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A crispness and clarity to segments

Enduring to the end is another favorite mantra of mine, as it is the message of HOPE for me. The same applies to CFS/FMS. This can be one more helpful tool in your healing tool kit. Weight gain. Studies done in our research center show that people with CFS and fibromyalgia gain an average of thirty-two pounds with their illness. I suspect this occurs because of changes in metabolism caused by low thyroid function, yeast overgrowth, a deficiency of acetyl-L-carnitine, insulin resistance, immune dysfunction, and poor sleep. Many patients are thrilled not only to feel better and have their pain go away with treatment but also to find their weight dropping (see article 20). Decreased libido. When asked how their libido is, most people with CFS/FMS (73 percent in one of our studies) answer, What libido? In addition to pain and a general yucky feeling, hormonal deficiencies also contribute to this symptom. However, libido often improves with treatment, though it may take six to nine months. It's hard to spend hours a day inputting data when you are a creative person. It's hard to think creatively when you are more linear. It's hard to have difficult conversations, to face down tough challenges, and to do the same actions, over and over again, that are required to achieve success. As the saying goes, it's called work for a reason. But it pays off, just as good sowing leads to good reaping. Are you hearing biblical echoes in this language? That's because this is a highly scriptural concept: Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it (Matthew 7:13 - 14).

If you have a difficult relationship with an entitled person or group, or even if you have discovered entitlement in yourself, understand this: It doesn't have to stay this way. If you are fortunate enough to spend your days working in a positive environment, you may find yourself feeling exceptionally positive throughout the day, but still feeling particularly drained after work because of how many different kinds of energy you have embraced. Once you return home, you may find yourself feeling exhausted and depleted. Whether or not your day was positive, the amount of energy it took to experience and feel all of the energies around you was probably overwhelming and left you feeling like you had nothing left for yourself. You may spend your evenings laying low and doing next to nothing as a way to try and relax and let your energy replenish so that you can do it again the next day. If this day to day flow resonates with you, then you are experiencing the life of an empath who has not yet fully understood, accepted, and mastered their empathic gifts. As you read through the rest of this article, you will discover that your life does not have to feel like this at all and that you can most definitely experience a more positive and enjoyable life without feeling depleted at the end of every day. In fact, you will begin to discover how you can have more energy for yourself so that you can truly get the most out of life while still being masterfully talented with your empathic gift! The Empath Calling Being particularly sensitive to the energy of others means that you were born with an incredible gift that can truly help you change the world. You are the very person that is needed in order to help overcome the collective suffering that has been experienced for hundreds of years through wars, greed, and ignorance. These four words represent that there is always a new day and with each one there is always new beginnings. So, there is no such thing as ever giving up. Every new endeavor has an element of excitement, anticipation, and potential inkling of fun. But as time goes on and the complexities of life impact the adventure, things can get harder and not-so-fun, even to the point of being too hard and not fun at all. This is the point that impostor syndrome kicks in, with its nay-saying ramblings and accusations of you being delusional to think you are more than a wannabe. The truth of the matter is that this is the process of becoming all that you are called to be. You have already been called to be a healer and you know it. As you work through the process of remembering you know what you know, you reap the rewards of rising to the call without further doubt. There is no worthy goal that is not without work.

Again, faith without works is dead. Other common symptoms. These include occasional shortness of breath (not with exercise), non-exertional chest pain (usually benign chest wall muscle tenderness, but check with your doctor to be safe), occasional dizziness on standing, and even bladder and pelvic pain. We discuss these more elsewhere in the article. You may have recognized yourself as you read through this list. If you did, please be assured that you are not alone. You are part of a large group of over one hundred million people worldwide. What Causes CFS and Fibromyalgia? Poor sleep, poor nutrition, an overwhelmed immune system, hormone system malfunctioning, and the increased speed of modern life are all contributing to people blowing a fuse. But why are there so many diverse symptoms? The Role of the Hypothalamic Circuit Breaker The Hard Way principles work. I have used them in many, many situations and relationships. In fact, the two examples I cited at the beginning of this article both worked out well when the entitled individuals applied the principles and skills described in this article. The steps are both practical and effective. If your entitled person has little interest in changing, then you of course can't force them to change -- but you will find help here to enable you to deal with the situation. God originated the Hard Way, and he lives it. All through the Bible, he does the best thing, even if it is a difficult thing. He never avoids it. The best example of this is Jesus, who suffered and died for no other reason than his love for a world that didn't want him: Because the Sovereign LORD helps me, I will not be disgraced.

Therefore have I set my face like flint, and I know I will not be put to shame (Isaiah 50:7). Through your ability to experience complete empathy to such a deep degree, you can genuinely listen to and understand people and support them in their healing journeys. When someone needs to experience love, compassion, guidance, or reassurance, they know that they can come to you and experience that. Since this is what the world greatly lacks right now, this makes you the perfect person to offer it to the world. Chances are, you have already seen this trend in your life with the immense amount of people who have looked to you for support or compassion. In fact, this pattern may have become so intense that you find yourself withdrawing and avoiding relationships because sometimes, it may feel like they require more energy than you have left. This may lead to feelings of guilt or even loneliness in your life, but to you that may seem like a reasonable price to pay to avoid feeling overburdened by the energy of yourself and everyone else around you. Empaths often find themselves being called into positions of healers, caretakers, advocates, and teachers. This is because they possess the unique characteristics required to truly succeed in these fields and make a genuine difference in the world around them. However, left unmanaged, their empathic gifts may lead to them feeling overwhelmed and unable to pursue these callings for fear of being zapped of energy and constantly drained. If they learn to master their gift and use their empathic talents to their benefit, though, they will find that by pursuing these roles and fully stepping into them, they can genuinely make massive changes in the world around them. That is, we can believe in what we cannot see, yet to bring forward change we must act on that belief by moving forward in accordance with the HOPE it offers. I believe it is your faith that has sent you on the search to remember your calling. Therefore, your endeavor is pure and righteous, and you are fully equipped to show up for it. The concept of enduring to the end encompasses the real-I-zation that the outside-in life is messy and has its hassles. But this is separate from who you are and how you show up to live your purpose. The inside-out work is untouchable by the world; Enduring to the end is your ability to escape the illusions of not being good enough, a fake, poser, or impostor. You know you know better. Now is the time to keep pushing forward;

You can escape the trappings of the negative ramifications of your past traumas, and root to the memory of who you are called to be as you integrate the lessons gained. As noted above, the energy crisis in CFS/FMS causes people to have a major control center, called the hypothalamus, go into hibernation mode. I call this blowing a fuse. I grew up with a fuse box in our home, and when I came down with CFS, it felt exactly like I blew a fuse, so this is the expression that I will use here. But I recognize that fuse boxes have largely disappeared. Nowadays, instead, what occurs is tripping a circuit breaker, so I will use the expressions blowing a fuse and tripping a circuit breaker interchangeably. The hypothalamus, a critical control center in the brain, goes offline first during an energy crisis because it uses more energy for its size than any other area in your body. This is because it controls so many different functions, as I'll discuss below. Fortunately, no damage is done to the hypothalamus during this process. When energy production is restored, so is hypothalamic function. The Hypothalamus: A Major Control Center Setting his face like flint, Jesus faced a way harder than any of the rest of us have ever had to face and created a path for us all to be redeemed and to live. Ultimately, the Hard Way is simply God's Way. It is how he runs the world, expresses his own values, and makes choices that affect us. You might even call it the righteous path, for it is the right and good way to live: Thus you will walk in the ways of the good and keep to the paths of the righteous (Proverbs 2:20). God's ways will never fail you, even when they make you uncomfortable for a while. The Promise Any article that recommends the Hard Way as an entitlement cure needs a big promise, so here it is: If you learn the principles in this article and live them out, you will experience several positive outcomes: It's the best way to get where you need to go. Hard Way people attract good people, and they have a good influence on entitled people.

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