Dr Klinghardt has clinics called the Sophia Health Institute, in both Seattle, Washington, and Marin County, California. They also treat Lyme disease. SHINE for Post-COVID-19 CFS/FMS As we have discussed, many different infections can cause you to trip a circuit breaker and develop post-infectious CFS and fibromyalgia. If they still refuse to listen, tell it to the church; The greater the number of people involved, the more powerful the message. So think through what resources you can tap. Write them down. Talk about them with others who know the individual you're trying to reach. Begin with a Vulnerable Conversation Changing an entitlement attitude almost always begins with a conversation between two individuals. Most of the time, the entitled person's stance has blinded him to the damage he is doing to himself or to others. And letting your frustration drive you immediately to drastic measures, such as ending the relationship, asking someone to move out, or firing someone, aren't effective.

Start with the conversation designed to begin the process, even if you have already had many previous, ineffective conversations. If they are having a crisis and your partner needs you during your scheduled alone time, you don't want them to be afraid to tell you. When this happens, you can compromise. For example, you could give up your me time one day and take some extra time over the weekend. Or you could have a nice long talk, and then sleep separately. If you cohabitate with your partner, have some physical space in your home that's just yours. Pop culture would refer to this as a she-shed or a man-cave. But any space that is your own will do. Even if you share a bed on most nights, having your own bedroom you can retreat to can be helpful. If you live in a temperate climate, a garden, gazebo, patio, or porch might be right for you. Even a large closet that you convert into a reading nook or meditation area could work. After ten years or so these women say that the coils feel like a natural or normal part of their body. The brain has normalised the sensations that go with this. Some people consider it normal to go to the gym every second day. Some people consider it normal to eat curry for breakfast, dinner and tea. Some people consider it normal to read five or six articles a week. These people are not different from you, they have just done different things more times than you and now they are carrying on as normal. You have done this many times yourself. You now have skills, capacities and abilities that at one point were unfamiliar, unknown or even apparently impossible to you, but with perseverance you succeeded. You can now read but there was a time when you couldn't.

But for now your questions are: Coronaviruses, including the one that causes COVID-19, also put people at high risk for this. Initial data from the World Health Organization suggests that, in mild cases, the average recovery time from COVID-19 is about two weeks from the onset of symptoms. This extends to three to six weeks for very severe cases. So if you are having persistent severe fatigue more than two months after you started experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, especially difficulty sleeping, you likely have postviral CFS/FMS. You're not alone. A 2009 study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association found that 40 percent of 369 Chinese SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) survivors reported a chronic fatigue problem, while 27 percent met the diagnostic criteria for CFS. Another Canadian study, by the sleep expert Harvey Moldofsky, also found that a high percentage of people who had SARS also had persistent fatigue and other symptoms suggestive of fibromyalgia. Running a sleep study in a subset of these, he found that the changes were the same as those classically seen in CFS and FMS. This suggests that the fatigue following these viruses is simply another form of postviral CFS/FMS. Which is very good news. This time, you are doing it in a different way. This type of conversation has two elements: vulnerability and stating how you experience the entitlement. One concerns how you are impacted, and the other describes what you see in them. Vulnerability. Being vulnerable means getting past your frustration and anger so that you can express your feelings of care for the person, as well as your exposure to pain because of their behavior. Suppose, for instance, your mom's entitlement causes her to dominate conversations and tell you and your spouse how to parent. Her attitude sucks all the oxygen out of the room. You have seen how she turns off lots of other people, too, but no one has talked to her about it. Your vulnerable statement to open the subject might be, Mom, I want a better relationship with you because I love you.

I want to support you and get along well with you. The most important thing is that you make it your own and you feel at ease when in the space. Unless there is an emergency, your pet should be the only visitor when you are in this space. Remember, how you feel is just as important as how your partner feels. Don't be afraid to speak up. Don't be afraid to express an opinion that differs from his/her own. If you are an empath, one of your fears of being in an intimate relationship is likely that you will lose your sense of self to the other person. It is in your power to stop that from happening. Remember, your partner loves you for you. They want to be with you as you are, not simply an extension of them. If they want an extension of themselves, it may be time to consider finding a worthier partner. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO FEEL NORMAL TO YOU? WHAT HABITS DO YOU WANT TO BUILD? We like to think that life is supposed to be easy all of the time - and life can get to be a lot easier - but it's supposed to be challenging too. Wouldn't it be boring if everything was so easy? Have you ever thought about those pivotal times, those defining moments that let you know that you are growing as a person? Times when it feels like you're evolving, developing, transforming into something better, someone to be proud of. They were the times when it was most challenging. It could be changing jobs, taking on a course of study or ending a relationship. You got through that and you said to yourself `Well it didn't kill me .

Things are often not as difficult as you might think, but they are as difficult as you make them. Because these respond very well to the SHINE Protocol. In fact, decades of research for CFS/FMS may be the cavalry that comes to save the day. Fortunately, for post-COVID-19, there is unlikely to be persistent viral infection, as is the case with some other viral infections. COVID-19 simply tripped the hypothalamic circuit breaker. Which now needs to be turned back on. The key focus initially should be to: Optimize sleep. Optimize adrenal function. Other hormones should also be optimized, but the adrenal glands are the most susceptible. Looking for orthostatic intolerance will also be important. But that's hard when you make the conversation all about you and what you are doing and don't ask how my world is doing. It disconnects me from you, and I find myself avoiding you, which I don't want at all. Do you see how that statement opened with an expression of care, need, and concern? No judgment, condemnation, or should message is embedded. Making it clear how you have experienced the entitled behavior of the individual. What I mean by this is, let them know how you see their behavior. They may have no idea that they are like this, or that others perceive them as being this way. You might say something like, I don't think you mean to come across like this, Mom, but sometimes it seems as if you think I should never disagree with your opinion, and that you have it all together, and that I need you to coach or parent me. That's hard for me to accept.

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