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Are my friends often telling me, Too much information?

A harsh internal judge slows you down, discourages you from taking risks, and makes you not like who you are. Animal empaths appear to be reasonably rare. They are people who feel a stronger emotional or physical empathy towards animal species than they do with other humans. Many animal empaths feel more comfortable in the company of any non-predatory animal species, and report that they can sense the needs and desires of animals. This ability often extends to multiple types of animals, but some empaths only have this strong connection with one group within the animal kingdom, with one specific species, or even with one individual animal. Some empaths seem to be able to locate or track animals in the wild more easily than most and are allowed to get closer to the native species than most humans would be. Very few empaths claim to have full telepathic connections with animals. Most animals, especially those who live in packs, are natural empaths themselves. Without verbal communication, they have to be deeply sensitive to all the energetic dynamics around them for the sake of survival. Animals also lack awareness of many things that corrupt communication in human societies; The honesty of the animal ego coupled with their ability to love fully and unconditionally, makes time with animals refreshing and energizing for most empath types. That too is a skill and the fortunate thing is it can be learned. Just like happiness is a skill that can be made into a habit. Once you are happy the rest of it becomes easier. This article is not interested in laying blame on your past for the person you are today. This article is about self-awareness, but awareness by itself isn't enough. Once you become aware of who you are, you have to learn how to work with it and sometimes through it. This may call for change. Quantum physicist Dr Amit Goswami says that real change requires accessing `a non-ordinary state of consciousness'. To help you do this, I have prepared a specially designed hypnotic CD, entitled Mind Whispers: Developing the Happiness Habit, to accompany this article.

You will find it attached to the inside back cover. To make sure that no (benign) pituitary tumor exists, however, I may order a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan in patients who still have elevated prolactin levels after four months of treatment with the SHINE protocol. The MRI generally shows that everything is normal. Some medications, such as antipsychotic medications and risperidone (Risperdal), can also elevate prolactin levels, as can high-dose melatonin. Most important, when I see an elevated prolactin, it suggests that the neurotransmitter dopamine is low, and then I am more likely to use treatments that raise this neurotransmitter. As you can see, many problems can occur when the body's glands do not function properly. The good news is that most can be effectively treated. In my experience, this often results in dramatic improvement. It is important, though, to treat the whole person, not simply the hormonal problems. Infection Intensive Care BFF Summary God never intended this for you. He wants you to experience yourself as he does -- as someone special who, though flawed, is fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). He wants you to see yourself as someone God loves. When we feel about ourselves as God does, we can accept our sins and failings, and those of others, and then deal with them in positive ways: Accept one another then, just as Christ accepted you (Romans 15:7). God made a way through Christ so that we could live with the negative as it truly is, without denying it or minimizing it. In a relationship with Christ, we feel permission to be who we truly are, warts and all. We don't have to hide, pretend, or put our best face forward. We are known and loved just as we are by the one who matters most. This enables us to love others the same way.

The result of acknowledging and accepting the negative is that the negative then can be transformed. If you identify as an animal empath, it might be wise to consider a vegan or vegetarian diet. If you must consume meat or animal products, aim to eat only those who are ethically sourced. This dietary change can have an enormous impact on your overall sense of well-being and inner balance. Some animal empaths report having such a strong connection to animal emotion as to be able to taste the fear of an animal slaughtered for meat. It is never a bad idea to try an elimination diet and get acquainted with the personalized needs of your digestive system; If you don't already work with animals, you might want to spare a few hours on an upcoming weekend to visit or even volunteer at a local animal shelter. Use this time to check-in with yourself and evaluate whether or not this exposure to animal energy has a positive or negative effect on your emotional state. If so, it may be worth it to adopt a pet of your own or start volunteering regularly. Plant Empaths Plant empaths appear to be about as rare as animal empaths. Listening to this CD daily for a couple of weeks will facilitate this state of non-ordinary consciousness. But for now I am going to ask that you complete the Circle of Life chart opposite. The aim of the next part of the exercise is to help you focus your brain on the Big Picture and to keep it there throughout this article. So I am now going to ask you to be a little more specific. In the Circle of life you have identified the areas that you want to improve or focus on. These are your Big Picture goals. Now I am going to ask you to be a little more specific about your chosen areas and note in some more detail your Big Picture goal or goals. One line or even a couple of words is plenty for now. For example, if I feel I need to have more fun in life then under the heading `Fun' I might add the following first steps:

Do a bungee jump - Search the Internet to find out where. There are literally dozens of infections implicated in CFS/FMS. I treat virtually everybody who comes to me with CFS/FMS for candida overgrowth. If their history is suggestive (foul-smelling gas, bloating, and diarrhea that persists despite antifungal treatment), I treat for SIBO and also do stool testing at Genova Diagnostics for parasites. I find that parasite testing at most standard labs is inadequate. Next I consider viral infections, especially if the illness began after a viral infection or chronic flu-like symptoms are present. I prefer to consider antivirals first because they are much safer than long-term antibiotics. These are the three main antiviral protocols I consider: A combination of 500 to 750 milligrams of famciclovir (Famvir) three times a day plus 200 milligrams of celecoxib (Celebrex) twice a day can be very helpful after four months, especially if the Epstein-Barr or HSV-1 IgG viral tests are very high. Simply being elevated just says that the person had the infection in the past, and 95 percent of the healthy adult population are positive for these tests. If the cytomegalovirus (CMV) or HHV-6 (human herpesvirus 6) IgG antibody levels are very elevated and the person doesn't respond to famciclovir (Famvir), I consider 900 milligrams of valganciclovir (Valcyte) a day for six months. When you are okay knowing your failings, you can face them, bring them to God and to the people with whom you feel safe being vulnerable, and heal whatever is driving those feelings. This is the key to great growth. It's a paradox, but the ones who run from the negative will suffer from it, while the ones who accept the negative will find the power to change it. I was working on one of my leadership teams with an executive who was a successful businessman well regarded by the industry. He found it hard, however, to be authentic with others, especially when he felt frustrated or angry. He thought that if he felt irritated about a sales problem or a performance issue, people would see him as an uncaring tyrant. So he compensated by being Mr. Nice Guy all the time, keeping a smile on his face even when he was seething underneath. His judge stayed in control, telling him, Don't be who you really are, or it will go badly for you.

This caused all sorts of problems for him: maintaining this cover-up cost him creative energy, people felt he wasn't real, and he had an inability to confront effectively. They can sense the distinct needs of plants and trees; The plant empath has a natural green thumb; Even rarer still, some plant empaths have deep and powerful connections with ancient trees. They claim to receive messages and wisdom from them. Plant empaths can become emotionally and physically uncomfortable when they are distanced from the natural world for long periods. If you identify as a plant empath, it's essential to fill your living space with live plants; You may also want to make an effort to consume organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs--and very fresh ones, if possible. Sign up for a share of a local farm's crop yield, or patronize farmers markets whenever you can. Unlike animals, the primary purpose of all plants on this earth is to store and transform energy from the sun, so there is no need to feel any sense of guilt in consuming them if they are grown ethically. However, you might want to investigate the source of any product that is hard to find locally grown and organic; Go snowboarding - Phone Dave to article a session. Take a holiday - Drop by the travel agents today. For now, keep it brief, simple and to the point. I have included some prompts to help you on your way. It is not necessary that you answer the prompt questions, only that you select at least one goal in each area of importance. However, the more the merrier! Be sure to run each goal through the `60 Second Goal Setting' criteria. Please take up a pen and complete the chart by circling or marking where you feel that you currently stand in relation to the above stated areas of your life. The number of points you can assign ranges from one to ten.

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