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A sense of indisputable knowing in your body

I call this pocket entitlement. In ancient African and First Nations tribes, empaths were considered gifted healers, philosophers, and spiritual teachers. They continue to be seen as such by these tribes which have been known to offer their empaths special blessings and compassionate treatment in exchange for having the empath share their gifts with the tribes. More recently, the phenomena have been popularized by psychologists who are interested in helping people across the globe understand their unique sensitivities and how they can master these sensitivities so they can thrive in life. In recent history, Dr Carl Rogers played an influential role in advancing the understanding of empathy and empathic gifts by suggesting that this may be a psycho or parapsychological phenomenon. Essentially, he believes that this is a unique way that certain people can understand another's perspective and support them in their lives. In his words, sometimes, just listening to someone else is not enough because what they truly need is empathy from others. Empaths, who are particularly gifted with empathy to the highest degree, are wonderful at offering this unique support to individuals. Being an Empath in Today's World Today, being an empath is quite different from how it has been for recognized empaths in the past. In certain tribes and communities, empaths were revered by their societies and offered immense amounts of support, compassion, and respect by those around them. We see when we are ready to see. We hear when we are ready to listen. And we come to know when we desire to remember. You are well-equipped. You just need to ask yourself if you are willing. You have the necessary wisdom, perspective, and experience to manage even the most despicable thoughts and feelings that may bubble up. Remember you are only given what you can handle. There are no secrets here, just a readiness to do the work. You have already heard and seen it all.

The question is, are you open to learn to lovingly embrace all of yourself with full acceptance and forgiveness to become whole? I find that food sensitivities and other sensitivities usually improve when the adrenal insufficiency and yeast or parasitic overgrowth are treated. Desensitization techniques such as NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique) can also be very helpful in more severe cases (more about this in article 19). Anxiety and depression. Approximately 12 percent of people with CFS have marked anxiety, sometimes with palpitations, sweating, and other signs of panic. Metabolically, CFS/FMS sometimes leaves people more prone to hyperventilation as well as a rapid resting pulse. These symptoms, too, often improve with treatment. Depression is also more common in any illness, including cancer, where severe pain or debility are present. This does not mean that the person doesn't have cancer. Unfortunately, some physicians will simply label a person as depressed if they can't figure out what is wrong with them, instead of honestly saying they don't know. This is simply unacceptable for any physician to do. I have it, and so do you. Later in the article, I'll show how to deal with it. The disease infects all of us, although it affects some more than others. This article was written primarily to help you help loved ones and associates who struggle with the entitlement disease. But because we all struggle with that disease in some way -- because we all struggle with pocket entitlement -- you'll find that many parts of this article address the issues in a more general way, directed as much to you and to me as to the ones we want to help. In truth, all parts of the article are equally applicable to those of us who want to clean up our own act and those children, spouses, and coworkers we want to guide through dealing with their own entitlement issues. Enter the Hard Way There is a solution to entitlement, which I call the Hard Way. The Hard Way is the entitlement cure.

It is a path of behaviors and attitudes that undo the negative effects of entitlement, whether in ourselves or in others. For quite some time throughout Western cultures, however, people who experienced greater sensitivities than others were considered weak and were often shamed by their peers for their sensitive behaviors. As a result, society became quite grueling and uncomfortable for empaths, especially ones that had no idea they were empaths and found themselves feeling particularly vulnerable to their peers. Over time, the understanding of what it means to be an empath has come to light and many empaths have been given the opportunity to explore their gifts with a greater understanding of what they are and why they experience them. This also offers empaths the opportunity to experience a greater sense of compassion towards themselves, as they are now capable of understanding that they are not weak at all. In fact, they are incredibly powerful and have the capacity to change the world as we know it by offering their loving, compassionate, and empathetic gifts into the collective and helping us raise the vibrational frequency of the whole planet. As society continues shifting towards being one that is more compassionate towards its sensitive beings, empaths are being offered the opportunity to be met with a personal understanding of themselves as well as an understanding by their community. Rather than being so harshly penalized for their personality, many are now finding safe sanctuaries out in the world where they can engage in society and play an active role in their lives. The era of being a cursed empath who was considered weak is quickly coming to a close as empaths are now being understood and respected for their incredible gifts. A Day in the Life of an Empath If you are an empath, you might notice that your day-to-day life looks quite different from the lives of those around you. This is the process of freeing yourself of all the garbage thinking that puts to question who you are called to be. You must allow your truest and most authentic selves to come together. My challenge to you is to express your truth now. As shared in the example of Jordan, to begin his healing process he had to get to the root of his truth. His story originated as early as five years old and maybe earlier. To express your truth, begin with these steps: Visit your story from the beginning. What do you know about your origin and how your story explains or plays out the path of your pain? Ponder and write and process.

Document any dreams that surface as you bring this process. Fortunately, this kind of nonsense is becoming less common as physicians are learning more about these illnesses. So how can you tell if you are depressed? Well, for starters, ask yourself. Research shows that simply asking is as reliable as fancy depression scales. Another way to tell? Do you have many interests? If you have a lot of interests but are frustrated that you don't have the energy to do them, you are probably not clinically depressed. As with any severe chronic illness, if you feel that working with a psychologist or mental health professional would be helpful, please do so. Find one familiar with CFS/FMS. Somebody with metastatic cancer would not dream of working with a psychologist who doesn't believe cancer is a real illness. Here's my definition of the Hard Way: The habit of doing what is best, rather than what is When you deem something worthwhile, be it a career or financial dream, a great family or marriage or some self-care goal, you have two ways to go about it. Entitlement directs you to give the minimum, find the shortcut, and think only of yourself. The Hard Way takes the opposite tack. This habit focuses on doing whatever is best to reach the good goal, even if it is difficult, uncomfortable, takes longer, and requires more energy. Does that sound hard? Yes, it does, because yes, it is. It's hard to wake up early in the morning and work out.

It's hard to get to work on time. If you have yet to find a collective of people who understand what this feels like, it may still feel somewhat isolating and uncomfortable or even frustrating as you attempt to explain your experiences to others. This may be heightened by your current lack of understanding of how powerful you truly are and how you can actually harness your power to begin thriving in your life. Chances are, when you wake up, you are instantly greeted with an immense amount of energy. You may find yourself literally feeling the energy of the day based on what day it is, which may or may not play into how you end up feeling throughout your morning. The experiences you have in the morning can significantly impact your energy, too. If they are positive, such as waking up and being greeted by your happy dog and enjoying dinner with your generally positive family, then your energies will likely feel whole and nourished. However, if you wake up to a home that is messy, a spouse that experiences morning grumpiness or a sad child who had a nightmare, you may find yourself instantly being greeted with fairly intense energies that are matching the energies of those around you. This can be challenging when you are attempting to face your day with a positive energy but instead, find yourself feeling overwhelmed and even drained before the day has even really begun. If you work or spend your day alongside other people, the bulk of your work day may feel overwhelming, as you are constantly taking on these energies and feeling them as if they were your own. For example, if someone comes into work late and everyone is cranky because it has slowed down the workflow, you may find yourself feeling cranky and exhausted, as well because you are taking on the crankiness of both yourself and everyone else. Ask family and friends to fill in the blanks about your life that you may not remember or have conscious knowledge of. Keep a curious eye. Connect the dots to create the picture of who you are. Now that you know who you are, dissect the truth from your article of life. Talk your truth! It will revive you and bring to life the energy of you in mind, body, and spirit. I promise you that if you courageously look your pseudo-self in the face, embrace and integrate with full purpose of loving all the creation you are, you will gain the privilege of being who you are truly are and live as you are called, healing from your IS without further questioning again. Enduring to the End . What Is This?

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