Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Are you drawn always to the process more than the content of learning?

They are able to make that connection themselves. What you need to do is make sure that healthy food is within their reach. This is where you need to use your imagination. Your kids need complex carbs. So if it's pizza they want, make homemade wholewheat pizza with their favourite veggies on top. Or a wholewheat paneer roll. You can even make a typical street sandwich, using only healthy ingredients. This is the secret of a positive spirit and the acquisition of critical thinking! Meditate every day: Though often ignored, meditation does a tremendous job of balancing your thoughts and helping you maintain positive, regular thinking in all situations and thus improve your mind. Learn from the best: Look at the coaches and positive coaches (because yes there are negatives), focus on their way of accompanying the player while remaining positive and inspire yourself to coach mentally other players or to coach you yourself. Take the time to motivate yourself: Motivating yourself requires time, and it is not by letting yourself be overwhelmed by emotions, and flow by the opponent who does not give you time to come to the surface breathe that you go there arrive. Take time to think positively, take the time to find the words that will motivate you, the positive sentences and say them many times! But do you really tell them if you really want to improve your mind! Practice gratitude: Continue to practice gratitude every day for everything you do on a daily basis. This can be in your personal life, in your professional life, in your studies, in your personal skills, in your victories and in your own sporting level. One of the exercises that can be adapted to badminton is to find 3 positive things about your day (you can do it for each of your matches, your workouts, your play sessions, etc). Try while you wait for a land is free or you have time available. The sudden stops that threatened to smash your face against the windshield? Eventually when I mastered that, I received my driving school certificate. It stated that I had the knowledge and expertise to drive a vehicle safely and correctly on a public road.

And still I only had my learner's permit. The authorities wanted to make sure I was really ready, so I had to do a practical test with a law enforcement official accompanying me in the vehicle. We hit the public roads and joined the traffic. What an experience, don't you agree? I'm glad I only had to do it once! When the official was satisfied that I had the necessary knowledge and skills and I finally received my license it gave me self-confidence to drive on public roads. Knowledge empowers you with the know-how you need to achieve your goals and to succeed in your quest of realizing your dreams. Just don't tell the kids what's in the food or how good it is for them. Kids don't want a lecture, they just want something tasty. In the processed food category, malted drinks are fine for consumption as long as your kid doesn't heap two giant spoons of sugar into it. Working mothers can invest in oatmeal, bran, and muesli for breakfast. And throw in a few nuts. It's better than your hungry child grabbing an oily vada pao on his way to school. Bust old myths. Check out new food facts. Honey with water and lime won't help you cut fat. This is a myth. Stop moaning and shouting at you: No, you think you may be grumbling about your mistakes, that criticizing your mistakes or those of your partner will make you feel better? It's quite the opposite! The more you moan, the more you lose.

Seek what you want to motivate yourself, rely on your strengths, on positive things. Encourage yourself when you make a point and forget the one you have lost or learn from this error by finding the positives. To moan is to bring negative, and remember the negative leads to the negative It is not enough to say it, one must believe it: Critical Thinking has that much to believe in order to succeed. The training necessarily requires to force oneself to be positive, but it is not just to pretend, we must believe it, we must want to be positive to achieve it. So if you want to improve your mind, you have to give it the means. Think positive and live positive. It is said that knowledge is power. But there is something missing here. For knowledge to empower you, you need to apply your knowledge. In other words, you need to take action, do something with the knowledge you have and make it work for you. That is what Ford did. He applied the knowledge he learned through trial and error to find his way to success. For him it was valuable lessons. The results showed him what to do or avoid. The same is true when you drive. You apply the knowledge about vehicles, road signs and much more in practice. In fact, honey will add calories, which you'll have to burn off. Just lime and water is great for your system, which you can drink first thing in the morning. Comparatively, one teaspoon of honey has more calories than sugar, although it is healthier.

So if weight is an issue and you move to honey from sugar, it won't help. The trouble with a relaxing holiday is that you often return home with guilt and clothes that are a couple of sizes too small. Most people tend to destress by binge eating on vacation, and then stress out about the extra weight. It doesn't hurt to be a little careful. When I'm on holiday, I know I won't be able to follow my exercise routine, but I watch what I eat. My trick is to opt for lots of local fruits and vegetables. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the occasional burger with my kids. Having self-confidence: Of course, positivity inevitably leads to other qualities such as self-confidence or the fact of not giving up anything or even passion. Because yes being positive gives back the passion for his sport, restores the happiness to play and to win. Be a partner of choice: Being always ready to see the bright side and have the desire to win without fear of losing you will also be a partner in demand. You will not immediately be coveted by all players you know, but you will find it much easier to find someone with whom to play in competition or even in training. And be appreciated and no longer be the choice on each competition will allow you to feel better mind and spirit. So, Critical Thinking makes you want? No longer seeing mistakes as failures: now all situations are subject to learning. To use Critical Thinking is to stop seeing mistakes as failures, but rather as lines of work, goals to become better, and a path to an even higher level. Whoever does not have things to work with, has no opportunity to improve. So be happy to make mistakes, it's thanks to them that you will be able to progress and be better! If you have the knowledge and you're able to apply it, it stirs up courage to take action. When you have courage to take action with your knowledge, it creates results. When you start getting results, your confidence grows.

Of course you won't immediately reach the final or end results you aim for, but you will get the first fruits of your labor. When you have achieved the first positive results, you want to repeat it. It creates SELF CONFIDENCE which is the next important element in our Circle of Success. SELF-CONFIDENCE Can you remember the feeling you experienced when you tried to do something and it worked? It felt great, didn't it? When you graduated from school, mastered a course, received your driving permit, pocketed your first paycheck, assembled a doll house for the kids, when you baked a cake or cooked a meal everyone raved about, you felt so good and proud of what you achieved. You are on holiday after all! But out of five meals a day, I will try and eat four healthy meals. It's good to strike a balance so you're not being too strict with yourself and you don't come back with the burden of too many extra kilos either. Since we can't eliminate plastic from our lives, we can be smart about our usage. Don't heat food in plastic, as harmful chemicals can seep into the food. Also, make sure you use food-grade plastic. Only use plastic in the microwave when it clearly states that you can do so. You can't put just any plastic in the microwave. Try to drink out of glass bottles and eat out of glass containers. It's safer than plastic. CRITICAL THINKING STRATEGIES If you maximize your critical thinking you will have at your disposal an exceptional weapon of massive construction. After all, something as simple as applying a healthy skepticism, combined with proper personal ethics and a more open mind can allow us to survive much better in all those contexts where we are often forced to think in a unified way.

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